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Danielle Predicts for November

Nightmare, worry, depression, hopelessness, between a rock and a hard place, concern, intense anxiety, despair, misfortune, stress, inspiration in the night

The Nine of Swords is a worrisome card, and with Mercury retrograde until Nov 21, this month will definitely present  some challenges… Delays are possible, technical and mechanical breakdowns could wreak havoc.

 This is a good time for “re” work: review, re-evaluate, rethink, rediscover, all activities that make the most of this month’s energy.

The Nine of Swords heralds a period of great anxiety and foreboding about the future… Climate change may continue to be in the news. The weather seems to create great concern in many parts of the globe.

Some of us may be afflicted with a corrosive sense of guilt or an overwhelming fear of the calamities possible in the future. We are asked to examine where our guilt about the past influences our fears…. thus freeing ourselves to create a happier outcome.

This card reminds us that pain and sorrow are only the other side of joy and happiness… we are encouraged to have faith… you may want to take on the pain of the world to protect others from suffering… focus on being upbeat this month, despite the cold and dark that seems to shroud the days this month.

What you can expect this November

Pay attention to your dreams and the thoughts that are with you as you awaken.  Your dreamworld may offer some useful insights that month.

There could be a death in the news, perhaps someone or some organization that has been much loved. Despair and anxiety could cause misery and a sense of hopelessness this month. But you are encouraged to keep moving forward, don’t look back.

Winter may make an early appearance this year…. November may prove to be a very cold month, snow falling weeks ahead of the usual winter schedule.

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