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by Shelly Stokes

“There is a spiritual sphere surrounding everyone, as well as a natural and corporeal one,” – Emanuel Swedenborg

Our bodies emanate radiations in a pulsating pattern that surrounds the physical entity like a glowing capsule. This is known as the Aura. Generally invisible to normal sight, these radiations can be seen by certain “sensitives”, and have indeed been photographed !

The Aura serves as a mirror of physical health, and therefore, all auras – like all people – differ. This differential is in color, not shape, and researchers believe that varying auric colors reflect specific characteristics of the people they surround.

The human aura reveals itself as a pulsating light around the body, and it seems to be particularly around the head and shoulder area where it tends to make a persons features appear more alive.

Seeing your own aura …

Do not have bright lights on … or be in total darkness… a soft light from the hallway or a little light from the window is okay. Sit facing a mirror that reflects a bare wall background behind you. Relax your mind and body and look into the mirror and fix your gaze on the center of your forehead. After only a minute or two, auric colors should surround your head. Then let your gaze drop to just below the chin and around the throat area. By this time the aura should be visable around the head, neck and shoulders. Gradually bring your focus back to your forehead, and the true auric colors should begin to project into a wider band around your form, enabling you to distinguish various other auric shades. Notice the deep shades coming away from the shoulder area of your body, and also those that emanate from the very top of your head.

Each Auric Field has three layers:

(1) the deep inner band close to your body
(2) the middle or mist layer,
(3) the outer layer that fades into the invisable rays that surround everything.

Red represents high emotions. This would include, love, anger, even indicate a personality type.

Yellow indicates intellect, or can relate to your job, or a project in the works. You can see in the 2nd photo all the yellow. He had just completed an important project with his work. He was still in high gear!

Blue indicates closeness to Spirit. The deeper the blue, the closer you are being drawn to Spirit.

Green indicates healing abilities or good health in yourself.

White indicates personal energy

Violet/Purple can indicate psychic abilities, spiritual sensitivities

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