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Danielle Predicts for March

knightpent KNIGHT OF PENTACLES (Or Prince of Pentacles)
Young Man; Efficiency, potentiality

With the Knight of Pentacles appearing, we are told that that the month of March will be about being useful, committed to action, and thorough. Trustworthiness is a priority, and could lead us to question our leaders, our partners, our teachers, ourselves – or all of the above.  This is the time when we are calling for honest, reliable answers.
This Knight is not a glamorous figure, but he is capable of great contentment because his achievements are always related to his desire to be realistic and humble. This is a quality we will want to embrace this month – it allows us to accept with good grace a job which may be boring yet must be done and encourages us to be diligent about tending to the tasks of ordinary living.
This knight tells us that it is time to develop that dimension of our personality which is comfortable and firmly anchored in the mundane tasks of simply living.
Hard works produces the desired result… March is a time to stay on the path, to follow through on the directions you have set for yourself… don’t leave things up to chance, make a plan and follow through – and choose tasks that fit with your abilities.
The Knight Of Pentacles suggests that being physical, goal-oriented and competent can enable you to carry out your objective with steadfastness and endurance.. This knight also suggests the possibility of some financial gain, the achievement of a modest financial goal. He tells us that this is not the time to expect results on our “big” dreams, but if we are steadfast in our efforts, we can succeed in achieving our smaller goals and this can ultimately lead to a more obvious success or prosperity.
You are reminded to be patient and responsible, to act with integrity in this period, to do a good job for the sake of doing a good job, as opposed to expecting immediate rewards for your efforts…
The Knight of Pentacles is a simple man, connected to nature and the land… He's definitely not the life of the party, although he does enjoy some socializing, he will most often settle into a corner of the room and observe. He reminds us to notice what's going on around us, especially in nature. We are reminded also to work hard for what we want in life. He tells us that this is the time to be industrious, humble, gentle, hard-working.  This is a man you can count on. While he may not be the life of the party, he is reliable, kind.. we are being asked to develop these characteristics, to comfortably and firmly anchor ourselves in the simple tasks of living.

What you can expect this March

If you have been looking to purchase or sell a house, this is a good month for property transactions..
Watch for a dark-haired male to enter the picture in this period, perhaps on the global level providing some leadership on the economic front, but also in your personal life… he appears as an industrious, humble, gentle, hard-working young man, perhaps lacking in imagination, but rich in the qualities of reliability and gentleness… watch also for an opportunity to learn more about this side of yourself.
If you’re looking for love, you could meet an interesting but rather quiet dark-haired person this month… although you may be inclined to overlook him or her, don’t… you could be overlooking a good prospect for a committed relationship.
With the Knight of Pentacles influencing us this months, we might best keep our heads down and our eyes focused on the task at hand… a time to be willing to work without complaint, to trust that eventually our willingness to work hard will pay off.

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