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The Prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Woman

The Prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Woman

To the Lakota, the birth of a white buffalo is an auspicious sign for the whole world. It is said that when this calf matures, it will turn the four colours of the peoples of the earth (white, red, brown and black), and upon turning black, the world and all its peoples will be united in peace…

This is the story of this prophecy, and how it is manifesting in the world today….

white buffalo calf woman

White Buffalo Calf in the News


The birth of a white buffalo is said to be the fulfillment of age-old legends. It’s a one in 60-million chance that a pure breed buffalo will be born white. And an even smaller chance that it’s offspring will also be white, but a couple near Belle Fourche can now say they have a matched set.

Three years ago Jim and Dena Riley were surprised with a very special new comer at their bison ranch… a white buffalo, who they now call Miracle Moon. And now that she’s three years old, Miracle Moon has had her first baby… another white buffalo.

“I had no idea,” says Dena. “But I’ll tell ya, I was a very nervous mother and I didn’t care what she had as long as she was safe.”

Jim and Dena have named their new white buffalo Rainbow Spirit. “My husband saw a rainbow in the sky right after the birth so it was kind of appropriate to name her that,” says Dena.

The birth is significant to many because Native American cultures tell of a young woman who taught them how to use the buffalo for survival. When she left the people, she turned into a white buffalo and promised to return.

“When she returned it would be a time of chaos and disaster in the world,” says Jim. “And when she returned it would be a time for all races to come together in peace, balance, and harmony, and bring healing to the world.”

It is also said that this miracle would be born to a white couple in the center of the nation.

A Miracle in Wisconsin!

Miracle, The White Buffalo Calf, was born on the Dave, Val, and Cory Heider farm on the morning of August 20, 1994. She is considered to be the first white buffalo calf born since 1933. Being a white calf, Miracle is extremely important in the religious beliefs of many Native American tribes.

We first started raising buffalo in 1990 as part of a collection of exotic animals on our 45 acre farm located south of Janesville, Wisconsin. Our herd currently consists of some 35 buffalo (give or take a few) which include breeding cows, calves, several bulls, and Miracle.

Shortly after the birth of Miracle, “Marvin” the bull and sire, died of numerous ulcers in his abomasum (the fourth stomach of buffalo and ruminating animals). Shortly after Marvin’s death, we received a call from Floyd Hand (Looks for Buffalo) who said that the bull (Marvin), would lay his life down for his daughter fulfilling part of the prophecy before Marvin became ill.
We currently allow visitors to go up to the pasture’s fence in order to see Miracle, but are not allowing visitors into the pasture for safety reasons. Buffalo are wild animals and can be unpredictable, so for your safety, this cannot be allowed.

Miracle can be visited free of charge seven days a week, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Keep in mind however that that days and times are subject to change with the season and family commitments. We recommend that you call (608) 752-2224 or fax (608) 756-9630 for current visiting hours. You may also send email to: for additional information.
Directions to our farm
We are located at 2739 South River Road, Janesville, Wisconsin 53546. To get here:

Take I90 to Avalon Road, Exit 177
Go West about 4 miles to the Rock River
Turn right and go 1/4 Mile (look for the white buffalo at the entrance to the farm)
Parking is located North of the farm (to your left if facing the house)
Overnight accommodations can be obtained by contacting Budgetel at (608) 758-4545. Other accommodations are also available in the Beloit-Janesville areas, Including the Ramada Inn at (608) 756-2341.


As told by: Joseph Chasing Horse
white buffalo calf woman
We Lakota people have a prophecy about the white buffalo calf.

How that prophecy originated was that we have a sacred bundle, a sacred peace pipe, that was brought to us about 2,000 years ago by what we know as the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

The story goes that she appeared to two warriors at that time. These two warriors were out hunting buffalo, hunting for food in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, and they saw a big body coming toward them. And they saw that it was a white buffalo calf. As it came closer to them, it turned into a beautiful young Indian girl.

That time one of the warriors thought bad in his mind, and so the young girl told him to step forward. And when he did step forward, a black cloud came over his body, and when the black cloud disappeared, the warrior who had bad thoughts was left with no flesh or blood on his bones. The other warrior kneeled and began to pray.

And when he prayed, the white buffalo calf who was now an Indian girl told him to go back to his people and warn them that in four days she was going to bring a sacred bundle.

So the warrior did as he was told. He went back to his people and he gathered all the elders and all the leaders and all the people in a circle and told them what she had instructed him to do. And sure enough, just as she said she would, on the fourth day she came.

They say a cloud came down from the sky, and off of the cloud stepped the white buffalo calf. As it rolled onto the earth, the calf stood up and became this beautiful young woman who was carrying the sacred bundle in her hand.

As she entered into the circle of the nation, she sang a sacred song and took the sacred bundle to the people who were there to take of her. She spent four days among our people and taught them about the sacred bundle, the meaning of it.

She taught them seven sacred ceremonies.

One of them was the sweat lodge, or the purification ceremony. One of them was the naming ceremony, child naming. The third was the healing ceremony. The fourth one was the making of relatives or the adoption ceremony. The fifth one was the marriage ceremony. The sixth was the vision quest. And the seventh was the sundance ceremony, the people’s ceremony for all of the nation.

She brought us these seven sacred ceremonies and taught our people the songs and the traditional ways. And she instructed our people that as long as we performed these ceremonies we would always remain caretakers and guardians of sacred land. She told us that as long as we took care of it and respected it that our people would never die and would always live.

When she was done teaching all our people, she left the way she came. She went out of the circle, and as she was leaving she turned and told our people that she would return one day for the sacred bundle. And she left the sacred bundle, which we still have to this very day.

The sacred bundle is known as the White Buffalo Calf Pipe because it was brought by the White Buffalo Calf Woman. It is kept in a sacred place (Green Grass) on the Cheyenne River Indian reservation in South Dakota. It’s kept by a man who is known as the keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, Arvol Looking Horse.

When White Buffalo Calf Woman promised to return again, she made some prophecies at that time

One of those prophesies was that the birth of a white buffalo calf would be a sign that it would be near the time when she would return again to purify the world. What she meant by that was that she would bring back harmony again and balance, spiritually.

No matter what happens to Miracle in the coming months and years, Joseph Chasing Horse says the birth is a sign from the Great Spirit and the ensuing age of harmony and balance it represents cannot be revoked. That doesn’t mean, of course, that the severe trials Native Americans have endured since the arrival of Europeans on these shores are over. Indeed, the Lakota nation mounted the longest court case in U.S. history in an unsuccessful effort to regain control of the Black Hills, the sacred land on which the White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared 2,000 years ago.

Still, despite their ongoing struggles, Native Americans are heartened by the appearance of a white buffalo in Janesville, and have hope for a harmonious and prosperous future.

“Mention that we are praying, many of the medicine people, the spiritual leaders, the elders, are praying for the world,” says Joseph Chasing Horse. “We are praying that mankind does wake up and think about the future, for we haven’t just inherited this earth from our ancestors, but we are borrowing it from our unborn children.”

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