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Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
Outstanding information  regarding remote viewing and influencing techniques used by intelligence agencies.  Learn to have the Matrix reloaded, create your future, remote influence, improve  health, and read minds and events

ANAM  Holistic
Resources for holistics, dowsing, divining and shamanic  healing land practices in Ireland – including therapies, courses, articles,  holidays and sacred site guided tours.

The  Berkeley Psychic Institute
A psychic kindergarten which teaches  students how to recognize and develop their own psychic abilities through classes in meditation, healing, male and female energy, and clairvoyance The World’s  Largest Web Site Dedicated to Psychic Awareness

Empath  Guide
A personal account of my views, tips and experiences being  an Empath.

The  Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained
Detailed articles on  various mysterious phenomena.. All subjects are described in scientifically  objective way, leaving superstition and prejudice behind.

Esoteric  Science
Combining science, spirituality and esoteric knowledge.  Delves into topics such as Astrology, Channeling, Aether Theories, Free Energy,  Antigravity, Holistic Health, Alternate Views of Reality

Farsight  Institute
At The Farsight Institute, we are dedicated to the practical  and benevolent use of Scientific Remote Viewing, to solve problems and to answer  questions that are otherwise intractable.

Find  Me
An organization of talented psychics, law enforcement officers  and professional search and rescue volunteers from all over the world working  with law enforcement and families to find missing loved ones and solve homicides.

Free  Psychic Network
Offers A Variety of Free And Low Cost Psychic Reading  Services

Hermetic  Order of the Golden Dawn ® in Britain
(H.O.G.D.) Hermetic Order  of the Golden Dawn in the Magical Kingdom, traditional Golden Dawn methods and  teachings through the British brotherhood. Open to all True Seekers of the Light

A  Highly Sensitive People Area
created by Jim and Amy Hallowes for  Intuitive, Shy, Introverts, Quiet and Spiritual People, also known as HSP, process  incoming information deeply and reflect upon it deeply. Highly Sensitive Persons  and Ultra and Super Sensitive People are acutely aware of subtleties in their  environment, and are also more likey to become overwhelmed, over aroused and  over stimulated because of their Trait of High Sensitivity.

In  Light Times
Metaphysics, Alternative Health, Astrology, New Age  Spirituality, UFOs, Past Lives and Reincarnation, Hypnosis and Regression, Astral  Journeys, Dreams, Psychic and Paranormal Phenomena, Love and Relationships,  “Light” News, Earth Changes, Inspirational Life Stories, Holistic Philosophies,  and so much more. In Light Times is Nevada’s longest running Metaphysical newspaper.  And with people like Dannion Brinkley on the board of directors, You can see  why it is the most popular.

The  International Society for Paranormal Research!
ISPR continuously  strives to gather more factual information in the science of Parapsychology  and Paranormal Research, faster and more accurately than has ever before been  accomplished. For more than a quarter of a century, ISPR Investigations has  collected and disseminated information and assisted thousands who have experienced  paranormal phenomena.

Spiritual site for New Age/New Thought Wisdom, spiritualality, natural health,  enlightenment, healing, metaphysical, esoteric study. Inspired by cayce, holmes,  seth, walsch, zukav, teachings. Guest writers and original works by author,  Roy E. Klienwachter. Ebook, E-store & courses available. Lots of links and  good information here.
Life cycles, synchronicity, new-age, biorhythm, human consciousness, health,  career, course of life, relationship, metaphysical…

The  Magical Order of the Auroa Aurea
A Modern Golden Dawn Order with  a correspondence school attached for those who cannot attend a regular group  but wish to to be trained in the Western Mystery Tradition.

Matrix  Institute
Publishers of George-Michael Scallion’s Earth Changes  Reports.

The  Monroe Institute
Acting as a nonprofit research and educational  organization, the Monroe Institute promotes an understanding of consciousness  through practical explorations and coordinated research efforts using an interdisciplinary  approach. Check out their audio technology – Hemi-Sync® as a tool for exploring  consciousness.

New  Dimensions Broadcasting Network!
We explore the social, political,  scientific, environmental and spiritual frontiers, through radio and television  interviews, with many of today’s foremost social innovators, thinkers, scientists  and creative artists. From probing inner wisdom to space exploration; from African  folk tales to quantum physics; from spirituality to health and healing; from    deep ecology to virtual reality; from ancient myths to new paradigms.

Path  Of The Psychic
Become psychic – one step at a time

This site is for those  who need help of a psychic, parapsychologist and an untraditional medicine.  This site is devoted to a varieties of problems, persons abilities – such as, intellectual,  traditionally studying parapsychology, also extrasensory which are till now  recalls the different types of arguments. Also, there will be given different  types of a tests that let a visitor tell about his/her  xtrasensory abilities  and a psychic lessons.

Psychic  Kids’ Spiritual Experiences
Of, by and for: psychic, clairvoyant,  clairsentient, intuitive, spiritually-awakened and multi-dimensional children,  a.k.a. Children of the Blue Ray, Indigo Children, Star children, Millennium  children AND all who are recovering their natural birthright.

Psychics  & Mediums Network
The place where mediums and psychics meet  to chat and train. Home pages of the UK mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker.  The site has a massive paranormal resource with lots of real life stories and  one of the busiest free Psychic Chatrooms on the web.

Tarot card reading directory

Tarot Free Tarot Reading
Authentic Tarot information. On-line  free tarot readings. Consult tarot for help and advice on love and relationships.  Get tarot Insight, future predictions.

Tarot  Canada International
Welcome to Tarot Canada International. We  welcome the spiritually deprived, the spiritually seeking, the spiritually aware  and the spiritually enlightened to join us in a organization dedicated to presenting  a true Canadian face in the international Tarot community.

Time  Travelers Org
Maximize Your Personal Power with the KNOWLEDGE AND  TECHNIQUES provided by the Time Travelers Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness.

UK  Psychics
Psychic, occult, paranormal, New Age, astrological and  related topics. It is also the home of the UK Psychics Webring, whose members  include Britain’s top psychics and mystics.

The  Universal Psychic Guild
A world wide organization devoted to making  your life happier and more successful. Our aim is to teach people the wonders  of finding true spirituality in themselves and we offer many techniques to assist  in this. Although we offer psychic readings for sale much of the other information  is not charged for, including: Reports, Psychic chat sessions, Articles, Library,  Forum and more.

The  University Of Metaphysical Sciences
non-profit distance learning  facility , offering downloadable courses from the internet or delivered via  postal mail. Study at your own pace while you work, stay at home, or travel.  University Of Metaphysical Sciences brings professionalism to the field of metaphysics.

World  of the Paranormal
Brought to you by Christine B. of El Dorado Paranormal  Investigations, not only offers extensive information about all aspects of the  paranormal, but also has links to past issues of Christine’s monthly Paranormal  Musings Newsletters, True Ghost Stories and paranormal experiences, paranormal  short stories, and investigation photos and reports. This is one of the most comprehensive paranormal web sites presently on the web.

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