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Afterlife  Diary
This Web site introduces a nonfiction book: an entertaining  and enlightening diary of afterlife in Heaven.

An inspiring example of humility, compassion, simplicity, and patience, she  has infused devotion to God, love for fellow beings and the spirit of selfless  service into the hearts of millions.

Awareness – Spiritual Consciousness for this level and  beyond.

California  Miracles Center
A growing resource for A Course In Miracles, a  monthly publication named “Miracles Monthly”.

Children  of the Law of One
The monastic order responsible for producing  the incredible book, Children of the Law of One, the Lost Teachings of Atlantis

Christ  Seed
Dedicated to Sowers of the Christ Seed. It contains articles  and books about the Christ Power, Christ Seed, and Christ Lore. A miraculous  prayer to Saint Martha is also included.

Essays  Self Realization Spirituality Hinduism Bhagavad Gita
Collection  of essays on Self Realization, Spirituality, Hinduism, Bhagavad Gita, Jainism,  Yoga, Upanishads and Meditation

The  Hearts Center Community
We offer an opportunity for spiritual seekers  to receive up-to-date inspiration from the ascended masters. Learn about the  ascension, meditation, the violet light and more.

James  Van Praagh
The author and medium, an inspiring and empowering  guide with some great works to assist us in becoming “spiritual beings”
the  world’s largest online source for free Kabbalah content, has updated and expanded  its site to meet the growing worldwide interest in the wisdom and study of Kabbalah.  The new site offers quick and easy access to a wealth of information and resources  for learning the science of Kabbalah

Kris  Chronicles
Dedicated to the material delivered by the Entity Kris.  Feel free to visit, download and read the materials, and even send us an email   to receive our soon to be released free newsletter: “Reality By Design”

Kuthumi  Hands
Free Miraculous Christ Energies Healings My mission is guided  and overseen by The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth. Editor’s note: Having  experienced this distance healing, I encourage you to contact Dr Jim. His work  runs deep and leaves you feeling very calm, centered and ready to get into life.

Leading  Edge Research Group
Bringing you the best with which to rock your  world. Spreading Ripples of Evolutionary Knowledge Throughout the Multidimensional  Universe

earning  quran online, read quran
Learn Quran, Read tajweed Quran online,  learning Quran online Koran

The  Monroe Institute
Acting as a nonprofit research and educational  organization, the Monroe Institute promotes an understanding of consciousness  through practical explorations and coordinated research efforts using an interdisciplinary  approach. Check out their audio technology – Hemi-Sync® as a tool for exploring  consciousness.

My  Meditation Garden
A place for beginners, those curious about meditation,  and those that have been meditating for years to learn and share about their
meditation experiences.

Netowne,  The Net’s New Age Community!
The Net’s Newer Age Community! Alternative  Healing and Health, Angels and Christian Mysticism, Amazing Technology and Spiritualism,  to UFOS, Eastern Philosophy, Astrology and much more

News  for the Soul
News for the Soul on CFUN is a completely independent  production. We are broadcast “from the heart of Vancouver” to the entire world,  via live radio and online live streaming. We promote “conscious programming”  and feature top speakers from the human evolution movement.

Past  Forward
The Biggest Site on Past Lives! Our FREE exercises can  help you… Enjoy Vibrant Health! Become Richer! Know More Love! Heal Your Life  NOW by Healing Past Lives!

Past  Life Answers
Your source for objective information about past life  regression and the safe, effective mp3 downloads you can use to identify your
potential past lives in the comfort of your own home.

Psychic  Kids’ Spiritual Experiences
Of, by and for: psychic, clairvoyant,  clairsentient, intuitive, spiritually-awakened and multi-dimensional children,  a.k.a. Children of the Blue Ray, Indigo Children, Star children, Millennium  children AND all who are recovering their natural birthright.

The  Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge
center for the study and practice  of esoteric healing and psychology, energy work, spiritual astrology and prophecy,  metaphysics, and flowering tree and other shamanic ceremonial rituals. Led by Dance Chief Lyn “Starflyer” Hopkins, the lodge holds classes on shamanism, conducts  vision quest and sweat lodge ceremonies, drum team gatherings, and Eagle Dream  Dances. We also design and conduct shamanic healing rituals and ceremonies as needed for particular occasions. This site is definitely worth checking out.  In addition to some very good articles and services offered there, they offer  loads of great links. A great site!

Share  International
A worldwide network of individuals and groups whose  purpose is to make known the fact that Maitreya — the World Teacher for the
coming age — and his group, the Masters of Wisdom, are now among us, emerging  into the public arena — gradually, so as not to infringe human free will.

Our mission is to bring interesting and important spiritual news from every  corner of the world. News of the prophecies and from the many religious communities  around the globe. Lots of interesting links, worth checking out!

Spirit  Heart Sanctuary
Dedicated to achieving world peace through expanding  and deepening inner peace. We offer many different metaphysocal means for accomplishing  this online along with information from the Illumined Ones.

Spiritual  Information
Learn how-to’s of spirituality.

Spiritual  New Age Wisdom, Empowered by Spirit
Spirit is who you are naturally  and everything that you do is spiritual. Empower yourself to create the life  that you want. You are not a victim of circumstances, you are creating them.  Life is not a learning process, nor was it meant to be a struggle.
Expanding Spiritual, Holistic and Environmental Awareness, An independent non-profit  educational organization for the advancement of Spiritual, Holistic, and Environmental Awareness, dedicated to expanding Consciousness, and awakening Self-Knowledge.  Spiritual Endeavors is a large repository of Spiritual, Holistic, and Environmental Information.

The  Spiritual Science Research Foundation
(SSRF) is a volunteer non-profit  organization. Over the past 20 years it has under-taken extensive and exhaustive research in the spiritual realm. It has recently begun to publish its spiritual research. In doing so, the SSRF intends to demystify the spiritual realm and provide research that will help humanity to effectively alleviate difficulties  in life and progress spiritually

The  Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey
a nonfiction book by Robert  Murray. A Surprising Journey Through the Afterlife After being struck and killed  by a vehicle on his way home one night, Michael, a dynamic young husband and  new father of a two-month-old daughter found himself “alive” and able to communicate  with his psychic father-in-law, Robert Murray.

Talking  To Spirit
New channeling from Guides and Folk in Spirit. A refreshing  and sometimes humorous look at valid advice for everybody. Channeled material,  Readings, Recipes, Tips on How to Channel and an Archived Collection of Daily  Channeling

Visions  Unlimited
An awesome art gallery. Email postcards that you can  send, too!

Wisdom’s  Children
“Wisdom’s Children is an inspired guide to the needs of  today’s children – many of whom simply do not respond to our current educational  system. Reading this information brings greater understanding and healing.”

The  Wisdom of Kaballah
All about Kaballah, spreading the wisdom of  Kabbalah to accelerate the spirituality of humankind.

A  Woman’s Journey – Your Path to Spiritual Growth
Online guide to  the best free sources for spiritual growth on the Internet. Topics include astrology,  religion, new age topics, reiki, chakras, auras, feng shui, meditation, yoga,  Buddhism, crystals, shamanism, runes, angels, tarot, i ching, numerology, reincarnation,  Judaism, candles, Native American spirituality, spirit guides, past life regression  and more.

The comprehensive list of Yoga Asanas, their meaning and  way to use them for regular meditation and yoga practices.

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