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Modern Day Angels and Miracles

Modern Day Angels and Their Miracles

from Neva Howell

God watches over fools.

I had heard this expression all my life, and never really knew what it meant until a rainy day in 1996. I was rushing, far faster than was safe or reasonable, through a torrential rainfall, for a healing session with a woman in great crisis. I came up on a construction area, still flying down the road, and glanced over at the traffic light that had been set up, to let people know when the path was clear over the bridge. I saw that the light was green so I proceeded without slowing down at all, even though I saw that the road had been closed down to one lane ahead.Then, came one of those moments where time and space seem to disappear and one floats in a noiseless vacuum. In slow, slow motion, I squinted my eyes to see through the torrent, and saw more than I cared to see at that moment. I was going 50 miles an hour through a narrow lane with cement retainer walls on both sides of my car. Coming directly at me was an old model (wide and heavy–real metal, none of this fiberglass stuff) green car. I had only time to think “I am dead”, before the car was upon me.

As God is my witness, this is what happened next: I felt the green car slice through my car and come toward me. This was an “energy” feeling, and not an actual crash of metal on metal feeling. As I watched, I saw the man who was driving coming at me in a blur. Just before the man’s car reached my physical body, I saw a blur between myself and the man, myself and the other car. It is hard to describe but was not unlike the description of angel intervention in as written in The Celestine Prophecy. I felt cushioned and in the hands of some mighty awareness. There then occurred the most amazing aspect of an altogether amazing event. At that moment, I felt the driver of the other car actually flash through my body as the left side of his car flashed through the left side of mine. I felt his cells. I felt his beingness and his own shock at what was happening. I felt his car. Years later, I still know what he feels like. It’s as if we merged in that moment. I remember a scene in the movie Ghost where Patrick Swazye is a ghost standing in a hospital and one of the live interns walks through Patrick’s etheric body. It felt like that, as if the man or myself, or both of us, were momentarily ghosts. I think we dematerialized for that moment and met on the etheric plane.

Then, I was again barreling down the one lane road once more. It was a few moments before the event registered fully in my consciousness. At that point, I stopped and promptly fell apart, shaking and crying and hysterical. Actually, all those reactions took place inside me. Outside, I was calm but taking very deep, sharp breaths. It was as if I were still in two worlds–physical and non-physical. I knew I was hysterical but my body didn’t know it. That’s the best I can do at describing that few moments. I tried to argue with my knowing about what had just happened, using my logical mind. I reasoned “maybe the lane was not as narrow as you thought.” and so on.

Yet, the crystal clarity of what I had seen and experienced could not be explained away by logic or analysis.

It was a miracle and, for whatever reason, God saw fit to protect this fool. I am forever grateful. l always felt that the angel aspects of our “Godness” were all around us, though not visible, and were constantly offering help and assistance. Now, I know it beyond any doubt. Praise God!

Excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook,

The Line Between Life and Death

Though I’m very spiritual, I was never convinced that spirit guides or guardian angels exist. Then last year I had an experience that really left me wondering.

I worked weekends when traffic was very light. One Sunday afternoon while en route to my job, I was stopped at a red light at an intersection, waiting to turn left. On weekdays that intersection is extremely busy – dangerous even – and thus it requires drivers to exercise great caution. This was a typical quiet Sunday, however, and nary a car was in sight.

When the light turned green, for some illogical, inexplicable reason, instead of putting my foot on the accelerator, I waited. I saw nothing, yet still I sat there, not moving. Just then from my left a large pickup truck came careening through its red light. Had I proceeded, I would have been broadsided by that speeding truck, and surely killed.

I was severely shaken by the incident, and suddenly all too aware of what those few seconds of hesitation had meant: the line between life and death. If this wasn’t enough, when I got to work, a coworker exclaimed how she had just seen a pickup truck speed through a red light! Little did she know that the person who barely escaped death was me.

I will never understand why I hesitated at a green light on an otherwise empty street for no apparent reason, but doing so saved my life. While I’m still not totally convinced, I’m willing to consider the existence guardian angels now. — Alison M.

There is a good reason why your guardian angel stepped in… you still have work to do on the planet… but this could also have been your psychic self protecting you… one way or another, I do hope you’ll listen to your instincts in the future and I’ll try to post your story soon, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Grandma Saved My Life – 10 Years After She Died!

by Jim Tompkins

It was a hot summer night in July or August of 1941. My two older sisters were spending the evening with Grandma Tompkins, who had borne 8 sons and 2 daughters and was partial to girls. Grandma, my two bachelor uncles and my maiden aunt lived upstairs from us.

Air conditioning was rare in those days and in our neighborhood was found only at the movies. Mom and Dad took me the short drive to Cedar Lake in Minneapolis, to cool off. I had just turned 5 that past December and would be entering first grade at Calhoun School at Lake St. and Girard Ave S. in Minneapolis. I was wading in the cool water while Mom and Dad sat on a picnic table enjoying a Coke and the lake breezes. I walked out a little farther and hit a “drop off”. I went completely under. I struggled, when a voice in my head said “BE STILL” ! I immediately became calm and floated to the bottom of the lake. During what seemed like forever during that descent, I tried to identify the authoritative voice. I knew it wasn’t Mom, or my Aunt Allie, or either of my Kindergarten Teachers. These were the only authoritarian voices I knew!

When I hit bottom, the voice said “TURN AROUND!”. I thought “I don’t know which way!”.The voice repeated even stronger “TURN AROUND”! I turned around. The voice then said “WALK”! I started to walk and could feel that a door in my head seemed to close. I walked about 10-15 steps or so and my head broke above the water. It was then that I felt the water in my nose and mouth and started crying. I could then spot my parents on the shore pointing to me. They rushed in the water to grab me and head for home.

My stomach was full of water. My Dad put me over a couple of chairs with my head over a washtub and pushed until a lot of water came out. When my folks questioned me about the voice, I replied that it sounded a lot like Mom, only it wasn’t. My Mother gasped and put her hand to her chest and said “it’s Mother!” I said where is she, as I had never met her. Mom said, “She’s an Angel!”

My maternal Grandmother, Lorena Kidder, had died on July 12, 1931. I was absolutely thrilled that my other Grandma was an “angel” and had rescued me. I told everyone in the neighborhood that would listen.Then, a couple of days later, a neighborhood friend, Bobby Gould got really mad at me and said “You’re going to go to hell for telling such a whopper!” “There’s no such thing as angels!”

I was crushed that Bobby didn’t believe me! I KNEW THAT IT DID HAPPEN! I stopped telling my story for many years because I feared being rejected again. I have since learned that this is more common than previously believed. I am happy to share my story!

Jim, what a wonderful story… your grandmother is indeed an angel, acting as your guardian angel that day, helping you to survive… and I’m not surprised that someone accused you of telling a whopper – they would be jealous and even a bit fearful of such an event… but you were right to go on believing, and it seemed that your Mother certainly understood. Thanks for sharing. Great story. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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