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Angelic Aid

Angelic Aid

“We have a lot of power as human beings that nobody ever really modeled for us, except certain masters and teachers in the past. We have to perform miracles ourselves to heal our world. In doing this, we grow as spiritual and practical individuals.”

By Cynthia Rose Young the author of the Angel Messages.

Dare to Ask

To make miracles we need only dare to ask. There are legions of angels – physical and Divine – all around us, just waiting to help us create what we want in life. There is only one condition to their help…. we must ask for it.

What do you want? right now? next month? next year? in 5 years? Can you say, specifically what your goals are in life? If you can, you are one of the rare few who has the courage to make a plan in life… and you are probably quite OK about asking for what you need, when you need it. For the rest of us, asking always involves an element of risk.Most of us will hem and haw at questions of what we want… We are more than a little reluctant to put voice to our goals…. and asking for help with our plans, ever, is almost inconceivable to the many amongst us who choose independence, to stand on our own two feet. Daring to ask is foreign to our natures.

Yet, to make miracles, we must be willing to ask for what we want… such a scary thought for some…

I think the issue with asking is that we have a lot of fears around defining and then voicing our needs… fear of rejection comes up as one of the primary concerns that each of us has about saying what we want. But then there’s the fear of not being deserving enough, good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, big enough, strong enough…. and the even deeper fear that maybe we don’t even know what we want, that we aren’t smart enough to figure out what we want for ourselves, so we had better let God, and our circumstances, our friends and families dictate what we really want… after all, they know us and should know what’s best for us. Balderdash!

If you want more out of life, decide right now to dare to ask. Start by asking yourself what you want, what’s important to you… every time you think of it.

Then, to get the energy really moving around you, start giving yourself what you want, as much as you can. I always suggest to folks that they start with little things… like I want a cup of tea, or a walk in the park, or a bubble bath… and then work up to the big things, like the new house or new car.

The beauty of this exercise is that the more you dare to ask and the more you dare to give yourself, the more you discover about yourself. For example, somewhere along the way, in asking “what do I want?”, I discovered that I wanted to garden… I asked for it, and now I spend many happy hours working in my own little patch of heaven. Then I recognized that I wanted to learn to create from a place of love (as opposed to fear), and that in some life, I’d like to learn to create through beautiful sounds. My point is that as you keep asking the question, you find yourself uncovering significant values, and you find yourself moving beyond your current needs to a vision of a better life for all.Make a list of what you want and dare to include some of the big things along with that new coat you’ve been admiring. Think of how you want to live, and where, and who you want around you, what relationships you want to develop, what you’d like to be doing, what you’d like to learn; then think of how you want to feel, and how you want your surroundings to feel. Project yourself into your vision of the future, allow yourself to feel it lovingly, passionately, as if it were already happening. Then turn it over to God and the angels and your guides and expect miracles.

And, if you’re not sure you want what you think you want, then ask the angels for help in getting clear about what you want…

Dare to ask for what you want… and then dare to ask God and the angels for help! The angels are listening, waiting for your requests so they can swing into action. When you dare to ask, you open yourself up help from legions of angels – and to miracles!

Ask, for the highest good of all, and it shall be given unto you.

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How to Ask

We hear about angels from the time that we are small children, with little more to go on than the image of wings and halos and an aura of goodness.

Then we grow up and find ourselves time after time in situations of despair, confusion, hardship, or decision; with little more to go on than old worn out euphemisms from our culture and society.

Finally, if we are lucky, we enter on to a spiritual path of study, and maybe we stumble onto the concept and idea that angels do exist and that they are there to help us.

So we offer a prayer, a shy tentative feeler, hoping for a response. Sometimes the response comes and sometimes we are not sure, but the tendency is to soon go on about our lives feeling the weight of responsibility on our own shoulders and the burdens of doing it alone.

The purpose of this message is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE! The universe is designed so that humans and angels work together. The purpose is to outpicture the splendor and majesty of Spiritual Perfection.

Angels are different from humans in that they are not interested in their own free will. Their will is solidly and permanently aligned with Divine Will. Their purpose is to help the Children of God find their way into spiritual maturity and perfection and manifest Heaven on Earth. This is the original blueprint, and it is coming time for completion.

So it is of great importance that each of us dust off our concepts of angels and take a closer look.

After years of working with the angels, my husband Michael and myself have found certain principles to be absolute.

These are:

1.Self-disclosure. This requires an examination of events and situations and an honest evaluation of how I feel about them. This does not mean how I “think” I “should” feel about them, or how other people feel about them, but how I honestly deep down feel in my innermost childlike self. The angels require this emotional information in order to make appropriate plans for correcting the situation in a way that brings about true joy.

I always remember this saying: “Except ye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven.”

2.The act of “calling them in” or summoning them. Angels are intelligent beings and they are constantly engaged in serving Divine Providence. Many people imagine that angels just sort of hang around waiting for any thought to be directed their way, and that then they will respond. This may happen sometimes, but usually the type of angels required for correcting serious situations are not at all hanging around waiting, they are very busy and they must be called in.

Usually Michael and I pray together and we have found it can take as long as 90 seconds for angels to shift their attention from their dimension to ours.

We “call them in” according to an ancient and effective way that was taught to us by a powerful healer. We close our eyes, concentrate very hard, and either verbally out loud or quietly within our imaginations speak to them. Here is what we typically say;

” We call for Universal Consciousness to be in our awareness now. We invoke the living flame of divine love to burn in our auras and we ask the Mighty Angels of Love, Wisdom, and Power to come to us now.”

We wait a while until a subtle shift occurs that lets us feel that the angels are present and listening. Then we continue:

“We ask for your help with________________________[state problem and situation and STATE YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT IT!]. For instance, it might go like this”

” We are tired of working night and day trying to deal with our finances. We worry about them all the time, no matter how hard we try, it seems we never have enough. If we get caught up, then the car breaks down, or the taxes come due, or the house needs a repair. Even when there are no emergencies, we are so exhausted, mentally, emotionally, and physically from working all of the time, that we don’t have enough energy left to be on a spiritual path. What little time we have is spent just catching up on cleaning, or resting, or fixing dinner. It goes on year after year. Our whole lives are passing us by and we are not getting anywhere in our thirst for enlightenment or for service to the world to make it a better place.

We ask for financial help. We don’t know how you are going to do it, but we know that you are all powerful and that with you all things are possible. We ask that you give us clear guidance, unmistakable and powerful, so that we do not mess up what you are bringing through.

We ask that you resolve this situation in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned and that you do it in a timely way. We do not want something that takes thirty years to develop, we need relief as quickly as possible, so that we can put more energy and time into healing our lives and finding enlightenment and giving service.”

At this point we pause and check our feelings. After a while we might add:

” We give thanks for all that you have given us already. We appreciate our health, our home, our relationship, and living in a country where we are relatively free and safe. For the most part we are OK, but we really need help with the finances on a real and practical level if we are ever to study, heal, meditate, and experience the joy of being children of God.

We give thanks for your help in advance of receiving it because we know that on a higher level you have already heard and answered our prayer.

We ask that you guide us clearly so that whatever plans you are making, we cannot mess up by being distracted or closeminded, or otherwise engaged.

We love you and need your help more than ever now. We ask for a close relationship with you on an on-going basis, and we ask that we become lights unto the world to help make it a better place, a place where heaven is indeed one with earth.

We give thanks that this is done. Amen.”

Then we go into silence, and meditate on thankfulness. It is truly a wonderful feeling.

Sometimes we go on for a lot longer than the prayer I just quoted. Sometimes, if we are in a lot of intense feelings, we cry, or even express frustration or despair or anger. We have learned that the more honest we are with ourselves and with each other and with the angels, especially as it regards emotions, the better we feel and the more miraculously the prayers get answered.

Another important note: Sometimes we have to repeat this process for several days…..each time being more honest about our feelings and about the problems that we are facing. Usually it does not take more than three “meetings” with the angels to really get a remarkable turn around in the situation.

We have found that the angels are consistently reliable and that we can count on them. Over time, we have relaxed and felt more childlike as we realize that we are being protected and watched over and that we do have access to real help.

I realize that in many holy scriptures God is quoted as saying,” Test me, trust me, let me fight your battles for you.” “Ask and ye shall receive.” “Trust me.” etc. In each case of asking the angels I become aware of “testing” them. I become aware of Christ’s feelings the time that he told the disciples,” I , of myself, can do nothing, it is the Father within, it is HE that doeth the works.”

It really fits into place. I can really feel that I am following in His footsteps by turning it all over to Divine Providence and trusting the angels. The proof, though, is in the pudding. If something doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work, and the only way to know is to try.

I am writing this because I have tried, and it has worked, and consistently so. This is how I have learned to talk with the angels and what works for me. I learned this from others who have also had miraculous results.

I have shared this simple way of sharing with the angels with others and it works for them too. The key is basically self honesty, especially with feelings, and honesty with the angels, especially with feelings. That and the simple act of calling them in and talking with them, just as you would do with a neighbor or counselor or friend.

“As above, so below.”

Tips on Asking for Angelic Aid

  • The angel messages concern the ancient language that uses whole brain consciousness. Mostly I feel them, sometimes, I hear them.
  • Ask them to connect with you, instead of you connecting with them.
  • Have a meeting. ‘As above so below.” Just like you might with a colleague or your doctor.
  • Call them in mentally in your imagination. Give them about 30 to 90 seconds to shift attention from their dimension to yours.
  • They are extremely intelligent, but they are not human, neither are they in physical form. You have to take this into consideration.
  • Focus is necessary. So is passion.
  • That and being clear and straight.
  • The most important thing to do is to call them in, and tell them you want a CLEAR AND EASILY DISCERNABLE RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM.
  • Emphasize to them that they must be very clear and come in very strong, otherwise it will be too vague and easy to misinterpret.
  • You will probably have to call them in several times to get the relationship strong enough to really discern.
  • The thing with angels is tasking. They are task orientated. Give them things to do. Balance the tasks between personal tasks for you and tasks for World Service.
  • I am able to look into the future with their help. But I prefer to alter the future with their help.

What Happens When You Ask

Angelic Responses

As Cynthia explains, it takes a little time to work out a relationship with the angels, to get them to listen, and to learn to hear them and feel them. I have also learned that their answers come in unexpected ways… so it’s best to define clearly what you need, and then leave it to them to figure out how to deliver it.

For example. Recently I was delayed leaving for a set of appointments in Toronto, so I called on the traffic angels to help me get through. Mostly it seemed like they had heard and were watching. Although I got caught in a few slow spots, I pretty much moved along and made it to my appointment just 10 minutes late, forgivable…. But I burst out laughing when I discovered that my client hadn’t arrived yet, that he’d been even more delayed in traffic. I could see what the angels had done to help me…

My point is that sometimes the angels answer in unusual ways, but they do what they can to get the job done, somehow. The trick is to learn to listen, and to notice the subtle signals. Here is a story of how listening paid off, seriously!

“I kept telling myself to be sensible. I was working in Washington, DC and suffering anxiety attacks. Something kept warning me that I should get insurance on my computer system. I didn’t think I needed it. Something was telling me that one day, your going to have a fire and you will need that insurance money. I kept repeating to myself, that I will not listen to negative thoughts, I will only hear positive thoughts. The urgency was inescapable. I found an insurance package that was affordable in one of my computer magazines and insured it. I said to my nagging doubt,”Now, I’ve wasted money, getting insurance I will probably never need. Will you please leave me alone now!” I finally had some peace. I soon forgot about that insurance policy and even misplaced the paperwork, not needing it. My husband called me at work one day and told me that our apartment was on fire. I did not believe him and told him to stop playing while I’m working. He was insistent and I finally agreed to leave work and come home. Everything was destroyed, covered in soot and would have to be thrown out. We had nothing but the clothes on our backs and our truck. I remembered that insurance policy and found it buried in soot. I looked at the policy, sure by now that it had expired. It was scheduled to expire in two days. I called in the policy and although I went through difficulty getting the insurance, I used that money to buy clothes, furniture and get another apartment. If I had not had that little extra money, I would have been in a desperate place. Thank you my angels for forewarning me and helping me to plan for that desperate moment in my life.” Crystal of Light and Love

Here is another story, from Christine, an angelic messenger, of how listening to the angels can open you up to their work.

“There are a great many things I could talk about, since I talk with the angels every day. This is just one example. I believe that angels lead everyone to people or animals who need our help. Some of us don’t listen well, and some of us don’t listen all the time. But the messages are pretty straightforward.There is a stray cat who has been coming around to my back door to be fed. I have four cats and a dog already (all rescued, even the little Shitsu who spent 4 months in a cage in the pet shop in her own dirt..)..This orange tabby has been slinking over, skinny and unloved- looking, with a pronounced limp. He is such an unusual colour that he is almost pink. I wasn’t sure whether I was meant to take him in or not, though, since he was wearing a collar. (Even people who abandon their cats sometimes put collars on them first .)

A few days ago I was out walking and saw a very sad thing- the body of a small orange cat which had been hit by a car. Someone had thrown a garbage bag over the body. I don’t think it was anyone’s pet-just another stray, a throwaway. I was so upset when I realized that perhaps this was the little stray who had come to my back door, wandering, looking for shelter.

So I asked my angels to let Pinky be okay- if this wasn’t Pinky, I would take care of him so he would not suffer such a fate of dying unloved and unwanted.You guessed it- the little stray Tom is still coming around, accepting food, and today for the first time he sat on my lap and purred. When he has time to get used to all the other humans and animals, and will not be further traumatized by the experience, I’ll take Pinky to the vet to see about that leg, neutering and all the rest of it. Meanwhile, I’m just happy I got the message in time that Pinky needed a home.

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