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Precognition – a Glimpse of the Future

Have you ever had an image suddenly appear to your inner eye that manifested in reality some weeks latr? For several months, I was seeing subtle but clear signals that a health crisis was coming up for me… The first was when we had to rush my mother to hospital a few months ago… I kept getting the sensation that I would be riding in an ambulance soon myself, and this time not in the passenger seat… but I passed it off as a reaction to the fear and anxiety I felt for Mom in the moment… then there was an odd image that flew into my head one evening as I went to bed… a strange man in a surgical mask leaning over me, looking rather concerned… and then a few weeks later, I flashed on an image of someone preparing an injection, I could see the fluid shooting out of the needle as it was being set to the exact dose…. All these precognitive thoughts and images manifested in reality this month.

As a psychic, I am quite accustomed to the moments of precognition that seem to come from nowhere. At the very least, I will notice and register the images or words in my memory bank to see what meaning they may have over the next weeks. I think most of us experience precognitive thoughts at some point in our lives, but we often don't pay attention… discounting them as irrelevant… So, what is precognition?

Precognition: knowledge of a future event or situation, especially through extrasensory means.

Precognition comes in flashes for me, the sudden appearance of an image, or a few words, or a full-blown thought. They come out of the blue, unexpectedly, disconnected from whatever I might have been thinking about or doing when the thought appeared. Precognitive images have a certain clarity or sparkle to them, words are distinct, no doubting what was seen or heard… what is most interesting to me is that they don't necessarily carry any particular fear… and while they usually manifest in the way I saw or heard them, and usually within a few weeks or months, they don't always represent what I think they do… an easy example… last summer I flashed on the image of a big fire truck parked across from our house… it worried me of course, but I kept getting the message not to worry, there would be no fire… sure enough, some weeks later I looked out my bedroom window to see a big fire truck parked across the street and several firemen in gear going from door to door in our little community… they were checking on smoke alarms, offering them free to any homes that didn't have enough working in their homes…

There is no real explanation for the precognitive throughts and images that fly through your mind – often unnoticed. But they give us a glimpse of what's coming up for us… sometimes to warn, as in my health crisis, sometimes just because… perhaps to keep us on our toes, attentive to the fact that we can know a lot more than we might think… Notice those thoughts and images that come out of nowehere, grab onto them as they flit through your mind… you may be surprised at how often you are able to get a peek at what's coming in your life.

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