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Q&A With Dr. Eric Pearl, Discoverer the Frequencies of Healing and Founder of Reconnective Healing

Dr Eric Pearl is changing how the world heals. That is because he is on the cutting edge of what scientists are calling “Information Medicine”– the introduction and application of scientifically measurable frequencies to the human body that creates a state of restored health. The discovery of this new spectrum of healing frequencies not only transformed his life, but that of the 70,000 people around the world who have learned Reconnective Healing? and the countless people have seen their lives and health improve because of the application of this new bandwidth.

 As a doctor, Pearl ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years until one day his patients began reporting that they felt his hands on them – even though he hadn’t physically touched them. Patients soon reported receiving unprecedented healings from cancers, AIDS-related diseases, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, birth disfigurements, and other serious afflictions. All this occurred when Pearl simply held his hands near them – and to this day, it continues.

His patients’ healings have been documented in six books to date, including Pearl’s own international bestseller, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in more than 36 languages. Pearl has appeared on countless television programs in the U.S. and around the world, spoken by invitation at the United Nations, presented to a full house at Madison Square Garden, been interviewed in various publications including The New York Times, and most recently featured in the film, The Living Matrix.

Based in Los Angeles, Pearl and Reconnective Healing elicit great interest from top doctors and medical researchers at hospitals, colleges and universities worldwide. Imminent scientists such as Dr. Gary Schwartz (University of Arizona), Dr William Tiller (Stanford Prof. Emeritus) and Dr. Konstantin Korovkov (St. Petersburg Technical University) are now measuring and beginning to unravel the mystery of why these frequencies have such an extraordinary impact.

We interviewed Dr. Pearl in a quiet moment in between his teaching Reconnective Healing on six continents.

From where comes the name of Reconnection and Reconnective Healing

The name “The Reconnection” comes from two specific insights, that what we are doing is reconnecting “strings,” (simultaneous planes of existence) and what we are doing is reconnecting “strands” (DNA strands). The brain doesn’t work the way we once believed. Remember those models of the brain that had individual areas circled on it, the ones that said that learning was in one area of the brain, speech in another, memory in another? Today we know that this information is diffuse throughout the brain. We also know that it is non-local. In other words, it exists in what science refers to as Zero Point Field, the infinite field energy, light and information. We play with this field all the time. When a child stares at another sleeping child until they wake up, they’re playing in the field. When we think of someone we haven’t thought about in 15 years, and 15 minutes later the phone rings and it’s them, we’re accessing that field. People who are geniuses, people who are psychics, people who are healers… all they’re doing is listening a little more instinctively to the field, and not second-guessing the information as it comes in.

How does a computer work? You have the computer hardware and you install a software program. The software allows you to access information from within the computer, and to access information from the internet field… out there… somewhere. Upgrade the software program and you get better access to the information in the computer, and better access to that internet field… out there… somewhere. What if our brains are our hardware? What if our DNA is our software? And what if what we are doing is reconnecting strands? Then what we are doing with this new level of healing is, in a sense, facilitating a human software upgrade. This upgrade allows us to better access information from the brain, and to better access information from that Zero Point Field, that multi-dimensional “internet” field… out there… or in here… somewhere.

You see, I don’t like the word “healing.” It makes it sound as if we always have to get “better” from something. In reality, healing is a far more comprehensive concept, for it includes our evolution as human beings, our evolution into multidimensional beings, our “reconnection” with the original truth and fullness of who and what we are… Spirit, as we go through our human physical experience.

How can you explain to a skeptic what is The Reconnection and how does it work? 

The true, neutral skeptic, meaning the person who comes without opinion one way or the other? Or the antagonistic skeptic, the person who’s not really a skeptic because they’ve made their mind up in advance and have no intention of openly examining the facts? As for the antagonistic skeptic, I wouldn’t waste my time. It takes away time and energy that could be better put to use educating those open to knowledge and growth. As for the true skeptic, I would simply explain that, according to the researchers, there appears to be a new level of healing that takes us beyond energy healing. It’s something that anyone can learn to access to help heal themselves and others. The research even shows that it restructures DNA! The healings it brings about are often fairly instantaneous and tend to last for a person’s lifetime. It’s presented at hospitals and universities. Over 70,000 people so far have learned the work including mainstream healthcare practitioners such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists and medical researchers, as well as laypeople. You can read about it in a book called “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself,” now in 36 languages. And if you would like to hear interviews with some of the researchers, you can find them on, a website that’s translated into approximately 20 languages.

I’ve read that you were the first skeptical about the events that happened in your office, then what convinced you that this is real  … Are you the proof? 

Well, there’s evidence and there’s proof. The evidence is in the scientific studies showing the effects on heart waves, brain waves, gamma waves. The measurements in the rooms where Reconnective Healing takes place that show levels of energy that the researchers say couldn’t possibly be reproduced unless they heated the room to over 300 degrees Centigrade. The consistent physical responses of many tens of thousands of people that occur when they experience Reconnective Healing… The proof is in the healings. The children with cerebral palsy who can walk, run, play and speak normally again. Those with epilepsy who no longer have seizures. The people who’ve regained their vision, their hearing, the use of their arms or legs, and the myriad other healings that occur on a daily basis.

 Do you feel you have a special gift?

The gift of this is that we no longer have to go to special “healers” in far off places of the world, nor do we have to learn tedious, fear-based and complicated energy healing “techniques” any longer. The gift is that this allows us to transcend these things and, in return, bring about greater healings for others. The challenge is whether we’re willing to transcend these things. Or you can say that the gift is that this allows us to completely de-mystify the healing process. The challenge is whether we are willing to allow the healing process to be de-mystified. And if we’re not willing to transcend the healing techniques, we need to ask ourselves “Why?” And if we’re not willing to de-mystify the healing process and allow it to become clear and transparent for everyone, then we need to ask ourselves “Why?” And if we’re not willing to ask ourselves “Why,” then we really need to ask ourselves why we’re not willing to ask ourselves “Why.” Because it is within that question that exists the next step into our own mastery.

-Do you consider yourself an instrument? 

Absolutely! We are all instruments and it is our responsibility to find how we best harmonize to create greater music. It’s the harmony of the endeavor. It’s in the music we co-create in the process. The more we allow ourselves to be a pure conduit, the more we are better able to go with the ebb and flow of the energy. You’re a specific instrument. You have to learn how to play yourself. The more you hear and attune your ear to the harmony, the clearer the music comes through your life, the sweeter the melody. Trust the melody.

-Why we talk about healing and not knowledge of itself in its movement.

Three of the most important words in the healer’s lexicon are “I don’t know.” This is because when we say we know the answer, we stop learning right there on the spot. We say “this is right and this is wrong, this is right and that is wrong, this is right and the other is wrong…” We view everything that’s outside of our “right” box as being wrong. Yet if we’re willing to rise above the ego-based need to “know” the answers and, instead, say “I don’t know,” we find that we suddenly open up to a world of possibilities. We say “I don’t know, however I see this possibility and that. And if I connect this possibility with that one or this with another one, I get a yet better answer.” Which of course isn’t really an answer at all… It’s the next expansion of insight that allows us to ask yet better questions. Because our growth comes in the questioning. Philosophy is about the questions, not the answers. We learn not so much from the answers that we discover, but from the growth we experience through asking the questions and exploring the possibilities.

-How can you explain something as extraordinary as the Reconnection can be taught and learned in a seminar levels.

To be a healer, you don’t need to spend $40,000 on a four-year course studying other healers and hypnotists through the ages. To paraphrase Dr. Reginald Gold, a chiropractor and present-day philosopher, that doesn’t make you a healer, that makes you a historian. In other words, most healing schools don’t teach healing at all; they teach the history of certain healers. You’ll learn what this healer thought, what that healer thought, and if you’re particularly unlucky, you’ll learn what you’re supposed to think, too. Healing isn’t about collecting knowledge, it’s about stepping into a state of “knowingness.” At the seminars you interact with what science refers to as the Reconnective Healing Spectrum, a new spectrum of healing that takes us beyond what is accessible via energy healing and it’s complex techniques and brings us into an evolved, more comprehensive healing spectrum of energy, light and information. We become changed simply by interacting with it. Scientific hypotheses vary on how it does this. Some say that it activates something that’s been dormant in human beings. Others say that it brings something new into existence. The changes in our DNA from interacting with this new healing spectrum are, so far, unexplainable and, therefore, are the impetus for the new and ongoing international research on what makes Reconnective Healing so unique and different than anything we’ve seen here before. And, so, by going through this actual physiological evolutionary change that you experience at the seminars, your very presence effects the physiology, the consciousness and the healing of not only yourself, but of others with whom you interact as well.

What happens at the seminars that on the Friday night of the seminar weekend we give a three-hour presentation where I speak about how the healings came about, the theory, the philosophy, the science of it. Then we bring some people up and give live demonstrations of the healings so that you can see the reality of it, maybe on yourself or your friends. And after that we allow everyone there to feel it in your hands. But Saturday and Sunday are different. It’s a real working seminar. Don’t come if you think we’re all going to sit around, hold hands and drum. What happens is that we demonstrate a level of the work from the stage. Then we all go to massage tables in groups of two or four and work with partners. I walk around to each of the tables and so does our international team of teaching assistants. We show you how to access, to find and to feel the frequencies. And as you do, you will most likely see the body of the person who is lying on the table begin to move involuntarily. Their fingers, their feet, their arms and/or legs. Their eyes will probably begin to rapidly dart back and forth. Even the tiny muscles on the forehead or the chin, muscles that we can’t easily move intentionally or independently, will go into involuntary movement. Then we show you how to move to another area around the person and discover other sensations, and you’ll most likely see different movements come about on the person. And as you begin to see and recognize that when you tune in certain sensations, the person responds physically one way, and as you locate and access other sensations, they visibly respond in another way, you start to recognize your mastery in the work. In your seeing lies your knowingness. And in your knowingness lies even more seeing. And in both lie your mastery. Your transcend the training wheels of accumulating knowledge, and step into your mastery of healing. Yes, it only takes one weekend. And by the end of that weekend, I can pretty much make you two promises. One, you’ll be able to do anything and everything that I can do in the way of healing. And, two, you’ll be able to do anything and everything that any human being on this planet can do in the way of healing, even if they were raised by monks in a cave on a mountaintop in Tibet and fed grains of seed, each one flown in separately in the beaks of individual blessed birds! It’s not about the story, it’s about transcending the story. It’s not about the techniques, it’s about transcending the techniques. It’s about de-mystifying the healing process and discovering that we can all access this work equally well, equally exquisitely. 

-What future prospects do you have for The Reconnection in a complex world such as ours here in the West? 

We are standing on the precipice of the next level of human evolution. And as we reconnect with the truth of who and what we are, we shine as the light that we are, we illuminate our own lives and we illuminate the lives of others. And as this work spreads, we raise the health, consciousness and vibration of everyone on the planet and, therefore, of the planet itself.

For more information on Reconnective Healing Seminars in your area, visit or call (323) 960-0012.

The Next Reconnective Healing Seminar is slated for Nov. 8-10 in Toronto ONT. An initial Friday evening “Essence of Healing” presentation by Dr. Eric Pearl is open to the public for a $21CAD/$18US fee. To learn more, go to for more information or call (323) 960-0012. To see a video clip, visit


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