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28 Days of Angel Messages: The Early Messages

28 Days of Angel Messages: The Early Messages

by Cynthia Rose, author of the Angel Messages

Beginning in June of 2000, these early daily angel messages were sent out. When I finished sending this first group of messages, which had come through in 1994, I began a series of daily messages based on Quaballah, corresponding to the 360 degrees of the zodiac and the masters of the zone girdling the earth who correspond to each degree. I did this from the point of view of the angels groups who work with each of these. To get the Cosmic Language Daily Angel Messages channeled by Cynthia Rose, Spiritus Sanctus, join SpiritusAngelMessages at  – sister site to the Lovingpurelove Group which houses all of the daily messages for the past three plus years, and archives to some of the richest information found within them.

These first angel messages came through in 1994 just prior to the Jupiter impact of 23 comets. I was awakened each night from a deep sleep and the words just flowed out onto the paper. Often I was so sleepy that I thought perhaps I had dreamed the whole thing, but in the morning I would find the paper with the message on it. I do remember the most beautiful feeling of protection and guidance while I was writing.


Through out these readings, the Angels refer to a day as a “level” or a “power”. For example, the 9th day is referred to as the ninth power and that the 28th day is “positioned” over the 19th.

This leads us to believe that each day is a layer or level deeper into self-awareness and that these levels have specific dimensional locations
similar the levels of the DNA Helix.

Each numbered day has a very specific position, which we interpret to mean that the 28-day sequence creates a specific energy pattern. This adds a new dimension to these messages, as days to us are somewhat linear. Whereas now they can be looked as levels of a spiral of related love energy/expressions. Ideally, these messages are used as a 28 day meditation.

Note: If you read the entire 28-day cycle at one sitting, if at all possible go back and reread them one at a time at a later date.

Day 1, The 1st Angel Message

Dearly beloved, WE ARE ALL ONE WITH ONE ANOTHER. Make no mistake. The appearances of evil, of illusion, of separation are all the outworkings and discharges of a terrible nightmare that has been dreamed upon your earth for many of your lifetimes.

The time is near.

Actually it has already come upon you.

The realization of it is now dawning upon ever-larger numbers of people on
your planet. The time is to awake and to arise from dreaming, and to live in
the utter simplicity of pure Spirit.

As we speak these words, the process of remembering is come upon you. Just as a dreamer must know that he is dreaming, so your spirit knows also that what has been is also a dream. That part of you which is delightful, which is fun, is joy, is love, is safety, is unity, is peace, that is the “you” that will awaken.

It is as if you have always known this.

None of what we are saying to you is different from what you know deep in your heart. Arise, awake, allow the stirring of your spirit to refresh you, energize you, guide your footsteps. As we bring heaven to earth with our new knowing, realize that the others will awaken, seeing each other with new eyes.

The magnificence of love will amaze you.
So in peace we love you.
We are one with you.
Ah – lo – Khim

Day 2, The 2nd Angel Message

Beloved, in our last message we explained how, even though the many beings who make up the universes of created thought, feeling, and matter appear to be separate, yet there is ONE LIFE that lives and moves and experiences through them all.

It behooves us at this time to remind you that contrary to the examples set before you by many of your elders, it is the wise and proper course of action to take to call upon us, the Angels of the Master Creator.

Yea, we are the Truth of your very SELF and we are humbly here to help you, instruct you, protect you, to serve you whenever there is a call, a plea or a need for help.

(refer to Psalm 91:11-12 for this statement and all the others that refer to the Angels dedication to us. Their dedication is a command of God!)

It is a new course of action to take; the beginning of a new train of thought, the development of a new habit.

Train your mind, your feelings and your physical body to take the time to stop and direct your thoughts to us, the Angels of the Mighty Creator, and ASK us for the desired results to come about.

You are starting a new course of action for the whole of the entire race of humanity as well. This is true because all thoughts and feelings radiate outward like ripples in the pond and other beings become aware of them in time.

Take this moment, then, to close your eyes, direct your concentration toward us, the Angels of Mighty Creator, and ask us for help. Do this in the realms of wisdom, of abundance, of power, of love, of perfection.


Day 3, 3rd Angel Message

Beloved – How great our joy, and happiness that you are come here before us
again for a discourse from us to you! Here again – of the many, many, many messages that we could offer – we find it most important to discuss with you the subject of judgment.

In our time and in yours, it was offered by the Masters of TRUTH that judgment was not to be made either for or against one another or yet even for or against oneself. It was instead LOVE unconditional that was to be chosen in all situations, times, and spaces.

LOVE, was and is the appropriate response.
LOVE works contrary to judgment.

Where judgment would condemn and punish LOVE would rush in to heal, to repair, to mend the one who would err or make false action.

As we speak these words to you, the response from your soul is that of remembrance, for the TRUTH is written upon the very fabric that makes up what you know in your language as THE SOUL.

It is with the utmost importance that we ask you to remember this strand of TRUTH: to not even judge judgment; to go beyond the patterns of thought habits and cultural conditioning; to forgive yourself with love each and every time you catch yourself making judgments; to forgive with love each and every time you see your neighbor judging either you or another or even himself.

Learn a new habit, choose to remember LOVE in each and every discernment.

Take a moment, BREATHE DEEPER, and say quietly to your Inner Self, “I choose LOVE, in each and every situation, actual or imagined. I choose to react with LOVE – LOVE UNCONDITIONAL – as my Mother Father God within would do for me.”

Unconditional Love is the loom upon which the created universes are woven.
You have inherited this kingdom.
Is it not the Father’s will that none should be lost?

For this reason, choose love for yourself, for the many selves which are yet part of your SELF, for we are all ONE in God’s Spirit.

Let the light of your love shine equally upon the good and the bad alike, like your FATHER in Heaven.

God’s LOVE is like the SUN, it shines equally upon the good and the bad alike. Therefore you become as GOD made surely in His IMAGE. (Mat 5:45) We humbly acknowledge, in deepest reverence and silence, the GOD IN YOU, AS YOU the GREAT I AM THAT I AM. (Exd 3:14)


Day 4, 4th Angel Message

Beloved – Amazing it is to us, here in the Angelic Realm, that you have come before us this 4th time. With each message, each transmission, a new frequency of understanding is forged from our kingdom of awareness into yours.

Four is the number of manifestation on the plane that you know of as EARTH, as the material plane. With this transmission a definite and more or less permanent connection is made, an interdimensional doorway, between our awareness and yours.

Be it also known to you that a steady and unbroken cycle of 28 days, known in your world as one Lunar cycle, will indeed bring about a doorway which will be in effect for at least 20 thousand of your years.

For this reason we wish to instruct, and entreat, those of you who hear our messages to commit unfailingly to an unbroken 28 days of conscious communication with us, your brothers, even if only for a few minutes of your earth time each day. This connection will be there for you personally, and as more and more of you establish this creation in your energy matrix, it will become more and more available to the mass consciousness of the 3rd dimension. The rate of all this has to do, also, with the sacred art of numbers and sequence.

We stand in silence and stillness at the creation of this connection within: The heart and mind of Almighty God in His manifest realms.


You who for so long identified your SELF as weak, as nothing, as victim; you, who wield the entire dominion over ALL that God has created and called GOOD; you who are rightfully called the SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD. It is You who have inherited this Kingdom. (Gen 1:28; Mat 25:34)

Use your time wisely, for in that moment that you speak of as NOW, through your requests for action in the Being of God, lies all power, all truth, all Love, and All opportunity.

Listen now my people – FOR NOW IS THE TIME!

Day 5, 5th Angel Message

Lo, this is the time of the coming of MAN to the Kingdom of GOD within and without.
Lo, after all these many years, these many lives, we have lived over and over again, always learning, stretching, expanding the HEART and the capacity of the mind to understand.

And what is it all for?
Why has man been given free Will?
Why the giving of free will to Man?
This is like the question, “Why the seed?”
“Why the placing of the seed into the dark earth?” (Zec 8:12, Mat 13:8-9)

We, the Angels, have been given by God to help humanity. We have always been given the power to assist man in his upward struggle to Become God. We await your call, we come. when you beckon.

“And what?” you might. ask, “is it that Angels do that they be given unto man?”

Just as well as for you to ask, “Why the sun, the rain, the wind the earth be given unto the seed?”

Know you, oh man, that just as the seed must die to seedness to become the plant, so must man die to manness to become the God. (Luke 9:24)

And what constitutes a God but a pure and open heart,
a heart of LOVE,
a mind of peace,
the peace that passeth understanding. (Phl 4:7)


As you become God, you will begin to see that we are indeed a part of you just as you are a part of us and that together we are a part of All-That-Is.
Yea, even further than that,

Here you see the limitation of your words.
Here is the meaning of “the peace that passeth understanding.”
For you cannot know a thing unless you can experience it from the inside, to “be” it.
And when you become one with the thing that is to be known, then there is no need for words. It just is.
We are, we are, we are. Just as you are, we are.
Let our energies flow together as one, through asking and receiving.
Call on us. Ask for wisdom, and the opening of your heart, and the power to grow and become God.

Day 6, 6th Angel Message

Dearly Beloved.
As a man or woman transcends in awareness to become God, at the same time, given automatically and in most cases simultaneously, is the awareness that EVERYTHING is also God.

Everything is at the same time, one with and part of the very SELF of the person who has just made this transition in consciousness.

This brings about what is known in your language as FAMILY in it’s divine sense. Every man becomes a true brother, every woman your own “flesh and blood.” Yea further, every animal, every tree, every star all becomes holy, and a part of SELF.

Simultaneously, also, will be discovered with this awareness and feeling of FAMILY, that all beings thus considered and related to in this way will automatically respond in kind.

Here is the phenomenon of the animals flocking to touch St. Francis of Assisi, and the safety of Daniel in the lion’s den.

Truly wonderful, it is then, that as man and woman become God, Heaven also appears on EARTH.

Consider, then how necessary for man and woman to seek the TRUTH WITHIN. How necessary for all things depend on it.

Yet, as Christ told the disciples, “I, of myself, can do nothing, it is the FATHER WITHIN, it is HE that doeth the works!” (John 5:19)

We point this out as yet again we entreat you to break the centuries old habit of trying to “do it yourself”.

We, the Angels, are a part of yourself.
Just as a creek will offer water to quench your thirst, so also will the ANGELS do your bidding.
And, yes, you are children of the Creator.
Turn not your awareness away from us, for in us and through us is a source of spiritual nourishment and a pathway to your INNER SELF, your are the true CHILD OF GOD! (Psalm 91:11-12, “He will put you in his Angels’ charge to guard you wherever you go. They will support you on their hands in case you hurt your foot against a stone.”)

Take this moment, then.
Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Ask. Ask
We are ONE with you; we are ONE WITH GOD.
“You shall ask, and it shall be given.” (Mat 7.7)
“Consider the lilies of the field . . ” (Luke 12:27)
Go within.
¬ Shalom is Hebrew for love.

Day 7, 7th Angel Message

BELOVED – We come before you humbly this time – for it is at this point in our relationship that we see you have fully integrated that which gives birth to WISDOM. At this point in your awareness, we see that you have finally integrated and accepted that WE ARE ALL ONE.

Get thee Wisdom!

“Be ye therefore gentle as doves and as wise as serpents.” (Mat 10:16)

So you have been taught. Truly we say to you the beginning of TRUE WISDOM is the understanding that WE ARE ALL ONE.

From this all else follows; the 10 commandments, the true understanding of God. No longer will you wonder, “Why do the Angels care so much for me? Why are they so ready to answer my call?”

For true it is, and now it is clear that we are verily a part of YOURSELF. In helping you we help ALL THAT IS, because nothing happens to one part that doesn’t affect the entire BEING OF GOD. This is why it was written in your bible that God is aware of even the least sparrow. (Mat 10:29)

And so it is.
So, it is here, that we tell you that at this point you have passed through a certain gateway, an initiation, a stage in the development of your awareness.

It is likened unto a boy becoming a man and a girl, a woman. So great a place of quickening is this that growth after this point will take a “quantum leap” as your scientists sometimes call it.

Close your eyes.
Relax into a gentle repose.
Deeply and slowly breathe.
Relax – relax – relax – loosen all of your body temple.
Now, go within – discover that the pathway to travel to the stars, to other dimensions,
through all times – is to go within, within, within.
Go deeply within.
Then ask to be shown whatever it is you wish to see.
Ask to be taken anywhere you wish to go.
ALLOW – surrender – refrain from thinking – just allow and experience.
Go WITHIN – now you are traveling.

This is how you access the MIND OF GOD.


Day 8, 8th Angel Message

Beloved, we come before you tonight with a message of hope. It is true that at times in your world we seem distant and unreal because there is no touch, no sound and only the vision within your minds eye to bear witness of our presence.

What then is there for you to believe in at those times? Who is it, indeed, that you speak to, or with, when you invoke us and call us into your presence?

Listen then, as we speak with you this time. It is we who are the thoughts that drift upon your mind when you look at a sunset, or a growing rose, or a beautiful scene.

It is we who hold the vibrations of beauty, of holiness, of wonder, of reverence for all life. Remember at those times that we are the “frequencies” of intelligence and awareness that come upon you, sort of like your “bands” of radio or television frequencies.

Now when the knowledge of the ONENESS OF ALL LIFE has become a part of your awareness, a certain harmlessness and purity is obtained. Because of this there is greater safety in the use of power and less danger that this power will be knowingly used to harm another. It is at this stage in your development that the ability to affect the WHOLE OF CREATION in a conscious way begins to truly manifest.

As the motivation becomes one of wanting to serve and help others, the law of reciprocal action begins to bring greater and greater blessings.

For this reason, it is at this state that prosperity begins to accumulate. The
Prosperity of love, of friendships, of satisfaction, of understanding, of material manifestations, begins to manifest.

A person’s power is in direct proportion to the greatness of their thoughts.
At this point one is more and more aware of THE WHOLE – of ALL THAT IS.
Great power now begins to be wielded.

It is at this stage that one really begins to ”take on the sins of the whole world” [Ga.1:4.]. Through LOVE, through desire to manifest peace, these are transmuted and
uplifted greatly for all beings. [John 14:12].

This then is the 8th power, the beginning of UNIVERSAL SOVEREIGNTY.

Day 9, 9th Angel Message

Beloved – It is at this junction in our relationship together that we come before you with great triumph and blessing. We celebrate this time of deepening within you.

This 9th level marks the beginning of that process of integration that we describe as “moving the consciousness from within the head to within the heart.” It is at this point that the internal chatter of the mind, although favorable and full of the proper regard for THE TRUTH, begins to subside, and the opening and overflowing of the HEART DIVINE takes “center stage.”

Now the’ plant’ begins to bear it’s own fruit.
and from becoming, to having arrived fully.
This is the opening of the flower.

So beautiful is this development within the heart of man and woman – become – divine,
that the sages and teachers of old considered this to be the achievement of GLORY
and of the KINGDOM, the goal finally arrived.

So we come before you at this anointing – OM SHUM SHALOM OM, THE ABODE OF

Enter now into the PEACE AND LOVE OF THE HEART.
Experience the BEING, the essence, of that which you are.
Accept fully your birthright of GOD-ON-EARTH.
and that the next step carries you forward into the Realm of Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

The sleep of illusion is broken at last.
We enter this “new reality” with you, for you know now that the illusion “of becoming” has become the reality of BEING AWAKE.

In the land of the sleepers, walk softly lest you disturb the sleep of those still dreaming. Understand that the radiance of your own awakened consciousness will surely warm and embrace the sleepers into their own awakening.

This is DOING through BEING, the effortless TAO.
The MASTERS, of what you know on your planet as ZEN,
used this AWAKENING as the measure of tolerance . .

Day 10, 10th Angel Message

As God-man and God-woman, we approach you at this time OM MANI PADME HUM¬ – We approach you in the sacredness of BEING, in the Holiness of TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS. WE ARE ONE.

That which has transpired in your consciousness before this can be likened to the prenatal and birthing period of development. Now you have become fully formed as the DIVINE BEING that your teacher, Jesus, spoke of when he said, “You must be born again.” (John 3:3)

In the silence of this moment, in the stillness, the fullness of BEING is experienced as fact, as Truth, as I AM.

Pause now and consider what this feels like.

Become familiar with this new state of BEING, this Essence of I AM. Go within and yet be aware that that which you feel within you is also all around you in the manifest world.

Heaven is here on earth wherever you are!
Heaven WILL MANIFEST to your awareness.
Like a light that transforms the darkness into colors and shapes and forms, so the truth of your being will illuminate the Divine wherever you look.

We are with you now.
We look with you as you see the splendor.
We are with you as you walk forth on your journey through your manifest SELF.
Centered in your unmanifest SELF, the I AM THAT I AM (Ex 3:14), the manifest SELF shimmers and sparkles all around you.

“But God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, love, joy and a
sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1-7)

¬ OM MANI PADME HUM Sanscrit meaning “See, GOD is everything!”

Day 11, 11th Angel Message

This is the beginning of your “ministry” as a son or daughter of GOD. All before this was preparation.

The earth awaits with baited breath the footsteps of GOD made flesh.
The whole earth is the stage.
The actions of God-Man and God-Woman are the lyrics.
The fruit is beauty, love, joy, gratitude.
Oh splendor!

At this point your awareness begins to experience the Power and the Glory of what your scriptures promised you, in whatever language or religion. At this point you are the fulfillment of all promises made by God-Man and God-Woman of old.

AWAKE, ARISE, open your eyes from your slumber.
Behold the day is brighter than your dreams
and reality unfolds more beautifully than your grandest dreams.
You are awake, Oh man, Oh woman.
Prepare for the feast and the splendor.
Awakened now, you taste the fruits of the tree of life.
Listen, oh man, oh woman, fill your ears with the music of the spheres.
Hark to the music of the forests, the waters, the rustling grasses.
Happy the voices of creatures, peaceful the sigh of the mountains.
Awake and walk among splendors and majesties.
You are home.
“For, unto you, I give dominion over the Kingdom.” (Psalms 8:16)
Arise and go home, oh man, oh woman, for home you are indeed.

Om, Om, Om.

Go forth in splendor, OM.

Day 12, 12th Angel Message

Dearly Beloved,
When in walking upon the Earth as God-man or God-woman; the eyes will behold,
the ears hear unceasing testimonials of gratitude directed toward ONE’S SELF.

The irony, the paradox, it that ONE’S SELF is not identified with the body temple or the personality there in, but with the ALL-THAT-IS.

So God-man, God-woman, upon hearing this praise, understands it as the ONE BEING giving thanks to ITSELF.

It is this insight which has given rise to the phenomenal syllable that you know of as AUM or OM.

This is the sound of God giving thanks to ITSELF.
OM MANI PADME OM. (Translated to “See God in Everything”].

This is the stage where HEAVEN is embraced by the worlds of form, where Spirit is received by matter.

God-man and God-woman are the step-down transformers from the realms of spirit to the realms of form.

The Angels are but the step-down transformers of God-man’s and God-woman’s will in spirit to the worlds of form. To be more explicit, as God people create a thought, or have a desire, the Angels take it and actually bring it about.

The Angels make it happen!

So now you see why it is so important that humankind and Angels get to know each other! It is similar to the right hand knowing and working in conjunction with the left hand.

We rejoice in our growing awareness of each other!
The heavens resound with joy and ecstasy at this development!
You ask how heaven will manifest on earth?
You wonder how it will come about?

Day 13, 13th Angel Message

The establishment of God’s Kingdom comes with the interaction of the Awakened- GOD-PERSON with the sacred spiritual , mental, emotional, and material levels of reality.

This is the automatic and spontaneous result.
It is the effect of THE CAUSE.


Therefore, we ask again, in a repetitive way like the repeating of waves crashing upon the shore, that if there is healing that you seek, be it spiritual, mental, emotional, and/or physical, that you ASK FOR IT!

Go within.SUMMON forth the consciousness of God by whatever name or names you know and ASK for what you NEED.

We, the Angels, will be the messengers for the request as well as the reply or response, for truly we are a part of God even as we are a part of YOU. WE ARE ALL PART OF THE BODY OF GOD.

Now, again we return to the contemplation of the AWAKENED PERSON INTERACTING WITH THE WORLD OF FORM.

We say unto you, such is the establishment of The KINGDOM OF GOD. This plane of form is but a three dimensional canvas upon which people paint. The painting reflects their consciousness.

When there is the LOVE that comes from the consciousness of UNITY, the painting is beautiful. Every detail of the canvas is filled with love. It is there for all to see and feel. Even those who are not yet awakened will see and feel the beauty. It is this phenomenon which has led to the institution of GURUS and TEACHERS in your world.

The unawakened, those in pain, witness the beauty and love that surrounds an awakened GOD-PERSON and they flock around in order to bask in the radiance of BEAUTY, and even perhaps to learn.

So it is at this stage in the development of GOD-IN-MAN and GOD-IN-WOMAN that God – Man and God-Woman spontaneously become the TEACHERS.

Know also, that God and the Angels will never do anything to harm any part of the One Being. Therefore, whatever you ask, ask that it be done in a way that it is for the highest good of all concerned. This removes all obstacles.

Speak , then, the Law of One.
This Law is the Original Law of All Universes.
It is written upon the very fabric of the soul of all beings.
All other laws come from it, and when invoked,
It overrides all lessor laws.

We are all One
When One is Harmed, All are Harmed
When One is Helped, All are Healed
Therefore in the name of
Who I Am
One with All, Omnipresent, Omnipotent,
Omniscient and All Loving
One with All the Masters, Saints and Prophets,
with All Beings and the Christ
I ask that only that which is
the highest good of all concerned
happen here:
I ask for the greatest Beauty on the physical plane,
The greatest Joy and Love on the emotional plane
The greatest Illumination and Wisdom on the mental plane
And the greatest Unity on the spiritual plane.
Now I give thanks that this is done.

Day 14, 14th Angel Message

DELIGHTED are we to again share time with you in thought and feeling. We are here to explain how it is, that when God-man and God-woman discover themselves in the PLACE OF TEACHING, that great CREATIVITY must spring forth in order to reach each and everyone that comes before them to be uplifted.

It is in this place, THE PLACE OF TEACHING, that the ability to “link up” with the creative and all- knowing aspect of UNIVERSAL MIND develops. It is discovered by the TEACHERS that teaching is possible, but it is often a delicate and tricky job, requiring the utmost skill and attention, for it is GOD Awakened teaching GOD Asleep.

It is awakened man and woman reaching out to man and woman in-process of awakening. Truthfully it is, that those seeking the TEACHER are still dreaming. Although it is true that they are aware of dreaming, in this awareness, known in your terms as “lucid dreaming,” they struggle to awake.

But the dream is strong. Sleep holds them dearly and the TEACHER appears in their dream as an exciting and encouraging archetype. The dreamer sees the TEACHER as a separate entity from self, just as the dreamer sees God as separate from self. The dreamer usually perceives the TEACHER and GOD as being one in consciousness.

This awareness triggers an intense longing for UNITY with GOD also. This longing grows and as a result, certain biochemical changes occur in the sleeping person’s body temple.

At some point, as the intensity of longing for the “awakeness” of union with GOD increases, the body temple will indeed “awake”, just as it does in the “normal” sleep that you experience in your everyday material world when it is time for you to awake.

So the TEACHER must uplift the awakening person through LOVE and CREATIVITY,
increasing their desire for TRUTH – even while they are dreaming the DREAM of separation.

Day 15, 15th Angel Message


As God-man and God-woman proceed on their path as TEACHERS, an amazing development happens!

First of all, other TEACHERS respond to their vibratory rate and begin to show up as new acquaintances and friends. Because of their mutual awareness of UNITY, a group “essence” or group mind/heart is formed, thereby creating a circle of power known as “a group entity.” This is the formation of what you might call A SPIRITUAL FAMILY.

The ripple-effect of this family is so powerful in it’s effect on awakening others that it is likened by us to turning on a powerful light in the darkness of a sleeping person or persons, thereby greatly increasing the likelihood of their awakening.

As this family grows in LOVE and INTENSITY, still other TEACHERS are attracted until the effect is like a mighty TRUMPET!

Try sleeping through that!

The GROUP MIND/HEART that is formed is one of experiencing knowing, being and love. Even though words are used sometimes, the real essence of consciousness is more profound than mere thoughts or mere feelings; it goes much deeper.

This level of consciousness is spiritual and it merges with thoughts, feelings, and the physical temples. This causes a mutation of thoughts, feelings and bodies. This mutation is called the transfiguration. This is similar to an organ being formed in a physical body.

The Spiritual Family becomes a functioning organ within the BODY OF THE ALL or as you t have said in one of your religions – WITHIN THE BODY OF THE CHRIST.

Day 16, 16th Angel Message

Beloved! We are delighted to see you here with us again! We laugh for it is our joy to interact on a steady rhythm with you in consciousness. So be it.

Today we speak of you and of God people as Wise and as the Beings of Great Enlightenment. After the GOD-Family has experienced itself for a little while, GREAT WISDOM begins to form in the awareness of each one as their own little pools of experience and insight break banks and merge with the other’s pools of experience and insight.

What we are pointing out here is that each individual mind now has access to and permission to enter into the minds of each and everyone in the SPIRITUAL FAMILY.

It is a paradox, as well, that the minds of the sleeping ones, the unawakened ones, are also available and open to GOD-MEN and GOD-WOMEN.

The irony is that often these sleeping, dreaming minds are so full of fear and confusion that the AWAKENED ones are more than ever focusing on TRUTH, LOVE, LIGHT, THE ALL THAT IS, in order to purify and awaken these darkened minds.

We Angels help in this process.

Getting back to the preceding comments on EVER GROWING WISDOM, we also wish to add that there is also EVER GROWING POWER and EVER GROWING LOVE available to the members of the SPIRITUAL FAMILY. As a snowball grows as it rolls downhill, so too does the WISDOM, LOVE and POWER of the GROUP ENTITY known as a SPIRITUAL FAMILY of GOD.

This causes ever greater and greater changes in the worlds of form. It is like a bright sun beginning to grow and shine in the darkness. At a certain point, it will ignite and a mass conscious awakening will take place.

This is known in your prophecies as the second coming of Christ.

Day 17, 17th Angel Message

Dearly Beloved, how beautiful, how sweet, our blessed time together! How the bountiful beings of the heavenly realms flock to listen in! Ordained it was, in prophecies of old, that in the latter days MEN and WOMEN would TALK with ANGELS!

HARK! How sweet it is!

Again, we reach back to our 8th message in which the phenomenon of abundance: abundance of LOVE, of TRUTH, of BEAUTY, of WEALTH was explained. The same thing happens here at this level with the group entity, or spiritual family.


So it is at this level that the energy grows and grows, opening like a complete flower and expanding exponentially. In the past, groups of people have come together to form such a spiritual family.

However, the effects of emotional wounding from traumatic experiences-usually from childhood, would often result in selfishness, neurosis, jealousy, or other destructive behaviors that would often dilute or pollute the group mind.

Even though these problems still exist, it is now ordained that their healing and cleansing be provided for completely.

So it is that in the next few years of your time greater and greater modalities of healing on all levels, especially the emotional, will operate, for ever greater numbers of people. It will be breathtaking in scope and effectiveness. Your media will be full of the reporting of it.

We love you.
Call on us for healing and wholeness.
It is our mission to offer help and assistance in whatever area you call for.
Om, Om, Om, Om, Om, Om

Day 18, 18th Angel Message

Beloved, today we speak once again of initiation. Once again, the situation of SPIRITUAL FAMILY, GROUP MIND has reached the point of merging with a greater WHOLE. It is becoming yet more aware of greater dimensions of GOD’S AWARENESS.

It is at this stage of consciousness that the gifts of clairvoyance, telepathy, clairsentience, and others begins to open up interaction with, and reunion with, beings of other frequency vibrations, other worlds, other dimensions. It is as if, all of a sudden, what once appeared as one reality takes on the appearances of endless varieties of realities.

Here is where the HEAVENS OPEN UP. Here the MANY MANSIONS that form the creative outpourings of INFINITE MIND begin to come into focus.

Truly, it is at this point that the MINDS of God-man and God-woman expand to the point that words have not the ability to describe.

Here again – the word INFINITE begins to take on profound meanings. With the greater opening of the mind comes also the greater opening of the HEART.

Oh! The throbbing HEART of God!
How JOYFUL the movement there of!

Is there any wonder then, OH MAN that the JOY is greater than can be contained?
We share with you this joy, this WONDER, this mighty force of feeling which sounds as a mighty OCEAN to the ears of God-Man and God-Woman. 0h come with us as we travel on this journey back to the mind and heart of God-Being. OH! COME!

Day 19, 19th Angel Message

Dearly beloved, Angel hosts are gathered about you at this time. There are multitudes in ever widening circles of power, consciousness, and beauty.

Again, there is the STILLNESS, again, THE AWARENESS.

It is at this point in consciousness that the state of PURE BEING comes. There is no activity except that of JUST BEING TOGETHER. WE ARE THE MANY in appearance who are yet the ONE in CONSCIOUSNESS.

This is a very powerful experience, and it is from this point of NO ACTIVITY, of complete STOPPING AND BEING, that all else will come.

This stillness, called by the Buddhists of your planet, THE VOID, called by the others THE PRESENCE, yet by others the CENTER, is a larger octave of what your bible referred to as “the still small voice”. (1 Kings 19:12-13) At this stage it is not small, nor is it only a voice, it is the CENTER OF THE BEING OF GOD; it is a greater octave of the experience of the I AM.

Ho! And, yes it is good.
This is the center of Being!
Welcome home, all ye Beings and CREATURES of God!
Welcome to that which IS
the foundation and TRUTH OF BEING!

This experience will be yet greater, yet deeper and more centered at the 28th level. However, it is at this point, the 19th level, that the physical TEMPLE is flooded with the neuropeptides (internally secreted chemical essences) that create a certain luminosity or a feeling of THE SUBLIME that will never completely go away. It is there for the duration, and even though storms again come and go in the sea of consciousness, this awareness is finally and firmly rooted in the deepest parts of peace and trust.

This 19th level is the state of “Delta Brain Waves”, 0 to 4 oscillations per second of brain electrical activity. This is the state of pure being without doing.

Day 20, 20th Angel Message

Good Morning, Beloved! A new day arises now. Following the state of PURE BEING, (THE STILLNESS, THE VOID, THE CENTER, THE PRESENCE, THE I AM) an amazing thing begins to happen. The feminine aspect, The DIVINE MOTHER, the Goddess Principle receives the essence of the I AM and again, like the ripples on the pond, the effects of The I AM begin to spread and grow. The I AM is embraced and nurtured by the DIVINE FEMININE RECEPTIVE aspect of God.

The Light shines into the Darkness.
The Darkness embraces the Light.
Holy indeed is this birthing process.
Holy is the nurturing of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS.
Within the womb of The Divine Mother aspect of Infinite Mind,
the Light spreads and spreads and spreads.
Expanding almost unto infinity,
whole new universes are created.
Within the Mother-Feminine essence these universes are nurtured, protected,
and enabled to grow.


Day 21, 21st Angel Message

As the nurturing Mother principle of the ALL THAT IS allows the light to grow,
more Beings experience growth in consciousness. This allows the cycle to begin again.

Beings become conscious of ALL THAT IS, of BEING ONE with ALL THAT IS, shinning the LIGHT of THEIR AWARENESS. This causes other BEINGS TO SEE THE LIGHT and become AWARE ALSO!

How Beautiful! This is how the Mother Principle causes the Father principle, which in turn causes the Mother Principle and on and on. This is the meaning of YIN turning into YANG, which turns again into yin, over and over, in your ORIENTAL RELIGIONS.

It’s happening constantly in all levels of being from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. HALLELUJAH, this is the SOURCE of what you know as PRAISE!

So we return again to our message.

When you ASK for something and we help it to manifest, be it on the spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical planes or all four, then changes happen which create a never ending chain of events that stretch out into all eternity.

This is the source of AWE!
This is also POWER.

Do you wonder why your Bible and Torah state that man is created in the IMAGE OF GOD?


Day 22, 22nd Angel Message

This time in your development, you have become a master in the realms of form. We wish to explain this simply. By staying focused on PURE BEING and the holiness of UNITY, not separation, by establishing a family of like minded individuals, you have become part of the vortex of spiraling energy known as THE LIGHT RAY OF MANIFEST LOVE AND ONENESS.

This is a movement of intelligence from within all form, all life, to create and recreate itself in ever greater and more perfect ways of beauty, truth, and loveliness.

The paradox, in terms of your mind, is that it is absolutely effortless. It comes about in much the same manner as breathing or walking or any of the other activities that you perform without thought or effort.

It comes about by and of itself and is an effect of the state of your awareness.

Ho and so this awareness takes on form.
So! You are enthroned as Kings and Queens and Masters of your spheres of existence!
So we ask you to vibrate with this knowledge.

Whenever your awareness becomes aware of a greater beauty that could manifest on the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical planes, go within.

Become aware of TRUTH;
ask for this greater beauty to manifest.
Know that this asking is the DOING,
all the rest FOLLOWS this.

This is deeply significant. What we Angels are saying here is that the simple act of asking for the highest beauty sets in motion the forces and activities to bring it about. Remember that this must be done with simple childlike faith, understanding, and conviction, knowing that we, the Angels, are acting to out-manifest your requests.

Day 23, 23rd Angel Message

This is the sacred level that heralds the arrival of God-Man and God-Woman. This is the actual state of BEING that was intended in the beginning of time in the original DIVINE PLAN.

It is at this stage that HEAVEN ON EARTH,
This is the GARDEN OF EDEN.

Creativity is the rule of purpose each day.
Receptivity to the ONE BEING – THE ALL THAT IS – is open and clear.

In the golden AGE OF MAN-WOMAN, the vibratory level of 23 will be the normal level of awareness. At this time, the interaction between Angels and Man-woman is as natural as breathing. How wonderful it is!

The longing of each heart, the desire of every soul is for this STATE OF BEING. The purpose of all evolution is to arrive at this experience.

Enter into the stillness.
Ask to experience – to know – this state.
Ask us, the Angels, to hasten it’s arrival.
We await your commands!

It is at this stage of being that the Divine encodement of the 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human gene are fully activated. Ever lasting life, the over coming of death is finally accomplished. You may ask if this will be accomplished in you today as you complete this 23rd lesson, day or level.

The attainment of this level is a process. It is one that is carried out by changing your way of living, by embracing these principles, and by practicing each of these messages time and time again, cycle after cycle.

Day 24, 24th Angel Message

Receive and give, sow and reap, the ripples go out and out, in a beautiful harmonic of musical frequencies.

Now is the full choir of the FAMILY OF GOD-MAN and GOD-WOMAN manifesting, filling the infinite universes with SONG and PEACE and BEAUTY and FULFILLMENT.

Close your eyes.
Quietly now,
go within.
Quiet your thoughts!
Intend to feel the SILENCE.
BE! The Divine Receptive Feminine Principle.
Receive and experience the ANGELIC CHOIR OF JOY!

Take the time to find a restful hillside somewhere. Do whatever is easy for you to do in order to spend some time QUIETLY and WITHIN yourself.

Breathe deeply.
Allow yourself to feel the INTELLIGENCE encoded in the rays of the sun.
Allow yourself to send back thoughts and feelings to the sun, the earth, to THE ALL THAT is. Do not deny yourself these times of communication with SPIRIT. It is the most important part of your life.

Go within.
Ask to experience the BEING OF GOD.
We Love you.

In your ancient teachings, It is taught that the sun is the physical body of an Archangel whose mission is to sustain the life on earth. Every day a new spiritual message is sent on sun rays and is received by your ethereal selves regardless if it is cloudy or bright.

Looking into the sun at sunrise and sunset, your eyes, the only exposed nerve in your body, the optic nerve, receives these information codes, and the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, connected to this nerve, respond in kind.

Learn to feel these messages consciously in order to help speed the understanding and application of these sun light messages.

There are choirs of angels who greet the dawn of each day,
And the beginning of each night.
Look at the sun at sunrise or sunset,
allow the eyes to look directly at the sun in oneness,
in communion with the Solar ArchAngel.

Day 25, 25th Angel Message

Beloved, Now that you are in complete receptivity of THE ALL-THAT-IS, and you have perfected the flow of energy that is SPONTANEOUS DIVINE CREATIVITY, you have a DIVINE FAMILY all around you.

The next outpouring of energy is that of the most PROFOUND WISDOM.

At this stage, all seven chakras are resplendent in their color and brilliance. We take the opportunity to describe these glowing spiraling energies briefly.

The first chakra, a brilliant hue of ruby red, is supreme happiness and abundance and health in the world of form..

The second chakra, scintillating shades of fiery orange, is the ability to relate in sacredness and intimacy with other expressions of God in form.

The third chakra, gold and yellow like the shining sun, is the perfection of the personal will in attunement with the ALL-THAT-IS.

The fourth chakra, endless varieties of emerald green, is the OCEAN of DIVINE LOVE and the ENDLESS FLOWING JOY of the emotional nature.

The fifth chakra, infinite sapphire blue, is the doorway of unlimited creativity and the ability to manifest the qualities of the ONE BEING.

The sixth chakra, deepest shades of indigo blue, is the infinite space of ALL WISDOM and perception.

The seventh chakra, shades of flaming violet and purple, is the merging with the almighty connection with the ALL-THAT-IS.

These are the seven candlesticks that appear in symbolic form in many religions in many worlds.

This is the Holy of Holies manifest equally in its manifest and unmanifest expressions.

In sacredness we share with you the intensity of SILENCE,
We join with you in the Temple of Holiness.

Visualize and see the colors swirling around your being at the places where the encircling bands of the chakra energy reside.

The first chakra, beautiful and pure Ruby Red,
is glowing around your lower body at the base of your spine .
The second chakra, blazing shades of Orange,
Shine forth from your body below your navel;
The third chakra, Sunlight Yellow,
Shines like a sun from your solar plexus;
The fourth chakra, endless shades of Emerald Green,
Flows like an ocean in your heart;
The fifth chakra,infinite sapphire Blues,
Emerges in your throat;
The sixth chakra, Deep and endless Indigo Blues;
Forming an infinite space within your forehead;
The seventh chakra, an upreaching Violet flame,
at the crown of your head merging with the infinite Being of God.

Day 26, 26th Angel Message

Dearest beloved of God, we hold you in the Living Flame of Divine Love.

Abundance is the vibration that you are now in.
Abundance for you and for everyone,
all are prospered in love,
in beauty, in truth, in plenty.

The universe supports and reflects you and the Truth of Being that flows
through you. We are, as always, ONE.

Therefore, we are all experiencing the escalation of joy and awareness in the vibration that we are now in together. It is together that we have reached this point and it is together that we will continue on.

The time of harvesting is now. The seeds carefully planted and nurtured in the bosom of the Divine are come into full growth. WE ARE ONE.

In ripples going out into eternity in harmony, the effects of this on the entire BEING OF GOD go on and on.

We call to your remembrance now the TRUTH that JOY is the BEING OF GOD on the earthly plane. Joy, it is, that was predestined to burn brightly in the TEMPLES that you call your earthly bodies. “But God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, love, joy and a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

With this frequency of joy, death is proven to be an illusion and the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is ushered in, completely manifest on earth.

OM Shalom

Day 27, 27th Angel Message

Again we celebrate! The point of initiation once again has been obtained in your consciousness, causing once again a chemical change of permanent nature to occur in your body TEMPLE.

Welcome to the Holy of Holies
once again on a larger and more far-reaching spiral!
The saturation point is reached.
We enter a gateway now.
We enter in approaching the still point,
this new level of THE PURE BEING OF SILENCE.

This doorway is likened unto that point of a swinging pendulum when the maximum arch has been reached and it is the moment before it begins to turn and swing in the opposite direction.

We say to you oh bringers of God’s Heavens, that this is but the in-breathing and the out-breathing of the divine rhythm.

This 27th stage of your journey is the process of saturation and of filling completely. It is an initiation. The next stage, the 28th, is the actual pause before activity begins again.

We honor you.
We walk hand in hand with you as you pass through this doorway.

Our energies combined with yours create symphonies of intertwining light patterns much in the nature of the braidedness of your DNA helix.

We love you.
We love you.
Thank you for coming on this journey with us as we guide our awakening consciousness into greater understanding of our combined shares of the NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE.

your Angels!

Day 28, 28th Angel Message

Beloved, we reach again the still point, the new Point, before yet a new beginning an ever larger spiral of life evolving.

This point is directly above the 19th level, which was above the l0th.

These are times of stillness, of the VOID, of the Silence, of the Presence.

As you can see, the cycles repeat themselves in terms of the I – 9, and the l0th,
which is the still point giving birth to the new impulse that begins another cycle.

Welcome to the mystery!
Welcome to the ebb and flow of THE DIVINE!

We leave you at this point as our future messages, at least for a while, will concern other things.

We love you.
We join our hearts with yours.
We await your requests for our interaction with you.
We are one with you.
We are one in the body of the OMNIPRESENT DIVINE.
We are one – We are one.

The cycles continue for eternity through levels unmentionable in numbers, each larger than the last, and yet the same.

Holy children of the Almighty Creator!

Author’s Note: This ends the 28 day cycle. The angels knew that soon I would be composing music from the sound current that would keep me from writing down angel messages until the summer of 2000, six years later. Click here for the messages that came in as important points that the angels wanted to Hurriedly address while I was still writing their messages following the 28 day cycle.

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