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The Astrology of An Armageddon

A Play… What could be coming? The Astrology of An Armageddon

by Randy Ruyle

Introduction: We are entering the Aquarian Age and leaving the Pisces’ Age behind. This is a period of transition. One in which aspects and traditions of one era are dissolved and the fundamental principals of another are formed. The sacrificial doctrine of the Pisces era is coming to an end, but not without one last war. Of this last righteous war there will be so many souls strewn that the taste for a sacrificial war will leave mankind.

In order to have so many caught up in such a malady you need a synchronized mass incarnation. We have witnessed such an incarnation and its effect with the “Baby Boom” generation. Following the second world war millions of Americans were born, all with similar placements between major planets in their natal charts. When one boomer was going through their first Uranus square, millions more were doing the same. With this in mind, it’s no wonder over a half a million ‘kids’ showed up at Woodstock in the summer of 1969.

Again a mass incarnation is in operation, this time in the Middle East and to some extent in other places around the globe. The countries of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and others in the region all have large populations under the age of twenty-one. Many were incarnated during the period that the planets’ Neptune and Uranus were conjunct in Capricorn. This mass incarnation of souls and their astrological path is what the following play is based on.

The Astrology of An Armageddon.

In every play there are characters whose actions and interactions create a plot. In astrological productions the character’s roles are played by the planets and the plot is formed by the continuing aspects they make. A change in stage sets, in astrological terms ‘houses’, occurs as time adds the seasonal qualities of each sign while the planets progress. The only difference between the two productions is a typical play ends in three acts while the show performed on the cosmic stage is never ending.

With an ephemeris as your guide, or portal as it may be, journey back to a previous scene, almost twenty years past, the year1988. Now, imagine the stage lights cuing up and the curtain ascending to the sky.

Set upon a sanctimonious mountainside among the airs of indifference we find Saturn and Uranus side by side sharing a fateful degree of Sagittarius. Uranus, wrapped in satin, stands covertly behind the Lord of Karma as they turn toward the audience. Saturn standing erect, draped in honorary robes, reads religiously from ancient text, assuring all that, “Tradition is on their side.” Meanwhile the two planets pace back and forth cross the stage with Uranus just managing to stay inside its confidants rings.

Upon the instructions of Saturn, Mars enters the stage with crystalline cornerstones for the religiously rebellious yet very structured movements that are to follow. Uranus is seen offering high fives to Mars as he murmurs, “Holy terror!”. The Sun draws the curtain and the stage lights dim.

The next scene continues our ongoing performance as two powerful orbs take the stage. The year is 1992 and Uranus, our uncontrollable rebellious lead, meets with his cohort, the nefarious Neptune, among the caverns of Capricorn. Stage left, Mercury cast as court jester, offering oratory retorts, sizes up the powerful planets in residence; “It’s a recipe for disaster, a touch of rebelliousness here, a dash of blind devotion and self sacrifice there, just mix well in a bowl of coercive self-concern and set aside for a quarter century.”

Cozy and dark, Pluto remains ‘triumphantly’ quiet, wrapped in Scorpios’ velvet drapes. The curtains are drawn as Uranus and Neptune swirl across the stage in a tyrannical trance, weaving their collective influence upon the natal blueprints of a generation.

Opening this scene, the voice of Nostradamus echos from the summer’s darkness, “It’s Nineteen Ninety Nine!” The stage lights flare and on stage are the usual suspects, posed like Mob Bosses in dispute. It’s ‘The Warrior’ a.k.a. Mars in its nativity, squaring the ‘Dream Team’ Neptune and the Moon, opposing Jupiter a.k.a. ‘Benny Factor’. Saturn, “Kid Chronos’, has fixed the cadence of “Uri the Impossible’, Uranus, as the ‘Godfather’ Sun casts its face to the audience and whispers, “It’s July 28 and time to play blocks.” “When the universe plays, the whole world rocks.” The Suns rays spawn over the stage germinating seeds of dispute. The curtain closes to the sounds of jetliners and dust.

In the next scene we are brought up to date. It’s 2005 and the offspring of an Armageddon are playing games on the center stage. Ring around the martyr and hide and seek from the Multi-National Forces are played with childish fervor. Entering from stage right, the planet Pluto has taken a supporting role in Sagittarius, wearing the robes of religion, playing chess with idiolatry. Uranus, at stage left, is offering lessons in the Pisces schoolroom with scenes of religious radicals and sacrificial lambs. Neptune cast its approving shadow upon Jupiter, teaching the growing devotees about previous crusades. ‘New Age’ religious decrees are recited by the troupe, as the curtain closes. With the theater dark and quiet, winged Mercury returns to offer passage to the future.

The curtain rises as a contemptuous Pluto is seen drawing an anaretic line in the oil rich sands. In the background, the light of the Papal pyre dons a new day. The year is 2008, and “Stateside,” privilege has taken a backseat to pain. Uranus along with his understudies has religiously taken stage right, leaving everything else that was, left. Strutting across the stage, a jovial Jupiter entertains Saturn as they board The Orient Express. From the train’s platform, Saturn salutes the audience and proclaims, “We are headed West, to form a new East.” The whistle blows. The train leaves the station as the stage lights grow dim.

With the next scene, Mayan inspired finales parade across the stage. It’s 2012. The sirens of Aries beckon Uranus’s sons to, “Suffer the black Neptunian pools until all the whites turn red.” Neptune is home, settled for now, it seems the fog fits its needs. Across the barren stage employment lines grow. As the scene ends Pluto takes’ roll call for the midnight shift. Ten thousand points of light fade as the curtain draws to a close. A Mandarin Venus sits quietly in the wings, waiting to “seize the day.”

Pluto, sporting a construction hat, swaggers into the next scene. With ‘power’ to prove his ‘point’, he shows slides of ‘Hometown’ Hershey Pennsylvania and discusses ‘modern’ housing. Jupiter presents a protest to the move. “Think of Humanity,” offers the benevolent soul, “When you deny that, what is left?”. “Move along,” decries the master of malady, “I’ve got some social engineering to do.” Pluto continues, “I see carefully planned Corporate Countries with barbed wired beaches, surrounding Islands of humanity just trying to make a buck.” “ Now that’s a community!”, murmurs a darkly beaming Pluto. “Guard towers can be attractive with the right trim, you know.”

It’s summer 2013 as a blanket draws down upon the stage. All is quiet, as the audience catches its breath.

A flash breaches the sky. The curtain melts, revealing a stage, electrical airs abound. It’s the year of our Lord 2015. Uranus takes the spotlight, rebelling against its natal bipolar birthright while fighting Plutonian odds. The band plays a Neptunian march as illusionary notes fill the airs of a final Pisces parade. An Armageddon is center stage and the glow produces shadows of disbelief.

For an epilogue, Mercury returns to the stage. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” begins the top hatted ringmaster, waving gloved hands from head to toe. “In the center ring, we have the ‘Baby Boomers’ on a roller coaster ride to the land of blue hair.” “And stage right,” Mercury points, “Generation ‘X’, warming their hands on the fires of tribulation.”

Finally, the ringmaster reveals the path of those born with the mark of a new millennium. Shining a faded beacon toward the backstage door he rhymes with revelations, “Their path is slim, their limbs are too, but Cosmos calls, this you must do. In air, build your foundations, leave none on the ground, this must be done to make all things sound.” Mercury tips his hat, then swings it cross his waist and caps his spiel. “The stage lights burn the remaining light, as the curtain closes on another night.”

However, on the cosmic stage the play is never-ending. © Randy Ruyle, 2005

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