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Goddess  Gift
a site to celebrate, to nurture, and to share understandings  of the goddess in every woman. The goddesses reveal your personal goddess archetype. first  step to access the power of the divine feminine. Goddess Quiz, an online personality  test and in-depth report. Free postcards & newsletter, symbols & myths  of the pagan goddesses, and Forum

Is  It a Boy or Girl? Find Out Using Old Wives Tales
Contains a collection  of old wives tales for telling if your unborn child will be a boy or a girl.  Answer the items on the form and then read the explanation of the results.

Marianne  Williamson
From this site, you’ll find various ways to connect  with Marianne’s books and tapes and lectures, linked to The  American Renaissance Alliance – an entertaining and inspiring experience.

A  Woman’s Journey – Your Path to Spiritual Growth
Online guide to  the best free sources for spiritual growth on the Internet. Topics include astrology,  religion, new age topics, reiki, chakras, auras, feng shui, meditation, yoga,  Buddhism, crystals, shamanism, runes, angels, tarot, i ching, numerology, reincarnation,  Judaism, candles, Native American spirituality, spirit guides, past life regression  and more.

WOW: Women Online Worldwide
A source of support, information and encouragement  for women globally. We have nice graphics, message boards, chat, support groups,  a sister site called Transformations, ezines, software and much more.

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