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Platitudes or Proverbs?

When I first connected with the Universal Principles, I was fascinated at the realization that my mother had been subtly conditioning me to work with some of these basic principles about how the world functions…. and in the process, had set me up to work with energy, metaphysics and even concepts like the Law of Attraction

It seemed Mom had a saying for every situation when we were growing up: There's a reason for everything, God has a plan, Don't wear your heart on your sleeve, Every cloud has a silver lining, Life is what you make it. It doesn't rain, but it pours, A change is as good as a rest, A penny saved is a penny earned… the list is endless…

Words have power… When I recognized how Mom's sayings had impacted me  – basically forming my core beliefs about myself and the world – I saw that they had been kind of imprinted on my soul, so deeply planted in my subconscious that I no longer noticed how they guided my choices in life. These old adages had shaped my approach to life, along with my attitudes and values.

As we mature, we are inclined to dismiss many of these old sayings as simple platitudes – trite, banal, meaningless, shallow wisdom… Platitudes like  "God works in mysterious ways" and "Nobody's perfect".are generally a form of thought-terminating cliché, a comment used to end a thread in conversation and to signal a change in direction…. But before we dismiss them as meaningless and valueless, we ought to notice that these statements are, in a sense, the way we teach or condition the next generations,… and they reflect what we also were taught.

Whether we think of our platitudes as proverbs, adages, or truisms, they reflect cultural values, and transmit the attitudes and beliefs of the family and community to our children.

The sayings we pass from generation to generation identify how we are expected to behave, feel or think… When someone hurts us, we are reminded to let it go with statements like "what goes around, comes around" "what's done is done." "Time heals all wounds." When our plans in life change, we are told to "Go with the flow" or something like "You know what they say: when the going gets tough…",  While many of these "sayings" cross cultural boundaries, each community or group will pass on their own unique sayings that reflect the attitude that will be expected of each individual in the group – as in the Girl Guides motto, "Be Prepared."

For some useful insights to the beliefs and altitude instilled in you from childhood, think back to the the platitudes or proverbs or adages that were common amongst your family, friends or educators…

Then leave a comment and tell me what old sayings you grew up with…

 (It seems that a lot of other people share my interest in these old sayings since I found a number of interesting lists when I searched the web for platitudes and old sayings.)

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