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The Intervention: a Time of Tribulation Before Ascension or Transmigration

The Intervention: a Time of Tribulation Before Ascension or Transmigration

Is God about to intervene here on planet earth?
Are we approaching the prophesied Time of Tribulation, preparing for a mass ascension or transmigration?
Is this the beginning of the Golden Age?

Who can say for sure?

Here two visionaries, Danielle Daoust and Bob Santarossa comment on what they have seen coming..

Benevolent Aliens – Help Waiting in the Wings

Part 3 of a 4-part series originally posted Year 2000

Danielle: I’m not sure that the 24 years you speak of are 24 years as we know them… my sense of the time frames is much longer… years pass while the earth recovers itself… humanity during that time is in a stall – perhaps not even present on the planet – one of the reasons I have been interested in telepathy is the sense that this is the way we will communicate with each other during this period – groups will be cut off from each other for long periods of time; in order to access talent and resources from other groups we will need to be able to communicate telepathically with each other to transmit information and knowledge…

Bob: we use the telepathy as you describe, but there is much more to it. This isolated group thing is the very early period following the cataclysm, but yes it persists, but with the twists I will outline, that I got, below.Remember the timing I gave you (24 years) is the initial period of recovery and heightened awakenment of spirit, as well, it is a period when divine messengers come to Earth and those same messengers that are here, are awoken. They have awesome powers that we simply do not possess now, not to mention that the divine messengers assist in the clean-up of Earth and the rehabilitation of humanity…nothing that will happen to Earth and humanity after the cataclysm is irrevocable.For example:

  • the benevolent aliens will help us clean up the damage done to the earth (they have awesome technologies for this), this will happen from year 2 to year 8, after the year 0 which is the beginning of the tribulation period (years 0-2). They will be summoned by divine messengers sent to Earth during this time.during the above years, some will seek to dominate Earth, or what’s left, but will be unsuccessful, largely because of what follows…during this period, religions will still be around but humanity will note many spiritual exchanges with the divine and will wonder what is happening to them; but the exchanges will be pleasant, much will be spoken about this phenomenon and this is when the divine messengers and the spiritual hierarchies on earth explain what is to become of Earth and humanity.
  • This is when humanity will compare “notes” with these other benevolent entities (there is more than one group here) and see that they were not alone, not only in creation, but, not alone in appreciation of Creator and the divine hierarchies, which humanity will begin to explore in this time period. These entities will show humanity how to do this and they will participate in the years five to eight of the transformation period, so that this awareness may occur in humanity.
  • As explained, humanity will feel an awakening, they will receive assistance from other benevolent entities. (Humanity will) begin to see these entities, there will be no fear, for there will be trust, for they will feel and see the great works of these entities. They are beginning to come, culminating in the years five to eight, the coming transformation of mother earth.Exchanges will occur, humanity will feel they are about technology, instead, they will be exchanges of the spirit. Humanity will learn from these entities what is to come in the spiritual revolution. Then they will be told about these entities history, Earth’s history as they know it, and the revolution which occurred to the entities and which must transpire on earth. Humanity will be made aware of how nature evolved. These benevolent entities, will contact earth, for they are of great wisdom, great love, great spirituality, so that earth will not fear.
  • They will create a reality which will warm the conversion of spirituality in humanity and total rehabilitation of earth. These entities will glow with the energy of Creator to show humanity all that is possible.

For sure, after the year 24 there will still be those that do not believe all that is happening, but in a relatively short time afterwards, this is corrected…but you are correct, it does not all happen instantaneously.

Alien Stand Off During the Tribulations

Bob: I was also told about the aliens in 1992. Many of them are here because they know something spectacular is about to happen and they want to be a part of it and witness it…but they will not be permitted to be a part of it…for it, the shift, has to be a phenomenon which will leave NO DOUBT in the minds of all species in the universe that a divine intervention had occurred on Earth with no outside intervention…the time portals that they travel will be closed to them during this period and they will be made to leave…however, after the shift, the doors will be open…to show all of them what can be.

Danielle: That piece really tweaked some interest in me… if you check out the Ahkbar story, you’ll see that one of his messages was that the time was coming when they would all be ordered off the planet.. They would be “standing back” – my sense was that the energy was so turbulent, they were afraid they could be trapped in some vortexes that they couldn’t remove themselves from…

The most recent messages I am getting is that the atmospheres around planet earth are becoming so highly charged with the incoming energy that it will be dangerous to be caught in it unprotected… and Ahkbar seemed to indicate that there was a consensus among them that their ships would soon not be safe here… they are close by tonight though… out over Lake Ontario…

Bob: I have friends who are worried about the aliens. I have always told them that they would be made to leave when the time comes (to leave no doubt about the origins of the intervention/shift…that being from the divine…with no outside interference). Excellent to know that they, the aliens, are aware of this coming moment/fact, as well.

We explore the possibilities for the New Millennium. Will Aliens support us in the transition, if so , how? And what will the world look like when all is said and done? What about life in the New Millennium? This could be the most exciting moment in our history, Where do you think we’re going? What do you think is going on? Email Danielle with your insights on the New Millennium.

They Return to Help with the Clean-Up

Bob: The aliens will however, return to give us a hand at cleaning up and surviving (e.g., they will show us how to receive nourishment from the universal energy without needing to eat solid foods). Much to their surprise they will note that a massive change has begun to occur in humanity…where the worst, we humanity, become the best, even living in the darkest of places.

Within 20 years of the shift, they will come to humanity for guidance and learning about creation, but will only be given that information that they are capable of understanding (based on their spiritual learning inside). By then, that profound understanding of creation will permit us to reach out to the aliens with our minds, across the universe (when I say reach out, we can go there and “see” and “appear” just like we were there…this describes your transmutation capability very well)…but some will travel here to Earth and meet us…incredible times. There are marvelous alien forms out there, I have lived myself as many of these beings. In one past life regression, I recounted at least 20-30 alien forms (some of them absolutely beautiful, beyond description and some defying description, living not in our universe at all, but in another)…and my hypnotist saw them as well…first time in her life after regressing people after 7 years of doing it, that she herself got drawn into a regression.

Danielle: Your friends have good reason to be fearful of some of the aliens, although most of the bad dudes have I believe been pulled out of here by now… my sources told me of three groups and that I was to be very careful who to align myself with… one group was here to rape and pillage basically, a very low form of alien who would come to take what they could get… the second wasn’t much better, but would appear to be quite sophisticated and advanced, even empathetic, wanting to help – but their purpose was to gain control where they could – take some resources, so to speak… and the third were a kind of federation, consisting of beings from many different galaxies, representatives, if you will, all come to work, to participate in the clean-up… this is the group I connect with occasionally… I seem to have some connection with the captain of the ship – this man Ahkbar, meet him at the helm now and again and then he takes me on a tour or into a meeting… he’s shown me a lot about this clean-up. Some of us may be harboured in his ship for a period of time and there we will spend some time transforming ourselves, practicing new skills, learning more about conscious creation – I seem to have a role with this group as a teacher or helper of some sort, perhaps an interpreter… a counsellor or something… One time for example, we had quite a long process over the importance of comfortable seats for people – they seemed to need some information about how we live and what we need to be comfortable physically…. I inquired about my cigarette habit and pot smoking and was told not to worry – (my biggest concern was having to go through the pains of nicotine withdrawal while I was being expected and needed to be “ready for work”…. ) was taken to a special room and fitted into a machine for a second and lost my desire to smoke cigarettes. I was told that almost every dimension seeded the one before it with some “herb” to raise consciousness and I would be pleased to find that I could enjoy my smoke in some form or another wherever I went… that tickled me… they seemed to consider pot a sacred herb, among a few others like peyote – and some we haven’t discovered or rediscovered yet, and that every “world” – especially the more advanced worlds have a variety of ways like our sacred herbs to help us open to other dimensions – tools of a kind.

BTW – an interesting point – I was told that there would a separation of souls during this period – and that some of these space ships were here to take their own back… this fits somehow with your perception of the lack of intervention – only certain will be allowed to stay – I’m not sure if they are all human, but I do know that there is to be some sort of ‘clean-up of the species” during this time and the opportunities to function “in disguise” in effect, by taking on the form of the species you are visiting will be stopped… this also applies to cross-overs between human and animal species…

I was given access to the animal kingdom a few years ago and shown a new dimension there – the animals intend to evolve with us in this shift and are preparing now – as part of their preparations they stopped allowing these crossovers around ’92, except under very special circumstances where there was old karma that needed to be cleared. After this transformation, we will be forced to intermingle in our own skins – a new level of understanding and co-operation to develop.

The Star Trek and Star Wars series and others like them are I think inspired in many ways – preparing us for new ways of thinking and being with each other. But we will have a long way to go to get to that Golden Age, I suspect – while all the species are watching and in some way participating in this shift – it means we are all moving at least one up on the evolutionary scale – drawing all this Light into places that have been dark will cause many eruptions, some of them massive… the Light feels like poison to the dark, it fears being swallowed up by it – again that fear of God belief – so we have a lot of negotiating to do, some age-old imprints to heal before we can have a real Oneness… and what I have seen is that these dark places will be allowed to continue – now more removed from the Light, so we will all have a greater sense of freedom, but the time will come when we must meet again… the Dark is being given a chance to experience itself in all its glory, just as the Light must… it is the only way it will eventually find it’s way back to the Light…

This time the Light is making a bigger move than ever before to reach across the gap and pull towards Itself all of those fragments that have been trapped in the dark by some of the original imprints, and have over time healed themselves enough that they can feel Their presence and Love – even if only for a nano–second… what I have seen is that those who no longer support the victim consciousness and have worked through their need to be enslaved will be set free… the Dark will find it has a much smaller community to work with – and the expectation is that it will implode upon itself when it has so many willing victims… in other words, the dark will have to play by the rules for a while – and the rules will have to be known – those who go there will be there by their own choice and it will be known to them why they have chosen this place, what beliefs they are holding that keep them there… and they’ll be given a chance to play out their beliefs with others who share them….

Have you noticed that it really doesn’t do any good to try to get an obsessive personality to give up on their beliefs? I learned a long time ago that the only way to deal with an obsessive client was to be there as they followed through on their obsession – now I always told the truth and told them what they could expect and that for example he didn’t return the affections – and of course discouraged any kind of pursuit – but I soon saw that it was no use to try to tell them that it would never work, that he’d never feel that way… or whatever… until these folks followed through and got rejected time and again, they wouldn’t see it… and some never would… so this seems to be the solution that the Universal Mind has devised for freeing up God to evolve as a Oneness, without being held back or bored by the karmic ruts and gaps caught in the Dark…. to me the dark sounds like a kind of hell… but to them I am told it will be their idea of heaven… killers will have willing victims… and there will be no governments or laws to interfere in the seediness and abuse… the only rule will be that as you enter you will know why you are there and you will retain this memory… it is believed that allowing folks to retain their memories and maximize their negative powers they will either burn themselves out or get tired of the pain… as so many of us already have…

According to what I have seen, it will be easier also for this dark dimension to cross the Gap once they have learned the lessons they went there to experience – this has been one of the problems of this dimension and one of the reasons for the intervention at this time… after Atlantis, our genetic code was deliberately altered and a kind of shell was placed over planet earth – you could say that God divorced Themselves from us for a time… and any who agreed to come here or stay here were trapped here… no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t cross the gap to get to God… that is why so many have become trapped in karmic ruts… this has been a serious problem and one of the reasons we have been so cut off from other galaxies… and why there has been this massive intermingling of species… so many come, many in an honest attempt to break through the veil… and then they can’t get back…

Bob: Yes, I am aware of the different forms and many of my friends have “pushed me” to discourse and discourage them using telepathic communications. Now, I have “spoken” to a few groups, but in general I am disinterested in them.

I know that they will be made to leave and they do not figure much in the transformation of humanity and our spiritual awakenment, other than one group which helps us clean up and teaches how to be benevolent to our environment. As for the rest, in time, they will come to us for help and knowledge. This group resembles we humans, although much taller and more spiritual, well for now more spiritual, and are quite benevolent. Yes, all of these crossovers etc. will be put an end to. As the human spiritual capabilities increase, these “spiritual shenanigans” will be very difficult to disguise and also seen to be unnecessary and “distasteful”, in other words, “frowned upon”.

Danielle: I am quite disinterested in the whole et/ufo world, am not into Star Trek, in fact am quite bored by it and click on by… so it was very surprising to me to find them reaching out to me – and it is only this one ship with which I have had any ongoing communications – about two or three times a year they seem to hail me when they arrive in the area, but they don’t always connect for any kind of direct communications. This is the time of year – for some odd reason, yet to be determined, that they are most apt to connect with me…Given what they have told and shown me, I have to disagree somewhat in your perception of their role in this shift – according to my sources they hold a great deal of responsibility for what has happened here on earth and their own civilizations, and evolution have been held back by the problems here on earth… my sources say that everyone will gain from this shift, that this is an adjustment that has been needed and called for by many dimensions… and God agreed to intervene based on the support They were promised from other galaxies to facilitate this change… according to my sources there is a level of co-operation in effect among galaxies that has been unheard of before this moment in creation… and the ship that I connect with holds representative, teachers, scientists and experts in many fields ready to begin transmitting their knowledge here – the challenge will be that we earth must be willing to join this co-operative venture – a time when we are each to be allowed our unique individuality within the context of the group consciousness…

As I said, I have seen this as more of a respectful sharing of knowledge and experience – from the visions I have had, there are species far more evolved than us, not just technologically, but emotionally – and they are now closing in on planet earth, preparing to infuse us with their insights… and they may indeed play an important role in helping us recover – you could call it a karmic responsibility… aliens have infiltrated and manipulated mankind’s directions from the beginning of time… now they will be expected, like all of us, to cope with the consequences of their infringement on our free will…

On the Other Hand… the Doubting Thomas Speaks..

Danielle: I see this as a working life… I have been terrified, and then enthralled by the visions of what is coming… and I have been especially fascinated by the talks of transmutation, transmigration and ascension… and I have called for an intervention, a mass awakening – I can’t tell you how much it would please me to find myself surrounded by loving beings all keen to evolve and grow from a place of love as opposed to fear and competition… I can get very exited about the thoughts of what we might create from a place of pure love… I consider myself incredibly blessed that I have been able to create a loving space in my private world, but… I just need to lift up my head to see that I am foolish to believe that the wisdom and kindness that surrounds me exists everywhere else on the planet… and it takes work, moment by moment, and mindfulness and love and willingness to keep my private world loving and growing… not so many folks are so committed to being awake… I keep talking with the One about this one… it could be so much easier if we were all awake… and I have seen with my own eyes the ‘separation of souls’, the the transmutation, and cried over the loss of some and then come to accept that this was their choice and will and there was purpose in their choices… I have seen the moment when it occurs (although not the date)…. and crossed over the ‘dead’ bodies laying all around me… and awakened those who would as I passed over them….

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