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Animal Totems and Guides

Animal Totems and Guides

By Gina

Did you know that each human being has nine animal totems that represent their special talents and skills that were brought into this life experience or Earth Walk. I personally have always felt a kinship with wolves, but there are many other animal friends that I feel are a part of me. The hawk, the owl, the crow for starters. Each one of these creatures brings into my life a special skill or attribute that I carry with me. From the wolf, I am given the gift of being a teacher. From the hawk and the crow I receive the ability to receive messages from Spirit. The owl brings me the ability to see through the darkness, sort of speak, through the veil, to see things that others do not. These are the most prominent totem animals for me, but there are others as well. The lizard brings me the ability to use my dreams and love of illusion to create my visionary art. The deer helps me to be loving, kind, and gentle.

When you are in tune with your totem animals you can receive messages from them to help you as you Walk the Path here on Mother Earth. Native American belief states when you are incarnated here for the Earth Walk you have seven directions surrounding your physical body. These directions would be East, West, South, North, Above, Below, and Within. The direction called Within exists within you and around you since you have an entire universe inside your consciousness. (More on that in future articles.) Each one of these seven directions has a corresponding totem animal that you have been blessed with to aid you in your Earth Walk by teaching you the lessons each one of the directions brings. There are two other totem animals that walk with you, one is on your right side and the other is on your left side.


Your totem animal in the East guides you to your greatest spiritual challenges and guards you while you are on that path of illumination.

Your totem animal in the West leads you to your personal truth. He helps you find the answers you already have buried deep within.

Your totem animal in the South brings you trust, balance, and innocence. He protects your inner child.

Your totem animal in the North is very wise. He helps you to discern when to listen and when to speak. He also reminds you of all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you.

Your totem animal from Above connects you to the Great Star Nation, the Universe, and reminds you that you came from the stars and so shall return someday. This totem also brings you the dreams you experience in the Dream Time, helping you connect to other dimensions other than just this one.

Your totem animal from Below brings lessons about Mother Earth and how to stay grounded and balanced while here in the Earth Walk.

Your totem animal from Within brings you your heart’s desire and gives you the strength to be true to your dreams and Walk your Talk.

Your totem animal on your Right Side protects you like a father. He is your protector as well as the one who gives you your courage and spirit to fight when necessary.

Your totem animal on your Left Side protects you like a mother. He teaches nurturing yourself as well as others. He teaches how to experience and have loving relationships.

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When you find which are your totem animals, it is then that you might start to feel a great “connection” or “knowing” that one in particular has a stronger influence than the others.


Eagle: The Power of the Great Spirit
Hawk: Messenger of the Gods
Elk: Brotherhood and Sisterhood
Deer: The Gentleness of Spirit
Bear: The Power of Introspection
Snake: The Power of Creation
Skunk: The Power of Respect
Otter: The Power of Women
Butterfly: The Power of Transformation
Turtle: The Great Mother
Moose: The Power of the Elders
Porcupine: The Power of Innocence
Coyote: The Great Trickster
Dog: The Power of Loyalty
Wolf: The Power of the Teacher
Raven: The Power of Magick
Mountain Lion: The Power of Leadership
Lynx: The Keeper of Secrets
Buffalo: The Great Spirit
Mouse: The Power of Scrutiny
Owl: The Power of Illumination
Beaver: The Power of Unity
Opossum: The Power of Diversion
Crow: Keeper of Sacred Law
Fox: The Power of the Unseen
Squirrel: The Gatherer
Dragonfly: The Art of Illusion
Armadillo: The Power of Boundaries
Badger: The Power of Aggression
Rabbit: The Fear Caller
Turkey: The Give-Away
Ant: The Power of Patience
Weasel: The Power of Observation
Grouse: The Sacred Spiral
Horse: The Gift of Power
Lizard: The Power of Dreams
Antelope: The Power of Action
Frog: The Power of Water
Swan: The Power of Grace
Dolphin: Sacred Breath of Life
Whale: The Record Keeper
Bat: The Power of Rebirth
Spider: Weaver of Fate
Hummingbird: The Power of Joy

© Gina Eaker 2003 – All Rights Reserved

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