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What’s Happening to Planet Earth?

What’s Happening to Planet Earth?

Global Warming?
Poles melting and shifting?
Mother Earth seems to be in revolt… Ancient prophecies are manifesting.

We believe that Mother Earth is responding to the New Millennium with a demand for cleansing.

She is shifting her own weight finally, no longer able to bear the weight of our abuse.

She is forcing a shift in consciousness, demanding more love and respect.

Wherever she feels the dark energy is overwhelming, she is working with the intense astrological forces that are influencing these times to force change.

When all is said and done, we believe this will prove to be one of our world’s most phenomenal times… the weather, the political and economic structures, the environment, the very earth itself is shifting and changing… creating a whole new world before our very eyes.

For some years now Global Psychics has quite accurately predicted the global weather and environmental conditions year by year, and in the process we noticed an escalation in the storm patterns beginning back in 1991. By last year, we were convinced that we were heading into a tumultuous time, a time of devastating storms and natural disasters occurring so frequently that we would no longer notice that the entire planet is being battered into a new kind of submission. However, we believe that it’s critical to be attentive and noticing of the changes occurring. The time has come for us to take responsibility for what we are creating. By watching the weather and the environment, we can see the mass consciousness at work, and more easily address the specific healing that is required.

The weather is behaving so strangely planet-wide, that there appears almost a media blackout, in this case unintentional, there is simply too much happening everywhere to report all of it. Even the Earth Watch reports that used to provide a fairly accurate global picture of what is occurring, where, can no longer keep up with the environmental problems being reported from just about every corner of the globe.

Since the weather and Mother Earth are good indicators of the “mood” here on planet earth, reflecting back to us our desires for cleansing or for nourishment, we feel it is relevant to be paying attention to the Earth Changes occurring and how they relate to other major world events.

Since we began this section, we have received reports from just about every corner of the globe, describing phenomenal storms and rare natural disasters. Help us track what’s happening in your part of the world, contribute your news.

Since 2006-06-14, there has been exceptional amount seismic activity in the Aleutian Islands , and according to the ‘Alaska Earthquake Information Centre’, 2006-06-15, , the northern section of the Pacific Tectonic Plate appears to be rotating clockwise. Also, the ‘Scripps Institution of Oceanography’ at an increase in geologic pressure on the San Andreas Fault and may soon be the cause an earthquake of Mag. 8 in California .

Crisis point will soon be reached when the Polar Regions are subjected to unprecedented seismological movement, and subsequently, these upheavals will dislodge the ice-sheets and glaciers enmasse. ( Nb. The ice-sheets which impede the flow of the ice mass from landmasses have been badly eroded in past ten years by an increase in atmospheric and ocean temperatures as a result of ‘Global Warming’.) As a consequence of this substantial loss of mass, the weight distribution of the Earth’s surface will become destabilized, and so result in an abrupt ‘Crust Displacement or Axis Change’ of magnitude 12 ; and settle only when the crustal weight distribution attains equilibrium.

My warning given on this matter – June 17, 2006 – has been responded to by the offices of PM’s John Howard and Tony Blair and Vice-President Dick Cheney. The best thing you can do now is prepare the world for the worst !

Kind regards, John Berbatis Perth , Australia

Aloha Danielle, just another odd thing here. The weather pattern we are experincing in Hawaii seems to be unprecidented. There has been a very strong low pressure system that is nearly stationary up to our north spinning in a countner-clockwise rotation pulling up moist air from the south and inundating the islands for about a month now.We normally have a trade wind pattern coming in from the east and southern direction storms are far and in between.As far as anyone can remember this is the first time in memory we have ever had a weather pattern like this. The effects on us has been very dramatic with lots of flooding and a 100 year old dam even bursting killing (7) people. Hotels flooded etc… Very very odd…. Just passing info your way. Aloha Mike Koerte Kekaha, HI.

Hello, I am writing to let you know that our weather here in the state of Montana has changed dramatically. Our winters have been very mild for the last few years. We have had very little snow, and more rain, very windy days and eves quite often and much warmer winters. Shorter winters and falls, and milder summers with lots of rain. Very short springs, with all seasons occurring too early or too late. Chris F.

Email us, tell us what’s happening in your part of the world.

From a special friend comes this advice:

For survivalists, I recommend a whole series of articles at as well as a list of the best books on self-reliance:

  • “The SAS Survival Handbook” John Wiseman. Collins Harvill 1986
  • “Back To Basics” Reader’s Digest Association 1992
  • “Tom Brown’s Field Guide to City & Suburban Survival ” Tom Brown, Jr. Berkley Books c. 1984
  • “Fieldbook” Boy Scouts of America. Get the latest edition.

The only good news in all this is that we have a whole year in which to get everything together before the possible reckoning.

Earth Changes

Strange Times Call for New Ways….

I’m in Baker City Oregon. The elevation at my house is 3443 according to GPS readings taken from my front deck. Baker is a high mountain desert situated in a high mountain valley between the Elkhorn and Eagle Cap mountain ranges. While classified as a high mountain desert we have many large pine, fir, and tamarack trees. Lots of natural spring water all year round. Lots of snow in the mountains and at least 14 inches in town during the winter. Lots of hot sun in the summer. The weather here normally shifts between winter and summer very quickly. So much so that many long time residents say there are only two seasons in Baker.

The last two years have been very odd. The summers are not quite so hot and don’t last very long. Summer here usually starts in mid April (spring) and ends around October (fall) with the first snow. Spring and fall are generally very warm with an occasional thunderstorm and rain shower. Usually this time of year it has warmed up and everyone is preparing their garden. This year however we still have snow on the ground. In fact, as I am typing it is snowing!!!!! Our first snow came the day before our harvest celebration (Halloween) this year which was at least 30 days earlier than I can remember it coming in the last 6 years. This is primarily a farming/ranching economy out this way. The farmers and ranchers here say we only have 3 seasons; calving, haying, and hunting :)

My wife an I have a modest garden which we are generally able to feed ourselves and our three daughters with all year round – with an occasional trip to the store for odds and ends. The spring and summer were so short last year that what we grew for the winter/fall were killed in an early freeze. In fact, the growing season here has become so short I suspect we will have real problems this year – and with it snowing right now – the prospects for our growing season look pretty bad.

The growing season in Baker has always been short because of our location/elevation – but last year was worse than normal and the folks out this way are really concerned about this year. Many of the 15,000+ people that live out here are able to make ends meet by growing their own food. This year has been very tight and we, with many others, have shared what extra we had with those that needed it. This next year I suspect we may be borrowing – or moving out, depending on what happens next.
One thing is for sure. Things are changing. John DeShiro

Recommendations from Global Psychics….

John, Thanks for sharing this story… and I encourage you to look up the angel messages on our site … it is possible to create a kind of oasis in the midst of these storms around us… it just takes a great deal of heart and will – think of how much you love your home and neighbours and call for help on behalf of all affected… you might be amazed at what miracles can occur.

I can empathize with your problems… we have predicted this type of natural disaster for a long time, the weather causing all kinds of freak situations, nature acting up in every way possible… the animal kingdom is showing the effects, as we are… I live in London Ontario and we are having similar problems… last year was awful!!! I live in one of the most abundant parts of the world, incredible fruits and vegetables, surrounded by large farms… but it was hard on the farmers last year, and heartbreaking to see field upon field under water where it should have been growing corn and wheat and soy beans… the vegetable crops were terrible, and many home gardeners were left very discouraged… my dad swears he’s given up after too many bad years… the last decade has given us only a few good seasons…

Fortunately for me, I was a bit prepared for this year… I saw a long winter of “endless snows” ahead when I looked last December, so I was expecting to see snow on the ground through to April… but we’ve only had one warm day, and the sun is such a rarity this year that everyone drops everything and heads outside the minute it shows up… When the snow finally melted we found our lawns “freezer-burned” – suffering from some kind of snow mould – there will be a big run on grass seed this year! By now the daffodils are usually in bloom, but we’re only seeing a few crocuses here and there and we’ve been warned to expect more cold weather before it warms up!

Still, I plan to make the best of it, many of my herbs weathered the winter in their protected spots – planted some hardy breeds…

So, my dear, the message for all of us is not only to take more control of our reality through taking control of our thoughts and feelings – and especially our fears, learning to generate more love… that’s the bigger message of course, but each of us must learn to apply it daily in our own little lives… to the weather and our communities and all around us… to start actively sending out energy to those who may need it.

And there is even more we can do… in our own little lives, to be more resourceful. in your case, I have several suggestions:

– learn to make your gardens more productive, and to do it naturally – for example, I have learned that crowding my garden has little effect on productivity, that I can double up in spaces by planting vegetables together that like each other – took a little research and it is probably a life-long learning curve for me, but it’s fun to work it out – my parents think I’m nuts, my garden is always a bit of a mess, but I get quite a lot of good stuff from it, just by doubling up…

– learn to talk with the devas and fairies and gnomes who supervise our gardens and all of nature…, call on all of the spirits who are residing in your space – some may be asleep and very grateful to be called into service at last, and call on the angels as you plant, activate the spiritual elements connected with all of nature by consciously connecting with them, asking for their help in learning to work and flow with the elements. You’d be surprised at how much a rock or a tree might have to say! The folks at Findhorn have produced amazing food in some of the most inhospitable terrain, and in very short growing seasons, so check out their methods… they talk to their plants…!

– get into container gardening, and invest in a small greenhouse that you can keep close to your home… I think many of us will have to do this over the next years. Doesn’t need to be big or fancy, or even heated, simply having a nicely protected glass house can add several weeks, even months to your growing season. And potting some plants in containers not only gives you a head start on the growing season, but some are quite happy to stay…. tomatoes can be quite happy to live in a container… and I grew some quite amazing broccoli one year in containers, in fact have done everything from peppers, beans and cucumbers to herbs, and even peas and corn in containers…

-finally, time to fine-tune your gardening skills, if you’re not already into organic gardening, to make the switch, but to learn also about different breeds, to search for plants that will give you more prolific harvests, are hardier… look for indigenous sources of seeds, and natural sources if you can!

Hope that helps. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle


By Alex Kirby BBC
Monday, 22 January, 2001

The world’s leading climatologists say global warming is happening faster than previously predicted.

Dr Robert Watson, IPCC They say world temperatures this century could rise by between 1.4 and 5.8 degrees Celsius.

Sea levels could also rise by tens of centimeters, threatening millions of people living in low-lying countries.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which has been meeting in Shanghai, China, says an increasing body of observations gives a collective picture of a warming world. And it says the evidence is stronger than before for a human influence on the climate.

The head of the United Nations Environment Programme, Dr Klaus Toepfer, said: “The scientific consensus presented in this comprehensive report about human-induced climate change should sound alarm bells in every national capital and in every local community”

Dr Robert Watson, who heads the panel of scientists advising the United Nations, said there could be massive implications in terms of water shortages, drought, damage to agriculture and the increased spread of disease, with developing countries worst hit.

Hottest decade

He said: “There’s no doubt the Earth’s climate is changing. The decade of the 1990s was the hottest decade of the last century and the warming in this century is warmer than anything in the last 1,000 years in the Northern Hemisphere.

“We see changes in climate, we believe we humans are involved and we’re projecting future climate changes much more significant over the next 100 years than the last 100 years.”

In this third assessment report of its Working Group One on the science of climate change, the IPCC updates its 1995 Second Assessment Report (Sar). It says its confidence in the ability of models to project future climates has increased, with the greatest uncertainty still arising from the effects on climate of clouds.

The report notes: “The observed changes in climate over time have been documented extensively by a variety of techniques. Many of these trends are now established with high confidence; others are far less certain.”

It gives details of several trends, for example:

– The global-average surface air temperature has increased since the mid-19th century

– In the last four decades, temperatures have risen in the lowest few kilometres of the atmosphere

– Snow cover and ice extent have decreased

– Global average sea level has risen, and ocean heat content has increased

– Some important aspects of the global climate appear unchanged. No significant trends of Antarctic sea-ice extent are apparent over the last 30 years, and there are no clear long-term trends discernible in the intensity and frequency of tropical storms.

Under a variety of scenarios it has prepared, the IPCC says temperature and sea level are projected to rise.

The range for globally-averaged surface air temperature increase by 2100 ranges from about 1.4 degrees Celsius to 5.8 degrees, an increase the report notes “would be without precedent during the last 10,000 years”. The projected sea level rise by 2100 is between 0.09 and 0.88 meters.

But the report does say that there are still many gaps in information and understanding. One priority, it says, is to “arrest the decline of observational networks in many parts of the world”.

The report says that emissions of greenhouse gases continue to warm the Earth’s surface, and that emissions of some types of aerosols help to cool it. It is clear that both are caused by human activities, although the report notes that natural factors, such as changes in solar output or volcanic eruptions, can also have an effect.

Carbon build-up

It estimates the warming caused by changes in solar energy since 1950 at about one-fifth of that attributable to carbon dioxide (CO2), and concludes that “natural agents have contributed small amounts” to warming over the last century.

The report quantifies the build-up of CO2 in the atmosphere. The concentration now is one-third more than in 1750, it says.

“The present CO2 concentration has not been exceeded during the past 420,000 years and likely not during the past 20 million years. The rate of increase is unprecedented during at least the past 20,000 years.

“Over two-thirds of the increase in atmospheric CO2 during the past 20 years is due to fossil fuel burning. The rest is due to land-use change, especially deforestation, and, to a lesser extent, cement production.”

Methane concentrations have increased by a factor of 2.5 since 1750, and those of nitrous oxide by 16%.

The Sar concluded in 1995: “The balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate.”

This report says there is now stronger evidence for a human influence on global climate. It concludes: “It is likely that increasing concentrations of anthropogenic greenhouse gases have contributed substantially to the observed warming over the last 50 years.”

The devastating Earthquake that hit Turkey a few days ago may signal the beginning of increased Earth movement’s world-wide, according to Gordon-Michael Scallion, futurist and editor of the Earth Changes Report. In his July/August report, he shared his visions for events that he saw occurring in August as a result of the eclipse and the Great Cross. Turkey was specifically mentioned in this report.

Your turn… tell us what’s happening in your part of the world,
email us today!

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