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September 23, 2015

I recently received this note from Cherie, one of the Global Psychics team and one of the most reliable psychics I have known:

Danielle, I dream about things that are going to happen in the near future on a global/planetary level. There has been much said about the upcoming September 23rd date and it's significance. Though there are prophecies from all ends of the spectrum concerning the end of the world/planet x etc… there must be something to this date and time we can only speculate. Last night in my dream, I was told of upcoming solar radiation that will be very intense and that we need to shield ourselves from it.  I was shown the Sun and the radiation coming off it that will be harmful to the planet. Not deadly/we all die stuff but serious. Some gemstones were put in my 'dream pocket' to protect me. I couldn't remember what they were upon awakening but I researched it and Amazonite, black tourmaline, smoky quartz and shungite are good for protection from EMF. I just want to let some folks know without creating a dramatic stir with scary prophecies about what is coming up. Something is going on and coming up with the Sun that will affect our planet and in terms of radiation we need to look out for. I am very sure about this. i can track a prophetic dream apart from a metaphorical dream. This is real. I am sure. Cherie

When I googled Sept 23 to see what all the fuss was about, I certainly found a lot of predictions for that day, most prominent was the prediction of a comet hitting the earth on Sept 23rd.  Our  planet is travelling through the Milky Way right now where there is a lot of "debris" – comets and remnants of comets-  and we have been hit with them more frequently in the past year of so…. but when I checked with NASA, they say that there are no comets near enough at this time to create any damage here one earth… so then I checked on Cherie's concern for Radiation, and again, while the sun has been very active, and some intense solar flares have affected some of our communication systems, NASA is not seeing any unusual activity around or in the sun… however, solar activity can be quite unpredictable… so…..I suggest that getting the gemstones that Cherie suggested could be a worthwhile project in the next week… and while Cherie saw the sun radiating this energy, there is still the possibility of some nuclear accident or explosion…. we'll have to wait and see,

In the meantime, I think our best strategy will be to be exceptionally alert over the next few weeks… we've seen many "end days" predictions over the years, so, I tend to be rather distrustful of such predictions… this may be one time when we want to be especially noticing,,,,,and prepared for some unusual event…

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