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Beginning in July, the Ning network will phase out all of these free communities. To be expected. I have wondered how they could offer the service free of charge. The good news is that since the Global Psychics community continues to grow and gain strength, I have decided to purchase one of their packages which will probably allow us to add some new features for you. Watch for some improvements to come in the next six weeks or so.

In the meantime, I am reaching our for your support. I plan to continue to offer FREE membership to the Global Psychics community. I feel it is very important at this particular time in history that we provide whatever information and mechanisms we can to help those who are awakening to their power psychically and spiritually. I am committed to my mission of raising the Love vibration wherever I can. This means creating a forum where folks can connect not only with answers and insights, but with others who share their goals and interests.

But as my mother used to say, I’m not the Bank of Montreal. In fact, it is a struggle each month to pay the bills. Help us keep our services free. So many other networks and communities are collapsing because, like us, they are struggling to pay their bills. Let us keep the information flowing. If you don’t need a reading, make a donation. Even $5 makes a difference.

“Before the “Big Bang” all matter and energy was perhaps the size of a tennis ball, all things connected to all things,billions of years later,it is still connected. As part of the Universe and all its diverse energys,(known and unknown)we have access to that energy, just as one cell in our body can ask for help to attack a virus.All it takes is an acceptance that we are the Universe…I post this comment after reading about 12,000 books,trying to find out how the power works,and the content of this site is the best, (as a Psychic), have ever found.” Derek H.

We need Your Support ASAP

If you have benefited from our site and services, please reconnect as soon as you can. Place an order , or purchase a subscription or make a donation. (Remember, Subscriptions make your money go further, and there is no expiry date.) Order Now! And if you don’t need a reading, it is easy to make a donation. Whether you choose to contrbute $5 or $100, we’ll be most appreciative, and so will the whole Global Community!

I want to say how rewarding it is to be getting these emails, because I feel the deep truth and wisdom within, and the love with which this is being expressed. I also see, because I work with words, that you are doing this, too, as in whirled (world). In following the aural connects across languages I am coming to a beautiful old set of truths, that are coded, within the words themselves, and feel so at home on these pages, because what is being said, so beautifully, feels so right to me. Ruth H.

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  1. hi i have had bad luck for a long time an old not friend anymore cursed me a few years ago with bad luck my life is in turmoil i dont know what to do im startin to beleive she really cursed me is the somthing to remove a curse

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I learn so much from you. God bless you. Rose T

The content of this site is the best, (as a Psychic), I have ever found. Derek H

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