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About Fate, Karma and Destiny

About Fate, Karma and Destiny

Do you believe that Fate has had a hand in your life? Are we destined to follow a certain path in life? How do the concepts of Fate, Destiny and Karma fit with a belief in Free Will?

The answers vary from psychic to psychic, school to school, but there are some common themes… We live in the midst of a Divine Paradox…. we have free will and Karma, Fate, and Destiny each may play a role in our lives at one time or another… Still, it’s up to us how we handle it.

Fate in the end is about staying on purpose!!!

I was reading the articles on fate destiny and karma and I thought I would share my insights on fate. I have had many things happen in my life that are too amazing for mere coincidence. I believe fate is a tool of God to help us fulfill our destiny/or work out our karma lessons.

Situations are put in our path with purpose and it is up to us (our free will) if we are to take that opportunity or not. I guess fate could be considered Divine Intervention. we, however still have the free will to go with it or not. Fate is the force that puts you in a particular place at a particular time to help with your soul’s evolution. Some times it is a painful, hard lesson to be learned and sometimes it is positive and joyous. Either way you grow. Laralyn Floyd

What is the difference between Fate, Destiny and Karma?

They all sound the same, but intuitively I feel as if they are different. For example, in a recent reading Dr. DeStefano did for me she referred to something called my Karmic Destiny. I have an idea of what she meant by this, but I am not absolutely sure. From my understanding, Karma is that which comes back to you based on what you put out there. I believe the Universe is very fair and just. Who you are, how much you put into things, what you expect in return, what you need, what you want, all interconnect strongly with who you become, how much you get out from things, what you get and what you don’t get because you don’t deserve. Fate is changeable because Fate is just one possible outcome out of many possible outcomes in the experiences of any life or soul. By the way, Fate has a lot to do with Time Travel theories and contradictions, but that’s a tangent. Destiny, on the other hand, is not that changeable because it’s the soul’s final DESTination i.e., DESTiny. So, according to me, Karmic Destiny is the strongest of all Fates because it is what you are gearing your life to be, or rather, what your life is meant to gear to become. Is this even close or am I way off? K.D.

Global Psychics responds: Your definition of karma and ‘destiny’ are close to what we believe to be true – karma is the leftover energy, belief systems and attitudes that one carries around in their spaces – karma in a sense is the accounting for our choices from our previous lifetimes and from this… the important thing to remember is that since karma is about choices, it also leaves us room to make to same choices – both the good and bad, over and over again… until we get it right… karma is about the lessons our soul must learn, and has learned… destiny, to me, is a little bigger in that it speaks to our life’s purpose – the karma is what we have to deal with along the way… and when we refer to our karmic destiny, we are referring to the choices we have made in this lifetime to clear, or follow through on karma accumulated in past lifetimes – but the soul’s destiny maybe something larger than the karma itself… hope you get what I am meaning here. Karma influences the destiny and has a bearing on our ability to achieve our destiny, but is not necessarily the end result – although it is what we will carry over into the next from achieving – or not – the destiny in this… Fate is a word I tend to avoid – those who believe in fate typically adhere to a religious philosophy in which the outcomes are all predetermined. I believe more that we have a choice and can change our destiny and our karma, and that very little is actually “fated”… those who accept that life is fated to be have given up responsibility for their choices in life, have allowed themselves to be victims of life or God… or themselves.

I think if we check Webster, we’d find that fate and destiny are synonymous, so what I have spoken of here is more an “energetic’ interpretation based on common usage within the spiritual community now…

More Notes on Destiny

PLEASE HELP ME find out answers to these questions about Destiny!! Thanks, Elisha Maye

Dear Elisha, Before I respond to your individual questions, I’d like to comment generally… the comments made by our team represent a set of beliefs or opinions, ‘divined’ if you will, by the individuals who sent them, from their own experience and training… at the end of the day, you will have to come to your own conclusions about questions like destiny… and like most of us, you’ll probably find your beliefs will evolve as you participate more and more in life – and learn more about yourself and how the world works… so, while we have answered from our own experience, I’d suggest that you keep the question of what is destiny in your mind over your lifetime – and allow yourself to come to a decision about it – and your own destiny – for yourself… here are some insights from me and three others on our team to help you get started on making up your mind…

If DESTINY occurs after life exists, how do we determine what our DESTINY will be?

Geri: DESTINY: this is a big one. . . if we subscribe to the notion that there is someone or something that determines our destiny, lives etc. . . .then we’re making an assumption that there is no such thing as free will. NOW. . .I’d like to subscribe to the notion that we all live in a FREE WILL UNIVERSE. We are only limited by our own minds. I believe that we ARE part of GOD. . . .all of us. . .perhaps we’ve forgotten that. . .separated ourselves from God through fear. . .guilt. . . .negativity. . . .but I think ultimately, WE ARE part of GOD. . . .and that God can work through us. . .if we would just get out of the way!! It’s interesting to note that the word “personality” comes from the Latin root: personare. . . .meaning to sound through. The sentiment being: it is the vibration of God sounding through us. . . .!! Nice HUH? Even our language tries to leave us clues as to the true nature of our reality!!

SO. . .if we are a part of God. . .then we have the ability to create, heal. . . love. . . .everything and anything. . .We are creating our reality. . . .and we a responsible for the outcome. Destiny, per se, is a manmade construct that, if we look back in history, was designed to keep humankind oppressed and hopeless. Not self-determined. Think about it . . . .if all of humankind decided in one day that as individuals we are all responsible for the world we’re creating. . . .that we all have the ability to determine the exact direction of our growth and existence. . . .it would put a lot of authority figures in our society out of a job!! This is one possible view of how things might work: I have this sense (some of this comes from a Near Death Experience I had in 1971) that our souls, our consciousness never dies or is lost. Our physical bodies are born, grow and eventually die. . . .but the subtle, indestructible energies. . . .live on. . .life after life. . . . .

Between lives. . . .we are afforded the “overview” of our past and future existences. . . .we are in the inquiry of: what is it that I need to best advance the growth of my soul? What experiences. . . .parents. . .body type. . .gender. . . .brothers and sisters. . . . .geographic locale. . . or lack of. . . .disease, handicap, illness, accident?. . . . . .relationships. . .? children?. . . . . . .WE choose with the help of our guides/guardian angels/soulmates. . . . .the exact right possibilities to assist us in this growth. . . .and even then. . . .we STILL have free will. . . .we are always left with the choice of which way to go. . . .And why all of this? Good question!! Some feel it’s because our souls need the challenges of this plane of existence in order to grow. . . and we need to grow. . . so that we can become one with God. . . .again. . . .and in that process. . .we have the potential to create. . . .Love. . . .and healing , compassion and loving kindness for all sentient beings on this plane of existence. . . .we will all be united with Source. . .once again. . . .when ALL of us have reached that completed level of consciousness and growth. . . . .

Mary-Anne I believe there is a confusion inherent in the idea of “destiny”. Many many people believe that “destiny” is the outcome – the result of a particular situation – the actual situation or circumstances one finds themselves in. However, I feel that destiny is the crossroads itself – that it is the point of choice – the opportunity to decide at a particular crossroads, decision or juncture in life and the choice itself is the destiny. What we do – the choice we make – is free will. You may very well be “destined” to meet somebody or “destined” to have that job offer, but again, what you do with it – how you choose around it is very much your choice. And your choice is not destined – it is free will in its truest form. The outcome is decided upon by “you”. Whatever choice is made will open up whatever avenue opens as a result of that choice. So what exactly is destiny then? I feel that destiny is a series of strong decisions the soul made before it got to this planet. I believe that we do choose to be “reborn” – for whatever reasons at whatever time. In that “spiritual planning stage”, I feel that we, as spirits in our own greater wisdom, know what the desire, purpose or intent of incarnating is and to that extent, will make some very strong “pre-life” choices and decisions as well as agreements with other souls, to have certain things happen so that choices can be made. I do not believe destiny is a “cast in stone” process – because that would completely defeat the purpose of being alive – of incarnating on the planet in the first place.

Cindilee: What is the process of initiation? Or what is “Destiny”? “The initiation associated with descending upon the earth plane is to not to be without guidance.” This guidance we receive is from the higher masters in the direction of our enlightenment and growth here each day we walk upon the earth mother. The masters see this descending or birth into our life as a period of growth. This applies regardless of the amount of time that one may have here. The collective or the masters choose the journey and the soul decides on the lessons to be learned here in the “earth school”. The collective has already decided on the level of difficulty or ease necessary to the soul’s growth. In our understanding the soul may experience difficult lessons and another soul may experience these same lessons but in an easier way. It all depends on what lessons are needed.

Danielle: Destiny, in my mind, in a sense is something that occurs before life exists and continues evolving through our lives- an outcome if you will, of having lived… let me explain…To me, destiny and fate are about karma, and karma is about the unresolved energy, the lessons and experiences that must be gained in future lives, the rewards and penalties accrued from the actions we take in our lives – whether in this world and life or in any other… destiny is about the decisions we have made before entering this life, the events and circumstances that we deliberately set up to help us along our path… so what I am saying here is that you are the primary decision-maker in your own destiny – whether you are conscious of it or not… yes, we are participants in a process of co-creation with a One that encompasses the All – and so to some extent, our destinies are shaped by the choices that all those around us are making…. but at the end of the day, we are the creators of our destinies, that is why God granted us all Free Will – the opportunity to choose our destiny is inherent in this right… so while God, our Guides, angels and ancestors, as well as our current family and friends all play a part in shaping our destiny, at the end of the day, each and every one of us must accept the responsibility for creating our own unique and specific destiny…

Do we have the ULTIMATE power over our DESTINY? Do we have any power over the direction of our DESTINY at all?

Mary-Anne: Do we have the ULTIMATE power over our DESTINY? Yes and no. I believe it’s a process of co-creation between the entity/spirit/soul itself and God (or the source of all that is). We have our ideas and God has the big picture in mind and between the “two of us” we figure it out. Do we have any power over the direction of our DESTINY at all? Absolutely – that is the point. The sense of “destiny” will move us into the proper place we need to be in order to have us use our free will and make a high choice or a low choice. Once again, destiny leads us smack dab in the middle of the field of free will or choice. Yes, we do have a sense of power over our destiny but remember that it is a combination of agreements and decisions made before we were born, in consult with God and/or other entities that lead us to an inevitable place – of choice.

Cindilee: Are we in control of our destiny? Can we change our course of growth? I believe to a point yes, we can decide how many times we need to repeat a lesson, or we may decide to put faith in the divine order and trust that there is a larger plan for each one of us. For those that do not know what to believe, I do know that I have been given a spark of the divine or my maker just as everyone else has. Just knowing that within me is a connection to this Almighty Force is enough for me to know that we all have a specific purpose in life. Sometimes we do doubt our ability to know but I also believe that we would never be forgotten amongst the woodwork of the world. We all have a place, we all have an inner knowing; we can each move forward with the faith and trust that all will be made clear to us when we are ready to know. Light and love, Cindilee

Danielle: In my belief system, yes we do have the ultimate power, in fact we have ALL the power over our destinies – why would God give us free will, just to keep overruling us? I see God as an infinitely loving, understanding and compassionate being, capable of integrating and accepting all of creation, all of our chosen destinies… the good with the bad, they are afterall, ONE… However, we participate in a process of cocreation, so we are influenced and effected by the destinies of others – and our destinies are infinitely intertwined with all those around us….our power comes from our ability to choose the way we respond to these influences…

Does our knowledge and beliefs on life and death determine our DESTINY?

Danielle: Our beliefs, our knowledge form the framework, the foundations and the background for our reality – if we don’t believe it, it won’t be, it’s just that simple… so yes, our beliefs indeed are at the root of our destinies- a very simple example… someone wants to be a doctor, but doesn’t believe they are smart enough to get through – you can bet your life they aren’t going to make it…. on the other hand, that same person may have chosen a destiny as a healer… and may decide that they at least have the smarts to get through a program in reflexology or some such… in an exaggerated situation, perhaps this same person fails at reflexology and adopts the belief that they are good for nothing, starts drinking and in a drunken stupor ends up killing themselves and three others… in every case, the beliefs shaped the destiny of the individual… but let’s also add this complication – let’s say that this person chose before they came into this world to do a great service to clear some old karma and that they would express this by working in some way as a healer…. whether the person became a doctor or a reflexologist doesn’t matter in terms of the bigger picture, so long as the person is following their destiny to be a healer, life should move along relatively smoothly for them… however, when the person in the third situation took a nose dive in life – their beliefs simply don’t support their destiny… at least apparently – they were basically taken out of the action… there is another way of looking at the third situation – some might say it was this person’s destiny to fail… and this could also be true – sometimes there are deeper choices, more important lessons to be gained, and these can come from some significant failure… in this case, the person would have achieved their destiny… or let’s say that the three other people who were killed were really bad dudes who had hurt a lot of other folks and were on their way to do more damage… again, the person who killed them has achieved their destiny of being a great healer, performing a great service… I hope you get what I am trying to explain here… our beliefs shape the way we express our destiny, and can support us – or not – in achieving our goals, clearing our karma or…

I believe in God so does this mean I go to Heaven or Hell?

Geri: I’ve always had a difficult time wrapping my head around the concept of heaven and hell. . . .because it infers a duality. . . .you know. . .opposites. . .heaven and hell. . .good and evil. . . .male and female. . . .black and white. . .and I think that part of the task is to find a place BEYOND the duality. . . .sort of a “field unification theory”. . . .where all things are connected, united. . . .without the duality. . . . I think that the concept of hell was designed to keep people “in place”. . . .instill people with the concept of guilt to keep behaviors modified. . . .and while we can well understand the apparent need for such concepts. . . .as mankind reaches the deeper levels in themselves. . . .I have this faith that what they will find. . .is a deep, abiding sense of Cosmic Law. . . . or, if you will. . . .the knowledge of God. . . .if we are united with God. . .and are part of God’s will. . .then. . .how could we ever hurt anyone?. . . .take life?. . . . .

Danielle: That depends on whether you also believe in heaven or hell….

Mary-Anne: Not that cut and dried. It depends on what you believe in to the extent that you get what you believe when you die. The concept of heaven and hell is subject of much discussion, not only among the religious conventions, but also among the “new age” community. Some believe there is no heaven and hell but rather the level your own consciousness is “at” – (based on your karma created through your choices in life). But no matter what the debate, I feel there are universal truths and fundamental universal laws, so to that end, no, I do not feel that our conscious knowledge and beliefs alone determine our destiny. After all, part of what we are doing here is to grow beyond some of our best held beliefs anyway.

Going back to my original thoughts – how do we know that someone was meant to be born atheist for some particular lessons around faith, for example. No, we cannot say one way or the other because we do not ever know all the conditions, points and purposes of any one life or another. Destiny and free will however still exist, regardless of whether one believes in that or not.

If then it is what we believe in life that determines our DESTINY, what happens to those who don’t know what they believe, or those who can’t believe, (mentally unable) or better still what about babies that die as babies and haven’t had the chance to figure out what they believe?

Geri: The question of what happens to babies who die. . .before they figure it out. . . .what makes you think that they haven’t figured it out? Could it be that they needed to come back into a body, on the planet, for a short time. . .in order to: complete a karmic task or time-line. . . .to bring about a teaching for their parents or siblings. . .these baby beings CHOSE a short tour of duty. . . .way before they re-incarnated. . . .I’ve seen cases where a soul committed suicide. . . .and didn’t complete their karmic task as a result. . . .so they decided to come back for the period of time that they cut themselves short. . .

Mary-Anne: Likely the theme may be lessons and experiences surrounding the ultimate truth of faith – or they are balancing in one life against another where maybe they lost themselves in a false faith or had bad experiences with that area of life. Again, each story is its own and we don’t believe there is such a black and white way of things. Also remember that each person does operate at their own “level”. So, although some people may seem “faithless sinners”, for lack of a better term, we simply don’t know enough to judge what their purpose might be. Also, a human life can “fail” in it’s mission as well. In short language, God wants us of our own free will – so, life is given and the power to choose is given and we are challenged through our whole life to make the “right” choices, yet we are not compelled to. We can make low level or “wrong” choices – that is within our power to do. You see around the world that there are many people who have faith and many others who do not. There are those who claim to have faith, yet use that faith to justify all manner of bad things – like wars and killing and prejudice. There are people completely committed to a materialistic and vengeful way of life and there are those who are not. There are those that do not practice any religion or profess any particular faith, yet behave in honourable, loving and honest ways all the time. Who would you say is the better or “higher” person? I will say though that when we choose against the higher good, there are consequences and often we do suffer in some way for those choices, even if it is just a overall bad or dissatisfied feeling with life.

We humans feel the greatest tragedy when a child dies, but we do not know what the purpose of that death was, nor are we safe to assume it is always tragic. Where the soul goes is a free and beautiful place, full of life, so the soul itself of that child is not suffering. There are any number of reasons that a soul may leave such a young body. The soul may have changed its mind, for example. Actually, there are as many reasons “why” as there are stars in the sky – it is just that the why may not be answerable in our 3 dimensional, five sense world. Remember, it is only us who fear death and who see it as a bad thing. The process of death itself is release back into the “bigger life” that we come from. So, the babies don’t know to be afraid in a human sense. The babies would be very closely connected to their souls and the spirit world around them. They very well have a very full understanding of the why of that experience. We don’t know, for example, that many young souls agreed to incarnate and die as young children to show the world that there is something wrong down here and that we are not honouring life in the way we are to honour life. Do you see my point? There are as many reasons as stars in the sky and in our human incarnations, we may not be able to ever reconcile or truly understand this until we return to our own spirit self.

Danielle: Whew, you sure ask some deep questions… I hope you will take some time to study philosophy and metaphysics as you mature… Beliefs, I think go much deeper than our specific consciousness… in the examples you gave of the mentally ill person or the baby, the soul will be carrying beliefs from previous lifetimes that will influence reactions… and in the case of the mentally ill person, we are talking about irrational beliefs, but they are beliefs and very real to the persons who hold them – whether they are valid or not, or real or right, or whether the person is capable of making rational decisions based on conscious, rational choices and beliefs is another question… and we have to assume that for whatever reasons being a baby or mentally incapacitated is also part of one’s destiny… and that since we participate in co-creation, these folks will be influenced significantly in this case – by the beliefs of those around them…

I think it’s important to note that destiny isn’t a point in time, or an ultimate conclusion…. many things can be in one’s destiny… for example, it can be in your destiny to be a mother, as well as a teacher, as well as to meet a certain person on a certain date in a certain place, as well as to go to live in a strange land, as well as to end up being the leader of your country, as well as to be very prosperous – and then to lose it all… I hope you understand what I mean here… destiny is fluid, and it changes with every action we take in life – and is shaped by every one of our thoughts, feelings, and actions….

Does any one have the answer, can we answer these questions?

Geri: So. . .these are some of the questions that we humans have been teasing our brain cells with. . .since the beginning of time. . . .we are. . .as humans. . .curious by nature. . . .philosophy. . .is the study of these questions. . . .through time. . .we can see how men’s minds were formed by the times they lived . . .the societies that they were a part of. . . .how scientific and technological breakthroughs changed our ideas of how the world was formed. . .how it really works. . . .quantum physics. . .has unended our whole notion of the mechanics of the Universe. . . .if you were to sit around in a group of physicists . . . .their discussion would probably include. . .what is the nature of God?. . . .since quantum physics pushed our brains over the edge and over the top into the nature of reality. . .so-called!!

My advice to you is to stay curious. . . .keep asking questions. . . . no one person, religion or philosophy has ALL the answers. . . . .we’re all looking for that “Unified Field Theory”. . . . .that will make the connection to all things. . . .maybe the UFT. . . is, in fact. . . . .a recognition of GOD/US! Main thing is to stay open and flexible. . . .and try not to be “wedded” to any one theory or idea. . . .because just as soon as you do. . .more information surfaces to throw that all out the window anyhow. . . .!! Keep asking questions. . . .I know I did. . .and I do. . . . .and will till the day I die. . . .there’s always more to know!! Warmest regards Geri De Stefano, Ph.D.

Mary-Anne:These questions will lead you naturally to more questions. I am going to encourage you to hear yourself – to ponder your questions and follow your promptings, your dreams and the quiet inner voice that will provide you with all the answers you need, or at least direct you to where you might find them. Another important point (that may serve to confuse more than help, but anyway….) You are caught in the midst of divine dichotomy. To make a long story short, we are in a polarized universe, which means that for everything that exists the opposite also exists. There are some paradoxes in life that are completely unreconcileable and it is simply a condition of the planet we call earth. So to that extent, there are not nice and neat, linear answers. The universe is full of paradox and dichotomy. Part of the conditions of life on this planet is the recognition of the paradox and the fact that we simply have to live in it – live with it.

Danielle: Again, you ask some truly profound questions – as young people these days are apt to do… and I don’t know that I can really answer them… It can be said that no one has any answers, that your questions pose life’s greatest mysteries, and these can only be answered by God, when we’ve left this plane… on the other hand, I think God has given a lot of information to us over the years, and I think the answers are all contained within us… as I said at the beginning, while we can give you some opinions, insights and answers based on our personal belief systems, as well as our experience in life and metaphysics, at the end of the day, you must find the answers within you, like us you must divine the answers for yourself from your own experience – and from what feels right in your heart… I hope these insights are useful to you, do let us know, best wishes and Lotsa LLLove…

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