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An Angel Message on Emotional Healing

An Angel Message on Emotional Healing

The channel, Cynthia Rose shares these amazingly powerful insights.

By Cynthia Rose Young the author of the Angel Messages.

The Eye Movement Exercise: Healing the Divine Feminine Force.

The magnetic Divine Feminine force expresses itself through emotions and through the physical plane.

Feelings are intense now because great healing is underway.

Some people are ending lifelong relationships, leaving projects that they have faithfully given their all to, experiencing death of loved ones, and facing uncertain futures. They may be feeling great fear and trepidation about politics, health, and the future of earth. Wounded feelings from childhood are coming up to be healed in everyone. There are feelings that need to be healed now. This is necessary for the transformation of consciousness in the physical body.

In flowing into these feelings, sometimes memories surface that feel violent. They have so much pain associated with them that the programmed instinctual reflex is to do everything to avoid feeling them.

It feels like life itself is at stake…This is a true panic attack. Everyone has experienced panic and these feelings are surfacing now to be healed.

Emotions heal through flowing.

Use eye movement to relive the tragic event, if you can remember it. Relive the memory over and over until all the feelings associated with it have time to flow. If you cannot remember anything, but just have the feelings, flow with them using eye movement and deep breathing.

These are times when overwhelming feelings are coming up to be healed.


Deep rhythmic breathing is the foundation of holotropic breath work. Just as a woman breathes while giving birth, keep breathing when panic feelings come up. In addition to deep breathing, use eye movement and stay focused on the feelings for as long as it takes for good feelings to return. Usually this happens quickly.

Traditionally when panic attacks happen…… the old paradigm of shutting DOWN the feelings IMMEDIATELY takes over. This has been accomplished through medication, alcohol, diversion, disassociation, denial, magic, hypnosis, etc.

Break the habit and STAY WITH THE PANIC. The panic passes in SECONDS…. BREATHE and use EYE MOVEMENT, and use every bit of will power and mastery to stay with the feelings and to FEEL THE FEELINGS through.

Conscious flowing is how feelings heal. This is important, everything depends on GETTING THROUGH THE FEELING and NOT AROUND IT. Flowing is how EMOTIONS heal, denial just makes them unconscious and the body stores them as tension and stress in the musculature.

Use eye movement and breathing instead of giving into disassociation or destructive acting out. It is wonderful when panic comes up. By healing these emotions, the Divine Feminine Force is healed.

By healing the emotions of the dark dark wounding, the body is healed. It is like having an emotional bowel movement.

Whether it is fear, anger, hopelessness, suffocation, betrayal, shame, etc, this is the healing process at work. The next time feelings become unbearable, stay with the feelings no matter how painful they are, use eye movement and keep breathing. The feelings heal so fast it is amazing.


Emotional Healing

Here are instructions for emotional healing:

Feelings are like water. When they are bottled up and kept from flowing, they stagnate and become poisonous. When they are allowed to flow in a safe and non-destructive way, insights arise, and they cleanse themselves. Strong emotions become pure and life giving once again.

At night during dreaming, the eyes move back and forth. This is called REM, or Rapid Eye Movement. REM shifts emotional energy back and forth between the two hemispheres of the brain, and between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. This allows emotional energy in the dream to process and heal itself on all four levels of consciousness.

When a person is recalling and reliving a memory of an emotional trauma, and feeling the original feelings as they come up in the process, it is wise to shift the eyes back and forth exactly the same way as in dreaming at the same time.

The most important principles to remember in healing emotions are:

  • Recall and relive only one memory at a time.
  • Choose the memory that is the most painful. MAKE A VISUAL PICTURE IN YOUR MIND THAT REPRESENTS THIS MEMORY…as if you had a snapshot of the event. Write down a description of this snapshot.
  • Remember and relive the memory completely from beginning to end. Do this a number of times, reliving the memory from beginning to end. Do this as long as it takes to bring up all the feelings.
  • Commit to stay with the remembering and feeling process for as long as it takes in order to obtain healing insights into the circumstances of the wounding event. This takes discipline. Always, at some point in the healing process, there is a strong, urge to “bolt” and walk away from the painful feelings. Usually this happens just prior to the stage when the most intense healing is about to occur.
  • Use eye movement, REM, in order to help the brain process the powerful emotional energies. The fastness or slowness of the eye movement is optional, use whatever is comfortable. In other words, as you feel strong feelings, move the eyes back and forth. The eyes can be open or closed.

Emotional traumas, especially when they occur at a young age, cause a person to form negative beliefs about themselves and the nature of reality. In reliving a memory of a painful trauma, insights occur which free a person from these negative beliefs. When enough of these insights have occurred to shed a new positive light on the memory, FORM ANOTHER VISUAL PICTURE IN YOUR MIND THAT REPRESENTS THE NEW FEELINGS ABOUT THE TRAUMA AND IMAGINE PUSHING IT INTO THE ORIGINAL PICTURE. Merge the two snapshots together and WATCH CAREFULLY WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM WHEN THEY ARE MERGED TOGETHER.

The final image is the resolution image that replaces the original picture in the memory of the wounding event. Since memories are made up of only pictures, thoughts, and feelings, and all of these have now changed, the memory is changed forever. Whenever this event is remembered in the future, it will be remembered as the resolution image, with the new insights, and changed feelings.

This is a natural process that must be experienced in order to understand the power of it.

Each person has a finite number of individual traumas that must be healed, and in time, using this process, a person’s original bliss and innocence is regained.

“Except ye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of God.”

Whenever a child of God sets about the task of healing emotions, we come along with many orders of angels to give help and inspiration.

Emotions are the precursor of materialization, so each child of God, in order to outpicture perfect health and immortality, must be filled with joy.

“I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of joy and life everlasting.”

In a blissful state, the physical body is perfectly capable of remaining free of disease and the effects of aging.

Each child of God longs to feel bliss, and instinctively knows that this is their natural emotional state.

“On earth as it is in heaven.”

The Law of One

The Law of One is the original law of the universe, and is the Law of Laws. It can be used to override all lessor laws. The children of God have been given dominion over all the earth. Use this law when commanding spirits of any kind. Invoke it to call for healing!


“We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, IN THE NAME OF WHO I AM, and I am one with all masters, saints, and prophets, all beings, and with the Christ;


Happen here.

I give thanks that this is done.

So be it.


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