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Marian Apparitions and Prophecies

Why has Mary appeared in the last 50 years more frequently than in the last 2000 years?

While the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared to individuals and groups since 40 A.D., now we are seeing an unprecedented increase in the number, frequency and scope of these events.

Mary as the archetypal Mother of God, Mother of All, seems anxious to deliver a plea for prayer that contains a message for all mankind, not just for Christians and Catholics.

About the Mary Appearances

From the first moments of Christian history, faith and inspiration has come through awe-inspiring apparitions, visions and prophetic messages. The plea to pray, and the gift of the Rosary came in visions of Mary received by St Domenic.

Only some of these apparitions and visions have been authenticated by the Catholic Church, (eg Lourdes, Fatima), some are still under review (Medjugorje), and others have been “condemned” (Bayside). Still. the sheer number of reported appearances in the last 50 years, regardless of whether they have been authenticated, leads one to ask, “what is going on, why now?”

What is interesting to me is that the Church has not authenticated the more recent apparitions in which Mary has delivered some rather specific and frightening warnings, both to the Church, and to all of mankind.

Several of the prophecies asked especially that we pray for the priests of the Church, and for its leaders and pointed at the potential dissipation of authority at high levels of the priesthood, among bishops and cardinals. Now as more and more cases of child abuse are being brought forward against literally hundreds of priests around the world, we see what Mary was really talking about – and perhaps why the Church wanted to hide from these truths.

As a Catholic by birth, I am deeply offended by these stories, for I know them to be true. While I was favoured by my Catholic teachers, and loved the nuns who taught me, my mother was the victim of some terrible abuse and discrimination at the hands of her teachers, also nuns. She and her sisters were punished for their poverty, helped on one hand, and slapped with the other… if it weren’t for their great strength of character they would have succumbed and become abusive themselves. Still, that is not the point to my story…

What we are witnessing at this time in our history – within the Church and within all of our governing structures – is a call for an accounting… we are talking here about an abuse of power… in a sense, the priests who victimized the young people in their charge were victims themselves, of a long-lasting abuse of control and power that has warped our minds and tainted our actions for thousands of years. We are seeing the breakdown of these old control structures at every level of our society… whether in a British private school, a Canadian hockey camp, or the Catholic Church, the balance of power has shifted… now we are being forced to acknowledge what we have become, and do something about it.That is what all of these Mary Apparitions are all about. Mary is warning us that the accounting is upon us, we must each take responsibility for our role in the abuses of power and be willing to let go and make room for change.

The Mother Mary Prophecies

In her more recent appearances, Mary has fairly consistently prophesied three specific events:

A Warning This Warning is said to be a great act of God’s Mercy, a “warning shot” that will be heard around the world. Some awesome event, perhaps a terrible catastrophe, something that will shock us all into knowing that God has spoken. (I wonder if 9 11 was that warning?)

A Great Miracle It is said that God will give some visible sign to all of mankind of His presence, His love and His mercy. This to come exactly one year after the warning.

The Chastisement The bible in Revelations refers to a time of Tribulation to befall the earth, and Mary seems to be warning of this also… a time of purification and cleansing, a time when great fires and floods besiege the earth and no man is left unaffected.

What is interesting about these prophesies is that they conform rather closely to both biblical prophecy and to a number of the prophecies about these times recorded throughout history by individuals recognized by the Catholic Church as Saints – and many others, including Nostradamus and Cayce and many Native prophets like the Hopi elders.While the details of each incident are different, some aspects of the messages delivered through these apparitions are always the same… each message contains a plea for prayers, often to pray the Rosary specifically, and each reminds us of Christ’s Love and His desire for a loving peace to unite His world.Perhaps, now, more than ever in our history, we must be reminded, and literally called, as soldiers to battle, to live His Word through prayer and acts of love.To encourage us all to pay attention in these times, and to add our prayers to the multitudes that will be needed to bring God’s Love to all in these turbulent times, we present the information that we have gathered on Marian Apparitions, a short history of the Marian Apparitions.

Visions of Mary…

Mary comes to people of all cultures and all religions. Most folks are so stunned by Her appearance that they discount the experience. Yet the messages are usually profound. Here one of our visitors tells us her story of visions of Mary and shares a warning…

My name is Marie. I have many strange dreams of war torn countries, strewn dead bodies on road sides and barren lands, of graveyards in quiet towns where tormented souls were lonely and waiting for something endlessly. It may seem scary, but I am used to it, I dream these dreams now and then and its going on for a long time… but I never put any odd interpretation to it… But last November, I’ve been so disturbed of a recent dream on 11/1/ 2004 on All Saints Day, it prompted me find answers and do some research and I came across your website. So here I am…and I would like to share my story.

My husband and our two young children were vacationing in Sunny Isles, Florida the weekend before the Presidential election (10/28- 11/1/04). We stayed in a hotel where our room has a balcony overlooking the beautiful Miami beach. When I walked over to the balcony and saw the blue felt strange for I have seen that view before, but the ocean in my dreams it was not calm and peaceful, it was in tumoil and there were big enormous waves, the sight in my dream was horrifying. It was a bad dream I have had few months ago so I just shrugged it off away. After all, there were 4 violent hurricanes that hit Florida in the last 2 months… and watching the hurricane news on TV must be the effect of those dreams.

I want to enjoy our short vacation so we just enjoyed our stay quietly, going to beach with my kids, shopping, and sightseeing. But then on our last night at the hotel on Nov 1…I had the most strange dream… I was lying half awake while my kids and husband were asleep, then I saw in my dream a young girl crying and begging for help… she is wearing a head scarf and old strange clothes (like a peasant in an ancient Rome) she spoke with a strange language but yet I seem to understand what she’s saying. She asked me to help those people who are trapped… I don’t know where or what happened to the “people” but she just keep crying… then suddenly in the corner of the room something shiny and bright appeared and started moving towards me… it was a young beautfiul lady dressed in long white robes, her head was also covered with delicate white veil and I notice she wears a shiny silvery crown. She looks so peaceful and her hands were clasped together as in prayer. I notice she was not walking… but was actually “floating” and I realized she is standing on top of a big white stone (or cloud) moving slowly passing by me… she summoned to the crying girl and told her to follow her. She asked me to pray for peace… then they were gone… I then notice the surroundings …I was standing in a vast land and there were straight rows of white covered sheets …then when I look farther it stretched into rows and rows of white blankets or sheets…wrapped in it were dead bodies!!!

I am not very religious so when told my 12 yr old daughter (she attends Catholic school), she immediately told me it seems the lady in my dream was that of the Virgin Mary. We started praying and asking Mother Mary to help us pray for the dead. But the sight of enormous waves kept showing in my dreams afterwards. Then last 12/26 Sunday I woke up to the news about the deadly tsunami that hit south Asia. The visions of rows of white sheets that cover dead bodies was very much like what I saw on my dream…on Nov 1st, 2004.

I still did not understand or comprehend what was the meaning of my dreams and all I can do is to pray in my own heart and ask for Mother Mary for her kindness and perpetual help for wolrd peace, and to give comfort to those who calls upon God’s name. I am hoping someone can tell me if I am not alone experienceing this kind of dreams…

Fairfax, VA

Global Psychics Responds:

Marie, what a fascinating and beautiful story. I agree with you that you saw the Virgin Mary… a sense of you having pierced the veils between dimensions and in a sense “happened” on a scene in which the Mother of All rescues one of her children… I feel strongly that the message is to let you know that God is present even in these horrendous disasters… and to remind you that when you see things in your dreams, to pray and call the light around them… some of us have agreed to do what we can from wherever we are to stabilize the energies…. these dreams are your “call to action” – in this case, a call to prayer… and to urge those around you to pray…. prayer has great power! Thanks for sharing!!! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Mary Appears to Comfort…

I have had about thirteen dreams of Blessed Virgin Mary, since I was thirteen years old. My brother died when I was thirteen. Mary came to me in a dream to comfort me and show me my brother in the heavenly kingdom. I was so at ease after that dream, I knew then that my brother was going to be okay. I had a dream a week before my wedding, Mary told me “My dear child, you will be okay”. The next morning, I told my fiancée that Mary said it was okay for me to marry you. I’ve been happily married for ten years now. Before the birth of my first child I had another dream of Mary. I think it’s because I was very worried about my unborn child having health problems. I say that because I was 37 years old and the doctor recommended an amniocentesis, I was scared. In my dream Mary was tenderly holding an infant the two were brilliantly illuminated by the Holy Spirit. She smiled at me and looked down towards the infant in her hands. The test came back negative, my baby girl is now two and healthy. I would go on and tell about all my dreams but I have to go for now. I am totally devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, I love her dearly. May she always keep watch over you. Love and light, Cece

I had a dream and I am tring to understand it. There has been a lot going on in my life right now. But one night I had a dream. I was on my knees in a praying position with my head down. A woman appeared right in front of me. She appeared to me in a blue from head to toe. She reached her hand out to me. I held her hand and began to cry. It was like the dream was so real because she stood there while I broke down crying. But before I released her hand lightly kissed it and asked her who she was. She told me her name was Mary and then she disappeared. I woke but was calm more than I have ever been. Could you help me and explain to me what this means. Thank You, Breanna

Mary came to you to help you cry – tears are healing… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Dear friends, I have personally seen our Mother Mary in my dreams & she has blessed us abundantly. We were not having a child for 5 years & always i use to pray to Our Lady Of Valikanni in India . She used to come to my dreams & she give a baby in my hand. I use to long for the right time that the lord had chosen for me and now we’re blessed with the gift of a child on 15th September, 2004 which is the day of Our Lady Of Seven Dolours. Keep praying for our lady will never let you go she will provide all that you need. She is daily interceding for us with her son, Jesus.

Another vision, with a very different message… this time of comfort and peace…

On March 6,2004 our mother passed away in her hospital room. My sister soon afterwards informed me that the Virgin Mary was looking down upon our deceased mother when we both arrived when the nurse called us concerning our mom. The Virgin Mary was according to my sister so beautiful and a sense of Peace filled the hospital room where our dear mother was lying in bed covered. We wish we had a camera to photograph this special visitor from Heaven. I am truly amazed by my sister’s word and what she had witnessed!. The Virgin Mary did not speak only extended her arms. Today I pray the rosary fervently and believe what my sister saw that morning. God Bless, Attila

Our Response

Thanks so much for sharing this, your Mom must have been one of the special Mom’s of the Universe and had a great faith… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Why Does Mary Appear?

Mary seems to appear in certain locations not just with global warnings and messages, but to specifically alert certain groups to coming challenges, and perhaps to encourage extra prayers and healing in times of great need. One of our visitors questioned Gaia, a wonderful South African channel about the meaning of Mary’s appearances in Betania:

Dear Gaia: I live in Venezuela, South America. Right now we are facing the greatest crisis in all our history, not only in the real material world but in the spiritual world. The fight against good and evil has manifested itself in great force here. If you look at us in a world map, we are at the top of South America, in front of the Caribbean sea. I would like your words. I live 45 minutes from Betania, where our Lady has manifested herself in great splendor. We knew something was coming but never imagined this disaster. Least of all, never imagined world wide consequences. The planet has grown small, Our Lady holds it in her hands. We are fighting communism and treachery here manifested suddenly 4 years ago. We are a peace loving country, 80% of the population is right now virtually kidnapped in our own country. So far we have avoided real real confrontation but there seems no other way out, so soon, there will be a great disaster here. Your words will be appreciated. Ana

Dear Ana, The Lady is indeed holding this Planet in her hands. To protect it and the beings on it. She knows too that many imbalances exist that need to be corrected, otherwise this Earth can be destroyed at the hands of those who do not have the interests in their Hearts of Mother Earth and those who inhabit her. Restoring the balance will not be a painless process, unfortunately. Your logic and mind will tell you that, as well as your Heart.

Those who seek peace will eventually overcome, although it may not seem to be like that to you at present. Your country is of importance to the Lady, since she has shown her presence there, as a result of your devotions and entreaties. Allow the process to take its course. Hold your faith and Heart. When you perceive injustices and wrongs, do what you can to expose and unite against them, for the Time of Truth is also upon humanity. But, first decide whether an injustice or wrong has been committed, for the Highest Good can work in many ways. Also, be cautious of employing the same methods as those who are seen to be the wrongdoers.

With much love. Gaia

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