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Shelly’s Spirit Drawing – A Guide for You

Shelly's Spirit Drawing

For those who want help, guidance, advice, whatever, he is willing to help. His name and story are not what is important, he says. It is the MESSAGE he is giving that is.

There is One God, The Creator of all that is in The Heavens and on The Earth. All are created equal, regardless of Race, Nationality, Religion or Station in Life. The Belief in That One God is what is important. He breathed The Breath of Life into all Living Things and thus so, All Creatures of God are to be appreciated and respected because, they too, are Living Souls. Look to Nature to see The Wonders of God’s Creations, even a common blade of grass is created so perfect that no Scientist can possibly re-create what God has made. When we can allow ourselves to open up to those Creations and feel the oneness of God, we can find Peace within ourselves. Without our having this, we cannot expect to be able to help or guide others on the Path of Life.

When asking for help and guidance, we have to tune in to God’s energies. This is needed if we truly want to be able to give help and guidance to others. Say a simple Prayer or Request,

“Open my Eyes to help me See, Open my Ears to help me Hear and Open my Heart to help me Feel, Grant that I be able to be used as a Channel whereby I can help the person coming to me for help and advice, and Grant that I may be a Channel whereby I can impart Peace unto the one who I am trying to help.”

Do this whenever you want help for yourself or for helping others, and I will help you.

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