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Danielle Predicts For October


Queen of Staves/Wands/Fire—Queen of the Thrones of Flame
Mature Woman, Exuberance, creativity, initiatory self, inspiration

The Queen of Wands encourages us to be creative, courageous and loyal in our relationships. This Queen can represent the nurturing and gentle force that Earth Mothers express. She pushes us to connect with our personal power, to believe in ourselves and our ability to create the life we want.

With the Queen of Wands reigning, we are probably more focused on home this month, perhaps taking time for a creative project or to do a little redecorating.

This month gets off to a slow and bumpy start. The feeling here that we might want a "do over" – as if we are not happy with the events of the first few days of the month and would wish to be able to turn back the clock… my sense is that this is referring to the great tragedy in Las Vegas. We are definitely not happy with what the universe delivers as the month opens.. the sense of a great setback here, yet we continue to move forward.

October will be a month of intense ups and downs.. a moodiness affecting us… a sense of emotional turmoil, personally and universally… we are struggling still to grasp the tremendous losses of the past few months… and some are at the end of their ropes, an intense despair settling over those involved in massive recovery efforts as a result of Mother Nature's choice to give the planet a good shake… I'm afraid the shaking is not over yet…

The Queen of Wands is warm, heartening and inspiring… her presence suggests that generosity is favoured at this time… random acts of kindness go a long way to lifting people's spirits…. there is a "giving" energy driving us to be thoughtful of those in need.

This queen represents what today's woman aspires to: loyalty, love in relationship, strength, ingenuity, creativity and tireless energy. She reminds us to rule our own worlds on our own terms… this is a woman who is self-confident, able to stand on her own without leaning on a partner.

What you can expect this October

The Queen of Wands also tells to attend to our relationships, including our relationship with self… consider the ways that you can be an inspiration to those around you.

You will want to be very practical this month. especially in matters of finance.. not the time for risk-taking… but it is the time to initiate action, especially around any creative projects. We will need to practice both courage and authority. We will see how to be both loyal and insightful in our relationships.

If you are a woman, you have the capacity to feel secure in your emotional needs; if you are a man, begin to see where you are already (or can begin to be) in touch with the feminine aspects of your personality and recognize them as a source of inspiration.

We are challenged this month to develop qualities of warmth, constancy, loyalty and the ability to creatively sustain a vision of the future… be prepared to look ahead this month, to consider your options for achieving your goals.

This is a time when you or the people around you are filled with warmth and enthusiasm for life…. you are connecting with the joy within…

After months of struggle, storms, earthquakes, and yes, of course, terrorist activity and anxiety building over North Korea's aggressive actions, the month of October brings a new sense of balance, a greater sense of harmony reigning, in our personal and work lives, and even at global levels… you could say that October gives us the gift of a cease fire, a pause in the struggling, a chance to catch our breath before the next onslaught of news-making events.

What do you want to achieve??

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