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 Danielle Predicts For August


The Page of Cups (Sometimes known as Princess of Cups) 
 Young Person or Child; A messenger, a service rendered

The Page of Cups tells us to listen to our inner voices, trust our instincts and pay attention to our dreams… This page also suggests that water could prove to be an issue this month, either in the form of intense rain, or as a lack of water or rain in some areas, reservoirs are being depleted. …

Ine good reason for paying attention to your instincts is to help you see creative opportunities and avoid obstacles… be careful not to get caught so up in daydreaming that you end up missing some important cues… this is a time to act on your dreams… flights of imagination are a waste of time this month, it is what you DO that matters now..

While we can expect a quiet and gentle period… be alert, there is a lot of activity going on under the surface of our lives… there is danger in the air…. perhaps both figuratively and literally.  Last month I warned of the dangers that North Korea could pose:

"The issue of spying may be of particular concern around North Korea… it is keen to build on its recent successes and is not averse to stealing technology and resources, and creating confusion by various attacks on the web… here is a young leader who is mad, desperate to be recognized as a world leader, determined to gain control, blackmailing other countries into submission with threats of attack. Chinese delegates will attempt to reason with him, and may even threaten a withdrawal of support… but there is no reasoning with a madman. The world needs to be very alert and responsive to any threats emanating from North Korea."

This month, North Korea seems to pose the greatest threat of danger… there is a sense that all eyes are on North Korea, and their leader is gleeful that he has been able to create such fear in what he perceives to be his enemies. His childishness could trigger another war… sanctions will not work because his country has already been isolated, He is in denial around the well-being of his people, most very poor; in his mind he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Again, young people are of some concern this month – my first thought is how innocent young children may be coerced into giving up their lives to the "cause", unsuspected youngsters carrying bombs into crowded spaces – all because they want to help the cause, and have been encouraged to believe that giving up their lives would be a small sacrifice to make.

Addictions and issues surrounding them like safe injection sites may also be highlighted in the news this month, many expressing deep concern over the increasing dangers of using opioids

Interestingly, I have a sense we could find that terrorist activity is rather subdued this month, the sense that their power is waning – and they feel it…they seem to lack firm leadership now… yet they are determined not to admit defeat.

This Page suggests that wishes can come true this month… something new, creative and loving is due to come into our lives.

What you can expect this August

Be alert and wary of large groups of young people gathering… either in rebellion, taking up a cause, or young people attending concerts… even though security is tight, radicals could  find a "hole." They are determined to wreak havoc and create fear wherever they can…

Be willing to accept help when it is offered – especially from a young person… I am also picking up that there is a focus on young people helping young people this month… I am amused at other images that come here… as young people return to school, their teachers may find they are a little frustrated getting their students' focus back on their studies..

The Page of Cups augers a renewal of the capacity to love, beginning with a love of self… A time of self-discovery is here, take advantage of this energy to open to new ideas and creative projects.

What do you want to achieve??

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