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Danielle Predicts for October

Page of Pentacles
Young Woman or Child, Entitlement, Good News

The Page of Pentacles can be associated with the astrological sign of  Aquarius.  She/He encourages us to take a scholarly and very practical approach to our lives in this period…and to apply what we have learned to our current circumstances. Seek out solid, well-researched information before making any significant moves or decisions.

This page signals some material success this month – new trade agreements should be the news. Not surprising that the new USMCA agreement was just announced covering trade between the US, Mexico and Canada. We will learn more about it and its impact this month.

We may find small sums of money coming this month – and we are reminded to save and nurture them rather than spend them as being insignificant.

We are challenged to take a studious approach to life, to be mindful of the need to respect and research new ideas and knowledge…. and to trust our instincts.

This is a time for gentle, delicate new beginnings… and to nurture and protect these – to avoid neglect… the message here is to not undervalue your assets.

The Page of Pentacles brings news of material matters, helpful information and practical assistance…. but we must be flexible, willing to adjust our plans and attitudes.

The key message for this month is that care, gentleness and time are needed to materialize the potential in the future. Be thoughtful and careful about managing your material assets and you can achieve your short-term goals.

The Page of Pentacles tells us to be practical with decisions… a time to choose function over form…to be purposeful in your plans and actions…. and trust your instincts, your gut will tell you how to make up your mind to your best advantage.

This month we gain new understanding if life's mysteries as we bear witness to the death and regeneration of life through the seasonal cycles. This Page heralds the bud of a new beginning… a gentle delicate bud of recognition reminding us to nurture it and protect it from being crushed through undervaluing it and thus neglecting it…. this page reminds us to move with the seasons….

What you can expect this October

If you are a student, taking a class or workshop or attending a seminar this month, you will enjoy getting serious about studying… this is the right time to embrace any opportunities to gain new knowledge….also great time for starting a new project or getting involved in a new hobby which may start as just as idea and end up making you some money or develop into a full-time profession. This is a time to take life seriously on every level, and to especially go gently around any new beginnings. You are called to be responsible and hard-working.

You will need to be flexible in this period, willing to make changes in your plans, especially around your work and finances…. and you are asked to care for your health more thoughtfully so you have the energy bring your potential into fruition…. look at ways you can improve your diet, take up some new exercise, and relax a little more.

You could find a young person willing to offer you some useful information or practical assistance this month… this is a reliable person who can help you turn a profit or improve your financial position. If you are considering the purchase or sale of some property, this would be a good time for some positive action around it.

This page says you are best advised to approach new projects with enthusiasm, Study hard, apply what you've learned and you'll reap positive rewards this month. Seek out solid, well-researched information before making any moves.

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