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The Angels Instructions on Contacting Them

The Angels Instructions on Contacting Them

Go within now, and call on us if you desire our help.

Now the words of the Masters, that “ye shall do all things”, must come true as the prayers ” that earth should be as heaven” are answered.

Call us. We are here. We are here when you call.

We have been ordained by God to come when you call.

By Cynthia Rose Young the author of the Angel Messages.

Any new skill takes time to master.

All of our educational background has emphasized the development of the left hemisphere of the brain with it’s rational and logical use of language and memory.

When we pray to the angels for their help, the first place we will notice it is in our underused right hemisphere which is nonverbal and intuitive. Therefore, to commune with angels as clearly as we should, we have to retrain our thinking process to include the intuitive and then we have to learn to use the intuitive and logical functions in a back and forth method much like walking.

This has been explained as using eye movement exercises that are identical to what we do each night naturally in our dreaming state.In other words, when you pray for angelic assistance, go into a quiet receptive state and become aware of images that enter into your imagination [right brain]. Then move your eyes back and forth in a comfortable way, from left to right, back and forth, as you do in REM sleep. This will shift the dominance back and forth between the two halves of the brain and you will experience images and then internally verbal thoughts, then images again and then more verbal thoughts, and on and on.

The art of ALLOWING the process to unfold while you hold the intention and concentration of communing with the angels, is the key to success.

Learning to TRUST in this skill is a challenge since we have lived for so long in a culture dominated by a left brain only paradigm. Ask for help with this from the angels and go easy with yourself and give yourself time.

Continue to practice. Those of you with access to biofeedback facilities will probably find it much easier and quicker to establish trust in the process.

Of course, when you pray for angelic assistance in your life, you will notice changes all over the place, in every area, over time. The above process is specifically for immediate communication purposes.

Angel Letter

This is a letter that I recently sent to someone who needed help. Asking the angels was not getting results, and the situation was dire…… and since I believe that this is a common problem, I am sharing this letter with you. Now is a time of great change.

Dear Joe,

I certainly understand your frustration with the angels. When I was first learning to rely on angels I had been in numerous uncomfortable situations that HAD to change and seemed resistant and the angels just seemed to be either figments of my imagination or unreachable or unwilling or something. I wasn’t sure I could reach them or even really believe in them.When the situation was bad enough, I got extremely upset. NOTHING seemed to come through in the way of help., I finally resorted to demands because I was in a corner. I called them in and really let them have an earful. I told them that the situation HAD to change and that they HAD to help.. If they did not come through for me then how could I believe in them, and how could I recommend their help to others? On and on I went, ranting and raving about how afraid I felt, how stressed out, how dangerous and terrible the situation was.

ONLY WHEN I GOT VERY VERY REAL WITH THEM, and put all politeness aside and I just got down to gut truth, the connection finally clicked and help came through.

I found out they don’t value politeness, they value realness.

Communicating with angels has everything to do with REALNESS, AND INTENSITY and integrity OF EMOTION!

Angels have come through for me consistantly over time, but I learned in difficult cases, like the one you are in now, that I would have to get really honest with them. I know this sounds strange, but I can only say what is true for me.I learned to actually create a formal meeting where I pray for them to come in and gather around. This is what happened:

After about a few minutes, I sense them in the room. Then I just let it all out. I tell them how frightened I am. I tell them how desperate I feel. I tell them that if they do not help me, it is not OK with me. I tell them to do whatever they have to do to help me, that they have my permission, as long as it is highest good of all concerned.

I tell them that if they do not come through for me then their credibility will be severely damaged. I really lay it out on the table. I abandon trying to be nice and cover anything up. I resort to gut realness. They feel that realness and the power of my deepest emotions.

Then I surrender the situation to them. I totally surrender and let it go.At this point I am totally at their mercy. They will either take care of things or they won’t. I just wait and see. I feel a sense of emptiness and fear, then a strange release. In a few minutes I notice I feel much better. I feel a shift in perception and a rosy glow of bravado. My heart is feeling happier and relieved. My thoughts are wondering, “What is going on?” and I think,” The Angels have already made a difference.”

Usually within a few minutes, or hours, or days, the phone call comes, the conversation happens, the inspiration comes that resolves it all. I am amazed at how easy and effortless the energy flows. I am impressed at how just the right people show up and just the right things are said, and how I just seem to know what to do at the right time. It amazes me how everything seems choreographed by some invisable hand….

Over the years, my relationship with them has gotten better and better, and they are extremely reliable in helping me, but it is because I have learned to be very honest about my feelings. I have had to learn repeatedly that politeness does not work, but realness does.

I realize that this is not the picture that our culture has given us about relating to angels. I think that the cultural idea is of a faithful and humble supplicant praying quietly and serenely with steadfast heart. When I have tried to fit myself into this stereotype of serenity, politeness and formality, I seemed to be talking to thin air and got very little if any response. A new picture, the one of the small child and it’s mother, works.

Maybe that is one of the truths behind the scripture, “Except ye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

The picture I am trying to paint for you here is like a scene out of a movie. I have to step out of my usual adult personality and become like a very little child who is crying out for help.

I absolutely demand the help I need and let the angels know that backing down is not an option. I am not going to back down. Like a child screaming for it’s mother, I tell them I will keep calling to them until they take care of the situation. It will do them no good to ignore me or the situation because I will not let them. And I mean it! I feel it

!I have to constantly remind myself that Christ told the disciples that “I of myself can do nothing, it is the Father within, it is He that doeth the works.” This is so that I don’t blame myself for the angels not coming through. If Christ could do nothing, what makes me think that I can! My personality self is completely dependent on God. I can’t even take the next breath of myself. I remind myself of scripture in which God says, “Let me fight your battles for you.” “Test me, try me.” “Ask and ye shall receive.”I think,” This is a test “, this is impossible for myself, it is something only God can do. I am in a real difficult situation and I am asking the angels, God’s messengers, for their help. If they can’t or don’t help me then they fail! It’s that simple. They have said to call on them and depend on them and now it’s time to see what happens……I let them know that the future of their relationship with me is on the line. This is what I mean about realness as opposed to politeness. They need to know exactly what is going on with me and how important each interaction with them is.

It is like breathing. One breath is not enough, breath must be continuous and reliable and consistent or life cannot go on. The angels must be there for me always and in real and practical ways, or what use is it for me to rely on them and tell others about them? For me, it is taking the whole subject and idea of angels out of a textbook situation of theory and conjecture and putting it in the arena of real life on a day to day, moment to moment basis. Just like breathing.

Oh yes, I REMEMBER TO THANK THEM! Usually it is so wonderful when everything is alright it is easy for me to go back to business as usual and actually overlook taking the time to let them know how much I appreciate their help.

I have had to stop myself and sit down and call them in and thank them from my deepest heart. Like a little child, I get so excited. Life is so rosy again and it is easy for me to forget. I’m getting a lot better about thanking them.

Learning to work with angels can be extremely difficult because they are invisable and because they need realness, not politeness.

This is so important that I will repeat, they have always passed the tests with me, but only after I got very very real with them. Otherwise I couldn’t put out the angel messages and they know that.

This is a wonderful opportunity for them to prove themselves to you. It is also a wonderful opportunity for you to fine tune your angel relationship skills.

It’s interesting to me that you have written me with this problem. I have had to put the angels to the test recently myself, a number of times, in a string of extremely sticky, difficult situations. These situations had to be resolved, quickly, and in harmony, and I just couldn’t see how –other than extreme divine intervention. I was aware that if the angels let me down in even one of these situations, that I would be in dire straights and also that I would not be able to stand behind their consistent reliability to others. I used the advice that I have given you. I went to them as an innocent child in my real gut feelings of fear and horror and helplessness and turned it over. THE RESULTS WERE SO FAST AND SO WONDERFUL, THAT I WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZED.. For all practical purposes the problems melted before my very eyes. The difficulties just went away and solutions appeared easily and almost out of nowhere! Friends who are familiar with what was going on raised their eyebrows. It was miracles.

That is why I am able to write this letter to you today. The angels are real to me and they do answer my requests for help. …….I look forward to hearing how your situation unfolds…….

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