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The online showcase of astrology and New Age studies built by the New Age community  for the benefit of serious practitioners, students and the curious alike.

Arwen’s  Oracle
Focusing on Spiritual Revelation, Multidimensional Realities,  and Psychic Awareness in the Real World

The  Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), Inc
The international  headquarters of the work of Edgar Cayce, considered the most documented psychic  of all time. Founded in 1931 to preserve, research, and make available insights  from Cayce’s information, the A.R.E. is a non-profit organization which sponsors  activities, services, and outreach throughout the world

The  Book of Life
Provides the date of the earth shift as well as confirmation  of other prophesies relating to the end times. It claims Divine authorship with  the necessary proof of authenticity and is available free for all who are seekers  of truth.

The prophecy behind the daily news. Voice from  the Wilderness Information Network. We’re dedicated to demonstrating that the  alignment of biblical prophecy and current events are coming together with a  speed and accuracy that demands the attention of the world.

Earth  Changes TV
Be Sure And See Our New “Weather” page.

Global  Psychics on the Prophecies
Insights on the prophecies, predictions  for the new millennium and lots more.

Mahendra  Sharma
Astrologer and Prophet, the prophesies of Mahendra Sharma,  the Indian ‘Nostradamus’.

Matrix  Institute
Publishers of George-Michael Scallion’s Earth Changes  Reports.

Millennium  Earth Changes:
This freely downloadable book supplies a comprehensive  resource of background information, explanation, and preparation.

New  Dimensions Broadcasting Network!
We explore the social, political,  scientific, environmental and spiritual frontiers, through radio and television  interviews, with many of today’s foremost social innovators, thinkers, scientists  and creative artists. From probing inner wisdom to space exploration; from African  folk tales to quantum physics; from spirituality to health and healing; from  deep ecology to virtual reality; from ancient myths to new paradigms.

Nostradamus  free ebook
The Greatest Sinner Ever: An easy to read, spiritual,  historical novel about the life of Nostradamus, the famous astrologer from the  16th century.

Nostradamus  Resources
Lots of Resources for Nostradamus Research

Nostradamus  – time travel and prophecies
This site analyses the possibility  that the prophecies of Nostradamus are the result of a future time travel experiment.  Special focus on whether time travel and sending messages to the past could  be part of the same science and its consequences.

The merging point of Earth and Star, the ever-deepening  web site ot TA-Anu, Solara, the 11:11 and Star Borne. Answering questions like  , Why are millions of people seeing the numbers 11:11?

Operation  Terra
Messages from the Hosts of Heaven about Earth changes, personal  preparation, and the journey to the new Earth, Terra. Wisdom and love in a beautiful  package! Channeled by Lyara,
The Trilogy of Ancient and Modern Terrors and Terrorism (or How  the average guy can prosper during the coming “End of the world as we know it)”.

Prophet’s  Manual
(fractal supersymmetry of double helix) describes true nature  of reality in which any gradual change in time is reversed by an instant quantum  change. Fractal nature of reality that repeats in relatively different quantum  leaps is quintessence of all prophecies and essential guide in understanding  spiritual origins of any physical aspect of only one reality. It’s also confirmation  of apocalyptic prophecies, invariably described as return of zep-tepi, rising  of phoenix bird, creation of new heaven and earth, times of crossing etc that’s  due on winter sun 2012.

Answers to today’s questions about the past, present,  and future.

Information about prophecies and teachings of Maitreya  for the New Age in the books by Benjamin Creme : Maitreya’s Mission tome I,  II and III.

Our mission is to bring interesting and important spiritual news from every  corner of the world. News of the prophecies and from the many religious communities  around the globe. Lots of interesting links, worth checking out!

Yes!  A Journal of Positive Futures
Hopeful reports from the U.S. and  around the world on efforts made toward integrating the self, nature, and community life in a collective and responsible way.

ZetaTalk leads you through the vast amount of information being relayed  by the Zetas in answer to questions posed to their emissary, Nancy. The ZetaTalk  answers cover such subjects as portents of a Pole Shift and how this relates  to the coming millennium Transformation the world is about to undergo.

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