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Fascinating Pet and Nature Links

There are quite literally thousands of sites dedicated to pets and nature. Here are a few of the best that we’ve found…
Watch this space, we’re always adding more remarkable links

Angel  Animals Network
The Angel Animals Network is an organization dedicated  to increasing love and respect for all life one story at a time. The site features  books, columns, live chats, angel animal awards, message boards, scheduled workshops/events,  plush toys, polls, and a popular weekly newsletter.

Animal  Insights
Interspecies Telepathic Communication

Revive The Ancient Kinship. Become fluent in the universal, interspecies language  and restore a deep relationship with all of life through the Books, Tapes, Journals  and Courses of Animal Communication Specialist, Penelope Smith.

Farmer’s  Almanac
Ever wonder when is the right time to  trim your trees or what time the sun is coming up? What about the phases of
the moon or when is the best time to trim your hair?

The  Masterson Method: Muscle and Structural Release for Performance Horses
Says  Laura: This is the man that I’ve referred many of our horse inquiries to for  help. Jim is a great guy and has a great method.

Pets  for Life
Humane Society of the United States, newsletter, guide  to living with your pet.

Portrait  of an Angel
Dedicated to offering comfort and hope to those suffering  the loss of a pet.

The  Rainbow Bridge
It will make you cry but it’s worth it. About losing  our beloved pet friends

Talk  With the Animals
Griffin Kanter, Animal Communicator, Helping  Animals Express Their Thoughts and Emotions

Talking  To Spirit
Have you ever wondered what your animals are thinking  about? Spirit speaks of how we relate to each other and how to communicate on  deeper levels with your animal friends. Resources are available to contact professional  animal communicators.

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