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2018 has had a bumpy start for many. With the New Year's energy and some significant planetary shifts, we have been pressed into clearing any leftover baggage from 2017, a rather rocky year for a lot of people. The clearing work is definitely worthwhile since 2018 should bring a much smoother ride, at least on personal levels.

2018 is an 11 year – 11 is a master number associated with magnetism, electricity, originality and intuition.  This is a year when people can be mobilized to come together behind a great cause. Diplomats, mediators and peacemakers will be called to action – and will have the universe backing their success.

Beware any electrical storms this year – they will have the potential to be very dangerous… fortunately, the media will offer timely warnings – mind the weather alerts when they come.

The media could play  a more positive role in 2018…accusations of publishing false news are limited to a few sources. And they do some good work in covering the "Me Too" movement, changing attitudes around the abuse of power.

A word of caution… in the 80's there were many prophecies of the "big one" – a major earthquake that was about to erupt on the west coast, prompting a number of moves east… I had a very strong feeling that there was nothing to all the talk… when I asked my guides if there was any real danger, their affirmed that the panic was definitely premature… they would not give me a specific time when this event might occur but told me to watch for the mud slides, they could be a harbinger of dangers to come.  There have been issues of mudslides along the California coast before now, but never before have they caused such devastation as they have this year.  The combination of a long drought which led to intense fires, then followed by heavy rains wreaks havoc, incredible destruction, in its wake… I am concerned that this series of disasters may just be the warning shots… again a year to stay back from the coastlines and river banks.

There is also a clear reminder to be very aware of your surroundings this year, notice not only what is around you but who… let yourself feel the energy of your environment – and when it feels "off," leave… there may be nothing to it, but then again, we have had good reason to be wary of lone strangers with evil in their hearts. Trust your instincts to recognize when there is danger in the air…. and don't be too trusting of others this year…

On a completely different note, we'll see a many shades of purple this year. Purple is the colour associated with spirit, and with royalty…. Millions of people will be watching Prince Harry's wedding this year… and many will also be seeking a deeper meaning in their lives and circumstances, feeling a greater need to be connected with spirit and our Source.

Love is in the air in 2018… and while this may be a good year to find that special someone, the message this year is to notice the love that comes to you from so many sources, siblings, friends, neighbours, family, pets, even nature…

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