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At this time in our history we are witness to an unexplainable – and somewhat hidden growth in adult learning. People around the globe are flocking in unprecedented numbers to lectures and workshops on personal power, spirituality, stress management, tarot, crystal or rune reading, reiki, reflexology, nutrition, herbology, naturopathy, homeopathy…. There are a phenomenal number of excellent programs available, on line and off…

Today, we find the best of Western Medicine combined with the best of Eastern Spiritual Practices. More and more clinics are offering their patients alternatives – and complements – to drug and surgical treatments. We predict that with this century, whole health and alternative health will be the norm, and we will each have learned to be more responsible for our personal well-being.

Here you’ll find listed the best sources of programs that we know of, on and off the web

The  Berkeley Psychic Institute
A psychic kindergarten which teaches  students how to recognize and develop their own psychic abilities through classes  in meditation, healing, male and female energy, and clairvoyance The World’s  Largest Web Site Dedicated to Psychic Awareness

Calamus  International University
Study for a Holistic Distance Learning  DegreeEstablished 2001 – now in our 5th successful year with graduates worldwide.  Now accredited by the International Interfaith Accreditation Association (Florida,  USA) TAUGHT PROFESSIONAL DOCTORATES: Doctor of Metaphysics, Doctor of Psychology,  Doctor of Religious Studies, Doctor of Holistic Sciences, Doctor of Clinical  Hypnotherapy, Post-Doctoral Degrees for Hypnotherapists (Doctor of Analytical  Hypnotherapy or Doctor of Transpersonal hypnosis). Credit given towards B.A.  for previous training, experience & education in any field. Credit for ongoing  external training or professional practice.

Complementary  Medicine Certification
A non-profit institution approved for degree-granting  status offers Complementary Medicine Certification in the world’s foremost natural  forms of medicine and ancient healing arts..

The  Institute of Psychic Development
These ever-popular psychic development  courses from The Institute of Psychic Development will allow you to develop  the maximum psychic ability in the minimum of time – guaranteed or your money  back!

Masters  in Counseling
A resource for students to find in-depth and unbiased  information about a Masters in Counseling degree. Currently, I think its the  only site that lists every accredited counseling school on the web.

The  Monroe Institute
Acting as a nonprofit research and educational  organization, the Monroe Institute promotes an understanding of consciousness  through practical explorations and coordinated research efforts using an interdisciplinary  approach. Check out their audio technology – Hemi-Sync® as a tool for exploring  consciousness.

The  Option Institute
We are the International Learning and Teaching  Center for The Option Process®, offering personal growth programs to help people  maximize their success and happiness as well as overcome adversity leading to  improved health, career, relationships and quality of life.

School  of Spiritual Development
Learn the hidden secrets with unique visual  online learning system at esoteric school

University  Of Metaphysical Sciences
Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, D.D.,  Ph.D., Degrees in Metaphysics, low tuition, payment plans as low as $50/month.  Free newsletter, visit our online store. Internet downloads or postal mail delivery  of courses, non-profit 501(c)3.

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