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The Great Shift: The Timing of the Tribulations

The Great Shift: The Timing of the Tribulations, This Transmutation

Are we approaching the end times? Is Planet Earth about to shift its weight? Will the Poles shift?

Here two visionaries, Danielle Daoust and Bob Santarossa comment on what they have seen coming…

Part 2 of a 4-part series originally posted Year 2000

Bob: I do not know when the great shift will occur… however, I suspect in our lifetimes (this incarnation). It could come in this year, and if not, perhaps 5-10 years from now…this being the latest I have gotten so far from “up there”…

Danielle: like you, I was told it would be unexpected – however I was told that we’d have plenty of warning if we were watchful and willing to observe… here’s what I see…

a 20-year birthing cycle…

My perception is this – the new age kicked in in 1992 energetically, with the opening of a 20 year birthing cycle… birth ain’t pretty, no matter how desirable the child… the planet will go through a dramatic physical cleansing during this period, and Mother Earth shifts her weight around…. the next few years, energetically, at least on the surface, appear quite calm – prosperous even for lots of folks, economy, certainly in Canada looks strong… however during this period the storms will not abate, and I see this year and the next few as highly volatile as the earth begins to actively shift her weight, – the May alignment is a dangerous time, but my sense is that we are experiencing an energetic pull that will take some years to fully manifest.

By the year 2003 or so, we will begin to see more signs of war – I’ve felt Imperialist China in the centre of it, and Russia desperate to regain position and economy… surprisingly, I don’t see the Middle East as the primary source of the greatest sorrow – I hold the greatest fears around China.. every year I am a little more concerned, feeling them gaining in strength and playing behind the scenes of many trouble spots, especially in Europe, stirring up the pot…

For me, the years 2005-6 hold the greatest fear… and I see this as a time of great global crisis, the light and dark in a fight to the death… the effects of the battle will ripple across the planet and no person will be removed from it or protected from it. These I feel are the critical years, the time when we will each be challenged to hold to the light and to love…

The year I see as the final turning point is 2012… I am not sure how the completed birth will manifest itself, but I have a strong sense the world will look very different by that time… Like you, I have not been given to see actual dates – although I do believe they are now set and known in some dimensions – but I don’t think the schedule actually was “finalized” until recent months…

What’s interesting to me is that I was given a lot of detail about what to look for “just before” and how it would actually progress… and by now, just about all of it has passed… and now I don’t seem to get a clear fix on the bigger picture anymore… I suspect I will again when the time is right and that I am probably deliberately blocking the information now…. in the meantime, I trust that I and all will be where we are needed and expected to be “at our stations”… despite London’s position so close to the lakes I’ve often had the sense that this area was protected, at least for awhile…

Bob: It will be 2 years of living “hell” on Earth, followed by 4 years of re-awakenment etc. in all, the process will take about 24 or so years (e.g., if it starts in the year 2000 then it will all be over, including the awakenment and things that you have seen, by the year 2024 or so). By the way, I saw all the dead bodies as well…piled on high…but also saw what does it.

Danielle: So, what was it???? in the scene I experienced, it was as if we were expecting it – it came from the sky and felled all of us at once… there we were on the top of a hill, as if we had been there watching and waiting… and when I came to again, all was dark – there seemed to be fire in the distance and a hum in the air, bodies laying as if dead all over… and I know that as I moved I awoke all those who were in my path, I was operating totally on instinct, following some inner commands or urges, as if I was barely aware of the physical realms, highly focused on this deep call within me – I knew where I was going and why… but from here I couldn’t see… May 5… of some year…????

There have been several other visions, but these all involved tidal waves – I moved away from the ocean and then from my beloved beaches in Toronto because I had seen the oceans, and then the lakes roaring up one too many times… each of these times I am with my son, I turn to him and say, so this is it Pat, hold onto me, relax, breathe deep and trust that we’ll be Ok on the other side of this… then we just “go into it”. I see us going into the water, taken up by the tidal wave, but I don’t feel frightened by it… I just hang onto my son… and that is always the last scene.

Bob: The concurrences are absolutely amazing.. .and with so many others! A cataclysm in 2000 is still possible up to and including September of this year, but know that if it doesn’t happen this year then 2003-2009 is a distinct possibility for the beginning of shift with the cataclysmic stuff lasting for 2 years, taking us to 2005 or 2011, which agrees incredibly well with what you have been told. By the way, this year will see A LOT of volcanic activity (more than historical) along the Ring of Fire, lasting for about a year…already 2 new and major volcanic eruptions this January to date. .

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The Warning

Bob: All of these are warnings to humanity to move to safer positions as huge tidal wave activity will wipe out a good chunk of humanity during the shift (about 85% of the World’s population is near a coast). In reality, Creator wants them to abandon their materiality and seek their spirituality instead…the floods and volcanic activity are warnings to move to safer ground and abandon their material possessions.

The Cataclysm

Bob: I have seen huge fireballs striking the Earth, in the night sky, and bodies piled on high in funeral pyres. Know that what precipitates this will be something like asteroid hits (more than one) which sets volcanic eruptions and global earthquakes in action (it will feel like one large global earthquake but in fact, it will be many, many earthquakes all over the surface of the planet, that will appear as one).

I also see a pole shift may result from the hits as well (Cayce and Nostradamus have both prophesized about a pole shift in our time, Cacye in the year 2000 and Nostradamus in 1999…but a lot of free will has transpired since their times, 1930’s and 1530’s, respectively). I see us, in Ontario, sliding down to near the Equator…which I would be greatly in favor of…as I intensely dislike cold winters (but after the shift, the planets climate will change to a more temperate one, all over the planet, since the hits will make our orbit slightly more circular and closer to the Sun and the Earth’s axis of inclination, which is currently at 23.5°, move more towards 0°). Also, the hits will cause large chunks of the Arctic ice cap to break off and melt, further inundating coastal areas, not to mention that the more temperate climate will promote further melting and coastal inundation.New lands will be formed and the old Atlantis will rise once again.

We will know it was the old Atlantis by the way…many, many more things will be revealed as well…for example, in the Ural Mountains it will be found that an ancient human civilization (a prior epoch of humanity) had fusion power (the current holy grail of nuclear energy) but they were destroyed even with all the technological knowledge that they had. It is a sign to stick to the spiritual and not return to the technological. We will also be able to collectively know each others thoughts and…enough said, they will be marvelous times.

Scientifically, in my mind, all this is plausible. If the asteroids or something like them hit, they would upset significantly the Earth’s crust and cause a lot of “vibrations” in the magma of the Earth, under the surface crust. These vibrations would result in volcano’s erupting and surface earthquakes to relieve the pressure and motion in the magma beneath the crust. Of course, the huge earthquake activity would precipitate many and huge tidal waves along all of the coasts of the planet.

For example, while on my friends balcony overlooking English Bay in Vancouver, I kept getting this vision of a 10-15 story high tidal wave sweeping in. And with all the surface volcanic and earthquakes, it is no surprise that new lands will be formed and that new cracks in the surface crust will reveal the ancient origins of humanity. Also, subsurface magma “tidal waves” may result in the crust of the planet, literally “sliding” over the magma, giving us the pole shift.Who knows, these “fireballs” in the evening sky that I saw, could also be nuclear missiles…but that just didn’t feel right, the missiles…it’s something else…these fireballs are much more powerful that cause the calamity I saw during the onset of the shift.

Also know from where in the sky these “asteroids” will come from, the angle of trajectory and where they will hit (one will hit northeast of Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean, another in the Gulf of Mexico or just off of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean, another in the Pacific Ocean, not far from the US Pacific Northwest coast and one will splinter, hitting the central southern US in about 4 locations, each splinter will hit with the magnitude of a massive nuclear bomb and some of them will glance off of the Earth’s atmosphere). They all hit at about a 45° angle to the surface of the Earth…a real “glancing blow” to the planet and they will be seen to approach Earth in a “cross pattern” and emerge from just south and east of the constellation Cassiopeia.

Toronto will definitely have ocean front property, for most of New York and Massachusetts will be under water (flood and earthquake sinking the land locally), the flooding will extend almost to the Canadian border…which I believe in your neck of the woods, is called the Great Lakes, hence the ocean front property…not to mention the nicer climate, if the pole shift happens.

Danielle: I was given the same information, that these were the signs and signals, the wake-up calls… being attached to one’s possessions won’t be terribly useful in those days… yes, since last summer I have sensed the shake rattle and roll – the underlayers of the earth moving and the explosions it will cause – and I am sure you are right about the ring of fire – all the sleeping giants awakening… I actually have a sense at times that there are gods – note the lack of capitals there – old ancient spirits – that reside in these spaces… a few years ago had a wonderful experience meditating in my garden – found myself taken down into the bowels of the earth where I was met by Persephone and welcomed into a world that contained “the seeds of all that is beautiful in the world” – they were distressed because it was becoming almost impossible to keep their world clear and they told me of the coming shifts and why they would be necessary – at least from their point of view… they were also excited about the time when they would be able to live openly upon the face of the earth once more…

I have always had a sense of an asteroid hit… or many – as if we are suddenly in the midst of an asteroid or solar storm – the scientists I think are already aware of the dangers here, at least to some extent… and I’ve seen a similar shift in the axis, moving us more towards the poles… and I sense that on some levels someone is trying to devise a plan to protect us – but whatever we are able to do technologically will not be enough…it may reduce the problem and in effect save the planet… but it cannot prevent the terrible destruction, the cleansing of what remains.

The wave I saw coming from Lake Ontario was higher than many buildings – came in like a wall, so strong that it pushed Toronto’s core business area – buildings there are at least 50 stories – up as far as Bloor street without toppling them – the wave was at least half as high as the buildings, and then engulfed them… When I lived in Boston, I saw smaller waves – but I lived inland, and what I saw was that the tidal wave pushed a wall of water of about 20 – 30 feet, up into the lowlands beside our home in Lexington…My strongest sense was a hit in the Pacific…. I have had no insights on hits in the US – what I have seen there has been the result of the earth shifts and tidal waves… the country basically split in two up the Mississippi – actually not that much left of it with huge chunks also dropping off both sides…

I got the strong impression almost sensually of the atmospheres and waters closest to earth being so turbulent they risked their equipment – how any of us can survive through this turbulence is beyond me, but we will, of that I am certain…

Bob: I must tell you, our scientists will know the Asteroid’s will likely hit Earth, month’s before they do so (and perhaps even before this) but Government’s will prevent the truth from being revealed for fear of global anarchy. We will all have little warning, when it is too late to do anything. This is why all the floods, earthquakes, storms, eruptions in the past 5 years, unprecedented in our recorded history as to their occurrence, these are warnings to move to safer ground an abandon materiality.

Yes, you have seen well…it is the same as I have seen…the US will be particularly hard hit as will Europe, not a lot left standing…it will be Creator’s way of ensuring the old ways will not succeed in the new times to come after the shift…oddly enough, all highly industrialized and wealthy nations will be particularly hard hit in what I have seen on a global scale.

Yes, London will not go unscathed, just like Ottawa, Toronto and other “positions of safety” etc. but understand, when compared to what happens elsewhere, such as Europe, the US, Japan (which will largely fall into the ocean and be no more) and our own west coast…we will be grateful and consider ourselves to have gone relatively unscathed when compared to these places.

The congruency of what we and others have seen, on our own, is a bit too coincidental, even for the most skeptical. The only valid criticism may be that we are tapping into Jung’s collective unconscious, the shared experiences of humanity. In this I am clear, it was not the collective unconscious I tapped into, they, from “up there” showed me, I know when I am tapping into that collective unconscious…it feels distinctly human, of this reality called Earth, very different than the consciousness of the upper realms of spirit.

As we approach the shift, the oneness will be stronger, for after the shift we will all be connected by thought (no more crime, we will all know when the thought occurs and will be able to discourage it as it is not in love) and then the major religions will be in disarray…well, not all of them…many of them will have “prophets” sent to them…and they will adjust to the new ways to come (the Oriental religions, subcontinent and even Islam…they will be made to understand, with messengers designed for their belief systems…but even these religions will dissolve away, we will become the one and the many).. unfortunately, Christianity will be the last to get it, if they ever do, fortunately, many of them will not be left over.In general, the new humanity will take about 24 years to evolve, including the onset of the shift. You are correct about the darkness, but it will be banished to the fringes of the universe…these fringes, will be the only places in the universe we will not be permitted to visit. The darkness will be unleashed at the end of this universe, as the ultimate test of its evolution, to that of unconditional love. And then we will see, if the universe will pass the test that: With the ultimate in free will and darkness, will unconditional love triumph over all things? But this is a LONG, LONG time from now.

The darkness will be completely banished from Earth, to the fringes of the universe. Yes, it will play by the rules, but not on Earth and the “for a while” will be at the end times of this universe…again, a long time from now.Call it free will for now, that’s why it is happening this way…rather, step back and look at the very big picture of creation and this universe, its purpose being to be a “stepping stone” universe…where the ultimate in free will and darkness are permitted to show that even from these extreme circumstances, unconditional love will emerge…if so…do you see why Creator permitted it here on Earth?

Earth will show the rest of the universe that from the ultimate in darkness and the absence of free will, the light can emerge and surpass all other creations in the universe when free will is restored…this is his way of sending a message to the rest of the universe about what they can be.

About the Authors: Multi-faceted Bob Santarossa is the author of a fascinating web site, A Saving Grace, a true visionary and mystic. Danielle, the operating owner of Global Psychics Inc, is the author of the Global Psychics and Love Psychics web sites. Email her at

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