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On Contacting Your Spirit Guides

On Contacting Your Spirit Guides…

Each of us is aided and supported by entities from other dimensions, guardian angels, spirit guides, ancestors and soul mates who have a vested interest in seeing that we follow through on our life’s purpose. So how do we contact them, and when?

“Hi, I would really like to contact my spirit guide and would really appreciate any help you could give me.  Thanks,” Rhiannon, Bangor, Wales

Following are the responses from two of our Global Psychics team of mediums.. Tell us about your contacts with the angels and guides in your life, the supernatural events that changed your life, or submit your own questions.

Direct Contact May Not Matter

Dear Rhiannon,

Well, I don’t think we often go and really chat with our Spirit Guides. Trance Mediums do use them a lot. I have talked to many many profound Mediums and they don’t even know who their guides are. I think just meditating and while meditating be aware of any sensations or feeling that you get. They come in the form of just knowing.

Those who teach that we must contact our Spirit Guide are not that advanced themselves. That is such a minuscule part of Spiritualism. You take your contacts with what ever and whomever you are given. Our Guides often change as we develop.

Meditation is the easiest way of developing but like I often say the most profound messages can come when we are ironing. Meditating is just stilling our mind. It calms us and lets us draw closer to Spirit.

Work on just advancing and don’t worry about your Spirit Guide. If he thinks it is important for you to know who he is and to talk to him, he will make it possible. Just meditate as often as you can. It is the best exercise I know. Love, Victoria

Our Guides Are Talking With Us All the Time


As Victoria indicates, it isn’t really necessary to work at contacting your spirit guides, and in fact, it can be unwise to open those doors without the right preparation, since opening the channels to other dimensions will attract any old spirit who can resonate with your energy to come and play with you for a time. While channeling and communicating with your angels and guides can be a useful way of obtaining insight and information about your life and where you’re headed, unless you are doing your inner work diligently, such contacts can serve to unbalance you and even make you physically ill.

There’s a lot more to it than you might think. In addition to becoming skilled at meditation, you also need to be careful of your diet, your emotional state, and your mental attitude and you need to be prepared to deal with the ego issues that almost always present themselves in the process of making contact with entities from the other side. You need to sensitize yourself to your own beliefs and how these tend to filter information from the other side, and you need to become aware of your sub-conscious drives, the motivating forces, the fears and anxieties that will attract certain entities to you and taint the information you receive.

I suggest that folks work their guides in a somewhat different way. As opposed to trying to contact them, start noticing the many ways that your guides and angels are contacting you every day. Our guides and angels are talking with us all the time in hundreds of different ways, it’s up to us to start noticing them.

My guide Isaiah once said that I should, “be like the Indian, learn to see clues in the turn of a leaf.” I soon discovered that all I needed to do was to ask the questions, to state what I needed or needed to know, and the answers would come… my guides are at work ALL the time! I just needed to start noticing when they had delivered the answers.

Listening and Noticing – the Key to Spirit Contacts

Now I tell people who want to contact their spirit guides to start by talking with your guides about what’s going on in your life, what you need, what you want to know, and where you need answers, say your prayers and meditate regularly. Then start listening, really listening, and noticing, really noticing, what is going on around you… you’ll see that your angels and guides are answering, sometimes more quickly than you can actually voice what you need.

What’s most fascinating to me, is that the more I listen and notice, the more my guides communicate with me. Sometimes quite directly with a dream or a vision or words that fly through my head, but more often through the universe, through an unusual “turn of a leaf”.

I had a wonderful affirmation of this process while writing this piece. I had taken a meditation break and deep in it, found myself composing an ad, promoting my services in my new location, London, Ontario. No sooner had I reworded the ad I was composing in my head to include “parties and corporate events” along with personal readings and classes, then my phone rang to book a party in the area, and a few minutes later the phone rang again to book a personal appointment. Before I became attuned to the work of my guides, I might have found these just amazing co-incidences, but now I see the substantial answers that these calls provided. First of all, they affirmed that I should advertise, but since both of these bookings came as a result of our web site, they also provided some clear direction about where I should be posting my ads. – on the web of course! And given that I received such a fast response to my mental ad, I’ll be keen to see what comes when I actually place one in the real world!

So, start talking with your guides and angels, trust that they are listening, then start listening and noticing the answers. They may come in a vision, or they might come through phone call, or a billboard you notice on your way to work, or as Victoria notes, while you’re ironing. Or you might find yourself talking with God one afternoon…. be open, receptive and prayerful, and the contacts will come…. In the meantime, there are some excellent books on Communicating with your Spirit Guides, check our Book Shelves for a good selection. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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