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Nostradamus and the 21st Century

Nostradamus and the 21st Century

The famous 14th century, Nostradamus spoke in riddles to protect his work from the Inquisitors. Many of his verses appear to speak of events that have recently transpired, or will soon… Here our visitors offer some of their own interpretations of the Nostradamus quatrains.

Nostradamus predicted:

When twenty years of the Moon’s reign have passed
another will take up his reign for seven thousand years.
When the exhausted Sun takes up his cycle
then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished.

I understand so its meaning even if I know that there can be many meaning in his prophecy: When twenty years of the Moon’s reign have passed The Man landed on the Moon in the year 1969 and. after 20 years, in the year 1989 the old Cycle started to end another will take up his reign for seven thousand years. (a new Adam has come on earth for a 7000 years cycle). When the exhausted Sun takes up his cycle the Morning of the New Day and the New Time start the Long Night,the Old Adam’s Time will finally end and then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished. ————– this means more.

The New cycle tell us that the Christ has come as thief and a New Sun, New Adam is rising since the year 2000 we all witness now and we live in two different Kingdoms one of the past Darkness and another of the new Lightness. Those who don’t know and understand the Sun’s cycles will not see the Christ’s return, the Rising of the New Sun. The blind see only the Darkness, but not the New Light.

They all were born and grow up in the Long Dark Night.

The New Sun’s Cycle and the New Time started but people are still sleeping in their dark and cold caves they are living in their old dreams, their old realities. They can’t see the Sun, the one whom they dont know.

Now in the year 2005, people are still out of Time, they don’t know that their Old Adam’s Time Ended. They still sleep and can’t notice that the Sun’s Light and his New Kingdom has already started to rule them.

They will be so surprised when they see the Sun and they will be scared and called it a Big Monster who destroy their Sleep, their Night, their Darkness their Death which they called life in their dark Grave. And they will hide as vampires afraid from the Sun but later they will be used of the New Light and than they all will see and not be blind or dead anymore. They will leave their graves and they will born again.

In the Bible was written a lot about all these things and people will know finally the Truth about the God who is their Sun, their King, their Life, their Salvation. They will know they were living in the World of the Dead. And so the Old Night and its bad and scary dreams will leave finally them and the Destroyed World Scene and in the people’s life will be a big Change and Rebirth. the God of All, the Light, the King will rule the New Scene. This is the World Prophetic Scene beyond the Nostradamus’s Vision about the New Awatar (New Anointed),

New Sun who rises in the east to go to the west. from the East (Father’s seed);
The rose upon the middle of the great world,
For new deeds public shedding of blood:
To speak the truth, one will have a closed mouth,
Then at the time of need the awaited one will come late.
to the West (Mother’s tomb); The Easterner will leave his seat,
To pass the Apennine mountains to see Gaul:
He will transpire the sky, the waters and the snow,
And everyone will be struck with his rod. in the Center ( the newborn Son rules):
Against the red ones sects will conspire,
Fire, water, steel, rope through peace will weaken:
On the point of dying those who will plot,
Except one who above all the world will ruin. anton

Did Nostradmus Predict Katrina?

I have found this quatrain, and strongly think it relates to New Orleans..

IV 80
Pres du grand fleuue grand fosse terre egeste
En quinze part sera l’eau diuisee :
La cité prinse, feu, sang cris, conflit mestre,
Et la plus part concerne au collisee.

Near the great river, great ditch, earth drawn out,
In fifteen parts will the water be divided:
The city taken, fire, blood, cries, sad conflict,
And the greatest part involving the coliseum.

If you note that on the website, please mention it comes from Tim Dyer, Bangkok

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