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Special Message From Danielle

My apologies to all who were waiting for readings or responses from us over the past two weeks.  If you are still waiting, please immediately contact me.  I believe I recovered most of the files from the old system, but a few bits did slip through the cracks in the set-up of the new system. I am still figuring out what’s where, so it may be a few days yet before business is running smoothly again. This would be the perfect time for you to  make a donation, purchase a reading, or invest in a subscription. Unexpected expenses have been extraordinary, and I still have to pay for some software upgrades.  If you can help, it would be very much appreciated.  

If you have benefited from our site and services, please reconnect as soon as you can.  Place an order , or purchase a subscription  or make a donation. (Remember, Subscriptions make your money go further, and there is no expiry date.)  And if you don’t need a reading, it is easy to make a donation. Whether you choose to contrbute $5 or $100, we’ll be most appreciative, and so will the whole Global Community! 

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