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Danielle Predicts for August

Strength, Courage, Acceptance (especially of self), Determination

The most important message of the Strength card is to accept what IS, to stand tall in your world, ready and determined to move along your true path.

The Strength card symbolizes the inner forces that help carry us forward throughout life. It signals the need to bring spirituality into our material world. We are urged to notice that the inner qualities of love, patience and gentleness are ultimately more powerful than material power, force or hate. Force of character, spiritual power, personal integrity will overcome material power.

We are asked to develop inner strength in order to preserve, persevere and enjoy life. With this strength we are able to face the questions in our lives, to cope with the changes, both good and bad. Strength is about the belief we have in ourselves…. the strength of wisdom and belief, conviction….the more we believe in ourselves, the more the barriers fall.

August is a time when love triumphs over hate, higher nature over unhealthy desires. The opposing desires of spirituality vs. physicality can be consciously brought into balance with courage and perseverance… this is the month to choose the High Road.

Be aware that gentleness will accomplish what force cannot in this period…. and also that there are no shortcuts, you must rely only your own resources to achieve your goals.

We are asked to accept and contain the powerful and savage beast within us, while still honoring and preserving those instinctual animal qualities which are creative and vital to our survival and success.

Strength tells us that a collision with the lion within is almost inevitable – we will be pushed to find a way to creatively handle our rage and senseless pride. Courage, strength and self-discipline are necessary to transform and connect with our inner hero.  Now we are learning to deal with our own egotism, and to trust ourselves and the strength of character, the integrity that we can bring forward in our relationships with others.

What you can expect this August

If you have been thinking of bringing a new furry friend into your life, this is a great month to find just the perfect pet. You are reminded also to pay attention to all animals, all the critters of the land and sea, tame and wild, this month… we are being called to action as their caretakers.

You may find yourself feeling a solid sense of "me." Connecting with the Lion in us can lead to sensations of invincibility, an inner permanence… you not so affected by others' opinions… we have settled into our own indestructible sense of identity.

On the down side, you could get caught up in a "me first" drive and be quite happy to destroy anyone or anything in your path, so long as you can get what you want.

Beware of temper tantrums, unhealthy anger bursting forth…. pride getting in your way…. you could find yourself filled with a bombastic self-importance that appears savage and unrelenting and thus could destroy some relationships.

August is the time to be ready, willing, and able…

What do you want to achieve??

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