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Danielle Predicts for May

Romance, unified love, partnership, communion, relationship

The Two of Cups represents all that is clear and true, supportive and comforting in romantic, familial and business partnership. It also speaks to the union and harmony of the sexes.

This card says that there is potential for the development of a loving union and room for passions to grow. Be alert for a heartfelt emotional exchange of some sort.

If you’ve been searching for love, this could be the time when you make a real connection. Loving unions are in the spotlight this month.

The Two of Cups tells us that May is the right time to develop partnerships, whether in romance, business, or politics.

However, the expression “partners in crime” comes to mind, especially around issues of the environment… it seems that our leaders are in synch in choosing to favour profit-making while ignoring the obvious warnings of environmental chaos approaching. All of us, wherever we are, must pressure our governments to react to the growing threats of disaster.

Fortunately, May looks like a relatively gentle month, although many people are dealing with the aftereffects of the spring floods….communities in many parts of the world are focussed on cleaning up as the waters recede; an unprecedented number of people have been forced to abandon their homes. This month we see neighbour helping neighbour, new partnerships formed to help shoulder the burden of rebuilding where that is possible.

You don’t want to be going it alone this month… you are best advised to reach out for help… this is a time when 1+1 =3… meaning that together, two people can accomplish more than the sum of what each could do individually.

What you can expect this May

The Two of Cups heralds a time of harmony in joint efforts. Relationships of all types are highlighted here…. and if you have been waiting for a proposal, this could be the month when it will manifest.

Expect to open a new relationship in the next weeks. An interesting connection comes to the fore. Or you could find that you looking at a reconciliation in an existing relationship that has recently been troublesome. If you have separated from someone you care for, you could find that you are building bridges and reestablishing your connection.

If you are in business, watch for a meeting in which terms are discussed and you agree to contractual arrangements. Perhaps some of the contentious international trade agreements will be settled finally.

What do you want to achieve??

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