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Raising Your Frequency

Raising your vibrational frequency is the surest way to effect a turnaround when life has delivered one blow after another. . but there are a lot of good reasons for putting the effort into keeping your energy up… staying with the higher frequencies makes everything work more easily… whether in relationship, career or finances.

The higher your frequency, the less likely it is that any negative or "dark" energy can reach you.

As psychics, it becomes crucial to understand the role of vibrational frequency – without this understanding, we cannot effect any real healing, nor can we protect ourselves from being invaded… whether by the negative thoughts and feelings, the frequencies of others around us, by our own lower frequencies, or by some mischief-making spirit from the astral plane….

Generating loving energy for ourselves, our lives and our world, our Oneness, is the surest, simplest, and fastest way to raise our frequencies. But color, language, laughter and any joyful activity also effectively lift our frequencies…

Color and Vibrational Frequency

Any decorator or designer will tell you how important color is in our lives… the colors around us can change our moods, make us more or less active, productive, amorous, glamorous…

Why? Because, as science will tell you, each color is associated with a specific vibrational frequency. When there is a predominance of one or two colors in our environment, that vibrational frequency – and the characteristics or qualities associated with that frequency – will tend to influence the activities conducted in that space – and the attitude of those in it, and even around it.

Changing the color in a room, through paint, lighting or accessories will have a direct and profound affect on everything in the room – and everything that goes on there.  The same applies to web site design, the choice of colors for your business or institution, and even the colors you choose to wear.

Language and Other Influences on Frequency

Another powerful way to express one's intent to raise vibrational frequency is through the power of the spoken word… language is a way of projecting our consciousness into the world, language is focussed intent… energy in motion…

One of the ways that I am alerted to a client's real issues is through the use of language, through the tone and vibrational frequency in the words that were used in asking their questions… Even through email, I can "feel;" the frequency of the querant through the expression of language – and the numbers in their birthdate as well as their astrological birth signs.

Pay attention also to the numbers in your life, and how the stars are influencing your frequencies at any given time… and also to a whole lot of other influences on frequency – the clutter around you reduces your frequency, anger and frustration reduce your frequency, playing video games or sitting in front of the boob tube for days on end reduces your frequency…

Playing with the kids or the animals in your life, involving yourself in any type of creative activity raises your frequency… great music, laughter, enthusiasm, whether for work or for play raises your frequency. Mastering a new skill, a random act of kindness, smiling at a stranger all raise your frequency. Gardening, sports, a walk in the park, a day at the beach, connecting with an old friend, are all easy ways of raising frequencies.

And as we raise our own frequencies, we automatically raise the vibratory levels of all around us – thus, we effectively change the world by changing ourselves.

So what are you doing do raise your frequency???

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