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Danielle Predicts for April

Competition, collaboration, irritation, confusion, strife

The 5 of wands is a rather appropriate card for this April as we all deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic… 5’s are all about change and here we are now with another change of season, energies are shifting, new life is stirring. And the 5 of Wands is about struggle, this card symbolizes trouble on the concrete level. The struggle embodied in the Five of Wands requires more than persistence and loyalty to a vision; it also requires a gut sense of timing and a feeling of how the laws of the material world operate.

This month could be especially good for some business, – or getting back to business – the sense of a stronger focus on sorting out some of our economic issues, new trade agreements fall into place, Personal Protective Equipment and ventilators are finally making it to the people who need them, so there is the feeling of a “back to business” attitude in the air… but the frustrations continue through most of the month… bold changes are necessary, but face a lot of resistance. COVID-19 is still active and we must continue to be cautious and conscientious.. still, people are getting a little irritable with the restrictions, tired of the stay home limitation.

The Five of Wands also speaks to the need to be patient, listening… willing to learn and to change… we may be challenged in our personal lives to be more disciplined and organized, to find productive outlets for our restlessness… Conflicting ideas are causing a sense of chaos.

The number Five is associated with uncertainty.  We are facing a barrage of obstacles. Even if you feel the pressure of mounting stress, draw on your inner reserves of strength and meditate to retain your clarity. Face the challenge of competition (this is how our ‘muscles’ get strengthened, after all), reassess your existing attitudes (which is always a good idea), and always watch for new opportunities within the struggles of everyday life.

Spring is on the way. Be strong in the face of the adversity of the last few breaths of winter. *smile* Though the struggle may seem outward, be sure to see that in reality, it may well be happening also on the inside.

What you can expect this April

Large gatherings are cancelled in the short-term… best to adopt a wait and see attitude before changing dates past May. It will take at least another month for the virus to be contained so that people feel safe out in public. Life may take on a sense of normalcy again by June.

Get ready for change, new life and new openings. If you are applying for a new job or a new apartment, be prepared to deal with some competition.  A suggestion here to be open to collaborating on any new projects.

Cabin fever could have a lot of us itching to play when we need to be focused on staying safe and healthy. This is the time to take that restless energy and pour it into a home project like clearing the clutter… clean out your closets and drawers, get rid of everything you don’t need, like or use.

The financial markets are in panic mode right now…. my best advice is to hold on, losses can be recovered… this storm will pass. Balance will be restored.

You’ll need to be flexible, avoid resisting the struggle and the changes demanded at this time. We are called to attend to the demands and limits of concrete reality…. be willing to compromise to achieve your goals.

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