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What Is Channeling?


Channeling is about expressing your Self

by C.C. Raphael and Lynnéa Deva Raphael

One of the greatest things that you can do — and that you all will do in this lifetime — is allow your Higher Self and Soul to come through you and express itself. To channel.

Channeling has become a loaded word. So many definitions of channeling exist in publications, news media and workshops. Most focus on the appearance of an “outside” entity speaking through the human host. Such a limited definition frightens and excludes many people. This excerpt from our soon to be released book reminds us that channeling has as many unique forms as the universe has beings. Human beings, in particular, channel so many wonderful gifts to themselves and each other. May each person honor and recognize the Soul purpose that s/he channels into daily life and to the Earth.

This presentation was offered by the Council of Zoleen through C.C. and Lynnéa on August 20, 1996. The Council is a group of Master Guides who lovingly offer a safe space for human beings to embrace all that we are, including the parts of ourselves that have previously been unembraceable.

One of the greatest things that you can do — and that you all will do in this lifetime — is allow your Higher Self and Soul to come through you and express itself. To channel.

Some of you have asked how to channel. We suggest that the question might be better phrased “How can we become conscious of our channeling?” Channeling is not necessarily what you think it is. Millions of people around this planet channel without knowing they channel, they take it for granted. They do not know from where their creative ideas originate, from where their love originates, from where their magic and wonder originates. They do not know how their physical bodies are formed. This is all channeled energy! If you exist here, on this Earth, as a physical being, you have the capacity and the skill to translate spiritual energy into physical matter – to channel. You channel all that you create. All your life.

The throat chakra is one of many avenues through which spiritual signature can be expressed in the physical world. Music, dance, art, love…any expression of the Soul can be channeled. And this whole life upon this physical plane is a manifestation of your increasing ability to call who you are as Spirit here unto this very place and into this very body.

Up until now you have hovered around your body, afraid to land here, for it was a hostile climate. And so the Soul has retreated, far away from this separation and this pain. Now we have come to a time that is, in truth, the time of the quickening! All of your lessons, all of the purification and release of all of the pain and fear of separation will be quickened and made known and felt by you. Is it not so already?

In this quickening you are each challenged to channel – to tune into the voices of your inner selves as well as the voices of your larger Selves. You all, in truth, are seeking to channel your Self with a large S unto the body of the smaller self. All you need to know is within you. The channeling we speak of in this council, in this moment, is the channeling that happens when you accept yourself and all the voices within you. Your body, your emotions and your mind will continually show you where you need to place your radiance, your love.

When there is a strength of Higher Purpose amongst you in groups, however small, you will all channel that unique piece of God that you have agreed to bring here through the physical body. It may be in spoken word, it may be in art, it may be in love or in magic. You each have a certain energetic frequency that no one else on this Earth has, and you are meant to give it to Gaia and to each other. This is the channeling of which we speak. This is the channeling which will create for you a Heaven upon this very Earth and a place within this very body where God may dwell.

Dear Ones, go with God.

C.C. and Lynnéa Raphael are teachers, healers, channels and authors. They combine over 50 years of training and expertise in transformation practices which includes Reiki Mastery, Regenesis, Light Body Activation, Meditation, Guided Visualization, Hypnosis and Emotional Release. Their intention and guidance is to ground the dimensions of spirit into the time and space of the human body, emotions and mind. For information or questions ~ audio cassette catalog, course descriptions or travel information & availability to work in your community, please call (415) 454-8786, Toll free (888) 454-8786 or e-mail:

Want to know more about channeling? Check out this article by Kryon on Channelling and Discernment. Have a channeling experience you’d like to share with us? Talk to us!

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