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A couple of months ago I lost my sweet Gracie girl quite suddenly… it seemed that the whole house went into mourning, the animals missing my little shi tsu as much as I was…. After a couple of weeks,, I couldn't stand it anymore and went looking for another furry baby… enter Tucker, a self-assured little white ball of fluff, a shi pom who is as cute and lively as our Gracie was, but with a very different personality. One day last week I was cuddling Tucker, thinking how unlike Gracie he was … and that even though I loved my little fur ball, I still missed Gracie a lot. In my mind, I could see her snuggled up at my feet… for a few minutes I got lost in the past with Gracie… she had an interesting thought for me… out of nowhere, I got the sense that she wanted me to know that she had led me to Tucker, was very happy that I  "listened." She said I still needed time to grieve so she wanted to find me a little fellow that would be his own person… enough like her to make it easy for me to relate, enough different that I can love him for himself.

I had been wondering  why she seemed so distant when I thought of her, but then I hadn't really worked at communicating with her either. But now, here she was, as clear and direct as she always had been…I hugged her in my heart and thanked her for coming into my life. I felt her hug me back, then she reminded me to think of the good times…

I always knew Gracie would be fine on the other side, she was a gentle loving doggie, and very smart… she would certainly find her way….Now I knew for sure….and  also that she approved of Tucker who could never replace her, but could certainly fill in some gaps.



I tell this story because it is typical of so many communications with spirit, whether animal or human…. they appear spontaneously, when they have something to say, often in response to a thought or a prayer for them.  Most often the message is about loving you and feeling loved by you, to let you know they are OK on the other side and that it's OK to move on… they come to tell you to have no regrets, and to remember the good times with them. Sometimes the message contains a warning of some change coming.. the message will always have some purpose, even if it's just to let you know they are OK and they love you.

Trust what you see and hear in those moments, notice what you feel, and don't be afraid to get a conversation going, to ask some questions… Let go of any expectations of what a visit from spirit should look or feel like and allow yourself to be in the moment.

Spirit comes when it comes, when it has something to say… so sometimes you can "put out a call" to speak with someone on the other side and it may take months, or even years for them to respond… but often, if you're noticing and listening, you'll get a response within a few days or even minutes…

When I do a spirit reading for a client, I will put out a call almost as soon as I see the order come through – a way of letting the soul know that I will be coming acalling in a few days, so they too can be prepared.

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