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My Heavenly Spirit Guide

My Heavenly Spirit Guide

by Frances Hicks

I have been slowly writing a book about my spiritual experiences and I will finish my book and have it published, distributed, marketed etc. so that I can share with everyone all my life experiences and why I AM what I AM today. The picture is actually an aura picture of myself and to my surprise, my highest heavenly spirit guide granted my request and came into my aura picture.

In case you did not know, aura pictures are taken by a Polaroid Instant Camera with Kerlian specs that capture the energy field around you, which is your aura. Anyway, the day before this picture was taken, I was visited by a heavenly spirit guide who recently passed away and she told me that I will be receiving a gift from heaven. She did not stay long enough for me to ask her what this gift is and I thought hmmm….. I wonder what it is. Later that evening, I literally forgot all about this message and went to bed early so that I could attend mass (go to church) with my girlfriend.

My girlfriend picked me up and we went to church. During the services, I was in a deep state of meditation, in a trance-like state and my highest heavenly spirit guide appeared to me as usual. I was compelled to ask him a request which was to be in a picture with me because I hated having to wait for him to appear when he felt like it and I really wanted to have something to hold in my hand (a picture of us together), to look at anytime I wanted to and not have to wait for his appearance in my visions. I had no idea that he would grant me my request that very same day!

I actually had forgotten about the message the day before and after mass, my girlfriend asked me if I would like to go with her to a Psychic Fair in San Jose, CA since we had no plans for the rest of the day. Since I had never been to one, I thought it would be interesting to go and so we went. I totally forgot about my own request and had a great time at the Psychic Fair.

As we were walking around the ballroom, I was suddenly stopped by a woman who got all excited and up into my face…. told me that I had a very strong entity protecting me and guiding me and that I have a crown of angels over my head….. I smiled and told her that I knew that and that she was a very strong clairvoyant to be able to see what is around me….. She told me I was blessed and that it was an honor for her to talk to me. My girlfriend and I thought that was a little bit too over exaggerated but we both smiled and eventually went along our merry way throughout the ballroom…..

My girlfriend suddenly thought of having our aura pictures taken before going home and so we did. I was disappointed with my picture because there was no picture except for a big blob of sky blue color, which looked like someone splashed paint over it. I was just about to throw the picture into a waste basket nearby when suddenly, an inner voice told me not to throw it away. I thought to myself…. how strange…. but I listened and put it away in my shoulder bag.

Three hours later, on our way home, the inner voice told me to now look at the picture. I actually had forgotten about the picture, and so when I heard the inner voice, I thought to myself…..hmmm…. how strange…. and so I pulled out the picture from my bag.

As soon as I saw the picture, I was shocked and broke down in tears and was uncontrollably crying and could not breath. My girlfriend thought I lost my sanity because we had such a good time the whole day and here I am, suddenly crying out loud and gasping for breath…..

She looked at the picture and was also shocked! She looked at me and told me that the lady who jumped in front of my face earlier at the fair was right….. From that day on…. my girlfriend learned a lot from me and slowly turned her life around and is also blessed because she believed and followed everything that I taught her.

There are many heavenly spirit guides and cherubim angels in the picture but only with a trained eye, will you be able to see within the picture….. It is truly awesome! Also, each time I make copies of this picture, each and every picture has a slight change to it. His eye on the left, looks to a different direction, the eye looks human as though it is very much alive, you can feel his emotion etc….. and it is so true. My friends and I have made many copies and each one is always slightly different. There are no two that are alike.

Also, in the past few years, another picture of him appeared in the bottom center. It was not there before but now it shows his image, facing sideways towards the left with a crown of thorns on his head and if you look right through, you can actually see the flood on his forehead. Not everyone can see it but others can….. He told me that not everyone will see the same….. and no picture will be alike……


In conclusion, he has told me that the world is heading for many drastic changes and that is why there are many people now searching for answers from within…. History is repeating itself….35,000 years or so ago, there was no religion. Civilization at that time were spiritual and depended on the the divine source from within, but today,unfortunately, man evolved and made civilization not what it was originally intended to be.

He CONTINUES to give me insights, knowledge, wisdom, unconditional love for mankind, lessons and I have truly learned so much from him and STILL learning from him and also from my other heavenly spirit guides. When I read for those who need advise and/or guidance, he together with the other heavenly spirit guides, give me the knowledge to guide the individual in need of assistace.

May you have many bright blessings to come!

With lots of love always and guidance to offer each and every one of you….. I am simply your friend always…… Frances :)

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