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A Souls Age

Soul Ages

by Shelly Stokes

Souls are often grouped according to an approximation of the number of lived lifetimes. The rationale for the groupings is complex and, perhaps contradictory. This feature will introduce the characteristics of young, old, and middle-aged entities.

Young souls incarnate as involved, excited, and interested persons. All is a wonder to them. They are similar to entities who are in their first incarnation of an ascendancy cycle. With this excitement, comes the capacity to be easily scattered. The sense of amazement can easily turn to a sense of being overwhelmed with a then probable dissipation of function. Any roles which require curiosity are very suitable such as scientist, technologist, artistit, etc. Physically, they usually have smooth finger and toe joints. They age either very prematurely or not at all.

Old souls have traveled the Earth plane extensively. Understandably the role of the old soul is leader. Often, they lead in quiet ways(writers, artist,etc.), as the public leadership roles contain too much attachment to be tolerable for the old soul. The main problem area for the old soul is boredom that then can lead to impatience and irritability. Generally, because the old soul has begun to let go of desire, the lifetime of an old soul is fairly even (although it may not appear so, outwardly). Physically, the old soul will have knotty fingers and toes. They also age either very prematurely or not at all.

Middle-aged souls ideally strike a balance between curiosity and the old soul’s wisdom to help us all forward on our journey. This group presently comprises the bulk of our Earth population. They are our workers. They are our public leaders. They experience extremes of emotion because they have the strongest attachment to desire. They are the most flexible. Any job experience is appropriate for this group. Souls take the longest time to move out of this category, because the entities are so busy on the Earth plane that focused spiritual forward movement is difficult. This category does not have any special physical characteristics.

Determining the soul category of yourself and others works to provide perspectives, which can help you increase tolerance of different approaches. With this greater understanding we can then more easily move forward on our journeys.

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