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Sensitive to Earthquakes?

Earthquakes may be a common occurrence in many parts of the world, but not here in Southern Ontario.  So when one struck last summer, we were all taken by surprise… and to my even greater surprise, I discovered that I am one of many “earth quake sensitives”.  Here is the note I wrote to the Global Psychics team about what I experienced, and Lisa’s response.  I’ll be interested in hearing if any of you have experienced some weird physical symptoms just prior to an earthquake.

A bit of panic in this part of the world because of a small earthquake that hit. north east of here.. I didn’t feel much of the trembling, didn’t seem to affect this area much, but I noticed this morning that my vision was blurry… I just got new glasses, so I thought it was just that I needed to adjust to them, but I am wondering if this was a physical reaction to the earth moving… anyone have any experience or knowledge on this one?

It’s interesting that you bring this up, because I too experienced something “odd.” The earthquake hit at 1:45 pm – about 15 minutes prior I started to get a darn headache again, so I went and laid down on the couch here to try and get rid of it. The tremors were felt here, but obviously not as drastic as in Toronto or Ottawa for example. The house vibrated slightly, and my windows started to rattle. Normally I pay no attention to the shaking of the house and rattling of the windows because whenever the logging trucks drive by that’s what happens. But … there were no trucks yesterday lol – the #2 machine at the mill was shut down for 24 hours for maintenance so they halted the loads. Anyways, at 2pm – my headache was gone – completely gone. So for 30 minutes, between 1:30 and 2 pm, I was experiencing a headache – just prior to, during, and just after the earthquake. My head has been fine since then lol.

I don’t know why we would experience anything physical like headaches or blurred vision like that, but it would be interesting to perhaps research other places that have had medium to large earthquakes (ours was a 5.5 – a medium one – by no means small – especially not when you see buildings swaying lol) – to find out if other folks have in fact experienced strange physical “side effects.” If anything, it would just prove that we are all connected on this earth and are all connected TO the earth.

To follow up – I just had to do a little bit of research on this and we are definitely not alone – apparently this happens quite frequently. Here is a passage I found on one website about how a lot of people are “earthquake sensitive”:

Earthquake sensitive humans may experience physical, random or monthly type hormonal, emotional, and brain activity related responses to those energy field fluctuations. Headaches are among the most common responses. Nausea and dizziness can occur. Some people may experience abrupt, strong, and temporary or even somewhat longer lasting mood swings. High or low frequency tones may be heard in one ear or the other or in both ears at the same time. Short duration muscle jolts are common. Physical pain or some other type of sensation in a hand or foot and in extreme cases actual physical injury can occur. Dreams may be influenced by those energy field fluctuations. Especially sensitive people may begin hearing voices or seeing ghostly images. I believe that some people might begin seeing auras of different colors surrounding other people.”

If you wish to read the entire article it can be found here: I Googled “feeling headache before earthquake” as well as “earthquake sensitive humans” and was given countless websites and links that discuss this phenomenon. Very interesting! Check it out, Lisa

  1. I experienced many mini ones in SC in North Charleston.
    Out West where the earth trembles near Yellow Stone, I became sick and nauseated. \
    I feel the earth rumbling and get dizzy, soon nausea sets in and within 24 hours there is a quake.

    I am a sensative. So I feel . I also have the five senses on other levels. Sometimes this is a blessing and sometimes I think not. I am learning acceptance. I do not fear anymore.

    At last I am now calling them “gifts”. I do believe the most important change will be one of increased awareness of a higher power and ours as well.

  2. Thank you for your comments.

  3. I discovered that I am an earthquake sensitive though my experience is different in that I do not get physically sick. I discovered my talent back in 1988 when there was an earthquake in Long Beach Ca and I was awoken by a deep moaning sound from within the earth, seconds later there was an earthquake. I mentioned this to my father who happened to be a geologist and he said there were people like myself with this ability. Needless to say, I left Ca.

  4. I have suffered with a head ache, and couldn’t sleep for a week ,Today there was a Earth Quake in Virginia , I live on the jersey shore and around 2:00 we were hit with a large tremor, and I’m still have nausea , and head ache, I hope this doesn’t mean there more to come,or it takes days for these symptoms to go away

  5. All day yesterday, Monday, I was in bed sleeping off a terrible headache. It actually woke me up the night before. I tried my usual “tricks” soda with caffine or french fries, neither worked as i was sick to my stomache with 1 sip and 1 bite, running to the bathroom. Laying down I was able to eat, drink all I wanted. I woke up this morning feeling better but still disorenated, kind of dizzy and just rather OFF!!! Within a minute of the 5.8 quake in VA today……..all dizzyness GONE, (I live on Long Isalnd & I deffinately felt the quake in my basement apartment of a concrete stone house) I was on the phone with my sister and she said the exact same thing!!! We both suffer from random migraines, usually from drastic weather changes. Like Colleen, I am still feeling slightly nauseated & Very hungry :(

  6. I’ve just been surfing around to find out if anyone else has experienced debilitation connected to earthquakes. I had a long day that was “just one damn thing after another” before and through the Virginia earthquake today (I am near DC). I kept going until about two hours after the quake when I began to feel ridiculously “out of gas.” I still am — sleepy, full of muscle aches and very hungry. I don’t usually become this useless even on a tough day — it actually felt like the momentum of having to get things done kept me going after I was ready to crash. It feels like someone pulled the plug.

  7. I live in the D.C. area. I started having headaches two days ago and experienced continuous and vivid dreams last night. About four hours before the 5.9 earthquake hit Virginia today and rocked the school where I worked, I began to experience strange, sickly symptoms. These symptoms included vertigo, anxiety and a debilitating feeling of fatigue. I thought I was going to have to go home sick, but I closed my eyes and forced myself to relax for a while until I felt a little better. After the earthquake, my headache returned and I still have a lingering feeling of slight queasiness as well as body aches.

  8. Since our earthquake yesterday I have had the weirdest feelings in my legs. It is a fast pulsing electrical felling that goes from my tail bone down my leg to the tips of my toes. Almost like when your limb falls asleep but not quite. It also causes a pressure kind of pain in my lower back. It had stopped but with each aftershock it starts up again and lasts a log time. It is not just a sensation, but when I feel the outside of my hip or, leg or fog, I can feel the fast throbbing as well. It is not my pulse. Very strange I know, but several of us here notice some irregularities so it is not in our heads.

  9. I live in australia a often feel a tremmor through out ny body to start with I thought it was an earthquake however we had not however late that day there had been one on the other side of the world I can now predict earthquakes through the muscle tremmors that i recieve.

  10. I’m in NW Arkansas, and a short time ago tonight we felt the 5.6 earthquake centered in Oklahoma. About 10-15 minutes before it was felt here, I awakened feeling a strange nausea and feeling of brief dread – line I was about to cry – that subsided after 10 seconds or so. I had never had this odd and very intense feeling before. I didn’t connect this experience with the earthquake until I remembered having heard of “sensitives” that had similar symptoms prior to earthquakes. I Googled it, and after reading some of the research on this phenominum, I am pretty sure I had a “pre-earthquake” physical
    experience. Has anyone else had these types of sensations before a earthquake?

  11. guess id be what they call a global one. no mtter where in the world. 4.5 or better leaves me incapacitated for the duration and i can’t function at all. too sore and one of my arm goes dead for a while……… i feel sorry for all those countries that have been hit with big ones over the last while. tho i reside in canada… those big ones left me sicker than a dog for a while. local quakes cause electrical charge feelings to run up and down my legs too.. :P can’t say as i like having my leg hairs at 90 degree angles when that happens…>.<

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