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 Danielle Predicts For December

Opportunity, preparation, group energy, fate, luck, successful enterprise

The Three of Wands encourages us to co-operate with others… it tells us that team work will produce a better and bigger result than anything a single individual can do. It reminds us of the value of team work..

The Three of Wands tells you that you have established yourself in some way and asks you to notice the details of your world, pay attention to your environment and your connections.. You could find some support coming from some unexpected sources.

This is a time when you are challenged to avoid pride and arrogance about your position in life.  Be open to others… a child-like innocence is worth adopting for a time…allow yourself to take life one day at a time.

You could find that you have an opportunity to be part of a team where each brings their own unique skills to the group.. a sense of a successful outcome for any such projects at this time.

I would say that this card is encouraging healing between various groups, opportunities to develop independently while working with others effectively, so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This may suggest also a new spirit of co-operation at the global and national level – our leaders are attempting to unify diverging points of view.

This is a time for building bridges in relationships. And for planting seeds, as opposed to reaping rewards. The efforts you put into your life now will produce great results in the future.

There appears to be some cause for the celebration of completion of some significant creative projects. Good ideas appear to be easily gathering the necessary resources needed as though it has been prodded by some divine intervention.

But before you get too excited, the Three of Wands reminds you that there is a lot of hard work ahead if you intend to achieve your goals. While this month appears to offer a high point in your plans, it reminds you to remain steadfast in the face of delays, changes in plans and simply the fact that there is more work to do that you first thought.

The message of the Three of Wands is to enjoy some satisfaction while you can because you are not finished yet… your ideas must be put to the test and this may stretch you almost to your limits.

This card implies a stage of initial completion of a creative idea or project, the end of a phase.  Good foundations have been laid, folks are excited and there is a feeling of optimism in the air… but there is more to do before this project or idea can be fully realized.

This is a time when you can reap some rewards from your efforts, the results are starting to show… it is time now to form partnerships and alliances with others so you can advise each other and work together as a team. This is not the time to try to go it alone, rather, seek those who will match you in terms of effort and will bring skills, resources and support that are needed  to fully realize your plans.

What do you want to achieve??

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