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Life in the New World: New Powers in the New Age

The Intervention, a Time of Tribulation Before Ascension or Transmigration

Is God about to intervene here on planet earth?
Are we approaching the prophesied Time of Tribulation, preparing for a mass ascension or transmigration?
Is this the beginning of the Golden Age?

Who can say for sure?

Here two visionaries, Danielle Daoust and Bob Santarossa comment on what they have seen coming…

Life in the New World:New Powers in the New Age

Part 4 of a 4-part series originally posted Year 2000

Danielle: Some years ago I had a wonderful experience, saw myself transform into a light body as I sat with my knitting and meditation… The exciting part of this visualization was that I also saw how we transported ourselves – we could materialize and dematerialize almost at will – shapeshifters… simply by the way we focused our attention and directed the flow of energy in and around us…

Bob: My God, that is what I have seen too on this Earth. We will become a learning center of sorts for the rest of the universe…for it is Creator’s plan to show that from the darkest of places, and Earth is this darkest of places in comparison to other planets in the universe with intelligent and spiritually incarnated life, that the most enlightened can emerge (from the worst has come the best)…

WE WILL BECOME this place. It is His way of showing that the darkness can be overwhelmed by the light, even in the darkest of places.People won’t be hurt, they go on. If Creator is to create an Earth, after the shift, something for all species in the universe to behold, then necessarily those spirits which are not learned enough to incarnate and act as a living source of creative knowledge must be removed from Earth. When they have learned about creation as you have, then, they will be permitted to return. Remember, just like the aliens have come to witness the coming shift, so have many less learned spirits come here on Earth as human beings as well, for there is obvious learning in this. They came here knowing that this would happen…so do not weep for them, rather, understand they came here with open eyes.

When it is all over, after the shift, there will be no money, there will be no organized religion, only as far as spirits of like learning will meet to discuss their destiny’s and again only after they have firstly gone “inside” to find out from spirit who they are and why they are here. We will also learn how to feed ourselves from that creative energy all around us, we will be able to travel and see all of the universe (well, not all of it) with just a thought. We will be more like ourselves when we are “up there”.

Danielle: What I have seen has been “islands” small communities cut off from each other by large expanses of water… very quickly they learn to communicate with each other telepathically – this also seems to be about when these beings you spoke of begin to manifest… as the waters recede the clean-up work begins in earnest…

One of the most exciting visions I have had is of a kind of teacher with a small group of children gathered around a rather large crystal globe – the teacher in this case is more of a guide and he’s showing them how to work with the “globe” to access the knowledge and memories that are contained within them… he’s teaching them to learn from within… to find the answers to their questions in their own minds… it was really neat…

Bob: To explain “Life in the New Millennium” I will have to concurrently provide you with what precipitates and results in the new ways of living, think of it as Karma, “action and reaction”.. Firstly, a small portion of what I know about what happens after the shift and a beginning on explaining “the why?”…


Life after the end times, how shall this be? Bob’s description….

Humanity will exist in harmony with nature, for the planet shall be reclaimed during the periods of time spoken. Earth shall purge itself of influences during the times of tribulation. Other beings, will be called upon to purge earth. Quickly, this will be done by them, then, they shall leave, for they are not worthy to be in place during this greatest transformation of earth. They shall not resist for they are benevolent beings.

The technology of the ages, the universe, shall be made available to man. Harmony with the universe, cosmos and earth, shall reign. This will permit man to turn to his spiritual side.The food as spoken before, will not be required, removed, in most cases so that minimal damage to the environment will occur. Fruit and vegetable grown for sustenance, the minimal will be required. For humanity, food will be the energy of Creator, Christ energy, spiritual hierarchies, angels, guides will provide energy to mankind, to harness for physical sustenance and spiritual needs. This shall be the lot of humanity.

Then, humanity will emerge foremost in the universe in terms of knowledge. Many will try, come, avail themselves of humanity. They will learn knowledge from humanity, but humanity will resist, for only those worthy of knowledge, validity of knowledge, permitted by humanity to know the facts, the details.

Humanity¹s lot will be knowledge of spiritual realms, work with realms, travel spiritually to realms, exist dimensionally, multi-dimensionally, in all that is the work of Creator.


Other species of this universe now see earth as a place of minimal technology and maximum corruption. Now comes the realization, hidden from them, the purpose of the divine to transform the darkness to light. This purpose was hidden from them so that they could see that from the ultimate in darkness (Earth as it is), the light and great knowledge can emerge in unconditional love without the need of technology. Humanity will be undaunted and evolve as the greatest beings of the universe.

During and After the Shift


By the year 24, 24 years after the onset of the transformation, there will be much turmoil to the spirit, turmoil of convincing the remnant of the mundane that humanity has truly ascended to higher levels of contact with the divine energies that are about in our midst. This is the destiny of man.Now the years 5-8, after the beginning of the transformation, is the awakenment of humanity; 2-5 is the sensing of change; and 0-2, the tribulation, purging of darkness. Eight to the year 24, is the ascendancy of humanity. Technological revolution through the spirit by its knowledge of humanity. This is what will happen over these time periods.


Now what of after the year 24? Humanity will act, as a living library for all other species to engage, partake, in the knowledge of the ages and the knowledge of creation. This will only be provided as to the spiritual ascendancy of other beings which seek this knowledge. Here it will not be permitted to give no more, no less information which is rightfully that of other beings. This will be law after the year 24, as to provide the universe with one great, bright, shining beacon of love, of light, of Creator, to allow all other beings to experience what ascendancy from the darkness to the light feels like, belongs. Their belonging to this feeling is what they require to see. Do not provide more information than they are capable of understanding and deserving, for humanity after the year 24 will know what to do.

Life in the New Millennium

The following are a sampling of what humanity will become beyond the year 24:

  • Jobs will only be permitted that serve humanities diminished physical needs. Jobs only to help the physical survive, a diminished physical.Less food ‹minimal, mostly the universal energy feeds the human body.
  • Travel (as the current automobiles etc.) will not be permitted as they damage earth.New modes of physical travel shown by other benevolent beings.Family size will be limited only to provide a physical vessel for new spirit¹s entering earth.
  • Closer living quarters of simplicity so that spirituality will be permitted ‹exchange will be sought after ‹others will show how quarters to be made to ensure minimal damage to earth.
  • Medicine slowly phased out over 5-8 years as knowledge of spirit gained. Life times may be short ‹to achieve destiny‹or very long, as required by spirit.
  • Humanity beyond the year 24, for millennia will assist others to achieve their spiritual destiny by providing spiritual hierarchy information.
  • Highly ascended spirits even in telepathy will hide higher hierarchy information from less developed spirits. Not permitted to transfer this information as it will interfere with their destiny and learning same for others.
  • Humanity will teach other species about spiritualityshow that their dark to light transformation possible.
  • In time, when humanity learns to be pure love in telepathy, it will then be permitted telekinesis, transportation of physical vessel with spirit permits spirit to feel dark and light, part of its learning (year 8 to 24).

To find out more about what happens after the year 24, a few years ago I forward progressed myself into the future, about 150 years or so and what I saw was relaxing (again, I had a witness, she could see some of it, but she asked the questions which I relayed to those of that time).

First thing I noted was a greatly diminished human population and quiet, no noise etc. The great cities had been abandoned and were largely reclaimed by nature.You start to see a lot more villages and a verdant and climactically temperate Earth. The housing structures, all pretty much the same, are made from natural materials, clay like and white in color (a lot like the southwestern US adobe style of homes). The houses are very simple, mostly inhabited by 2 people…again, procreation is taken seriously then, its spiritual incarnation significance is well known. There are no paved highways, transportation, nothing other than a verdant Earth spotted by these hamlets every so often. Also, there are no agrarian developments, just the hamlets and villages of the same type.Inside these houses, simplicity is the rule. At the entrance, there are 2 beds, one left and one to the right of the entry…all of natural materials, very simple. In the main room of the housing there is a table, some chairs, no kitchen, a small bathroom with a toilet that is stone like (and looks like it is seldom used) with a moss like material in the toilet which acts as a type of deodorizer and clean up device.The one thing of note was that there was this crystal pendant from the ceiling that glowed a pleasant green light. It provided more than just lighting and heat, its purpose I believe may well be to also provide nourishment, among other things. I telepathically spoke to these future human beings, a man and a woman, in one of the dwellings. They were aware of my presence, and they related that things had evolved tremendously in terms of spiritual understanding about creation and that any type of knowledge was available to them. Their main goals appeared to be the manifestation of destiny and spirit. I also got the impression that they could go anywhere, with just a thought, in the cosmos.

However, I did leave them wondering about what the heck I was doing there in their time period. I was there for verification.You will just have to trust me that what I have seen is correct, especially in the 24 year time span. Powers that are inconceivable to us will be brought to bear on Earth. Earth is to be sort of “showcase” for the rest of the universe as to what can be….but yes, I have seen it takes some time for ALL to get it.

Our New Powers

I have been asked to practice all the “powers”, really abilities, in order to prepare for what is to come, the shift, and these abilities are (“verbatim” of what they said):

  • Powers to reverse experiences in people so that they may heal, the power to reverse time.
  • Powers of the energy to diffuse any situation which is not an act of love, think the antithesis of what is happening and it shall be reversed.
  • Tell them what you know, you need not prove anything other than the above two powers and then it will be their truth and do not fear religions, for by the time you do this, religions will be in disarray.
  • Begin to alter reality around you, how you saw yourself and other beings and the earth are how they really exist…this in time will be your true vision…with your metaphysical hands and thoughts you will be able to remold them as was shown to you, with unconditional love (an explanatory note here for you: I was allowed to see what we all really look like, in the metaphysical, the true reality of that underlying energy and light that comprises creation, that which we cannot see with our humanly senses, but is what we see when we return “up there”).
  • The ability to convince even the most staunchest of adversaries, much as Christ Consciousness was embued with. Permit the metaphysical to be readily shown to you so that you may immediately diagnose, touch and change to the original creation, your most potent weapon against the darkness.
  • Transmutation of matter to a more benevolent form. It may be transmuted to a benign energy form by thought, from matter which has been excited and that may harm the physical. Do not fear the excited matter, rather love it and it shall be transmuted to the benign and more loving form.

The Future for Psychics

Danielle: So, I am impressed!!! In the New Miillennium I believe that parapsychology will ultimately gain the respect of the scientific and economic communities over the next centuries, but I doubt that it can ever be treated as a pure science… being psychic is as much an art as it is a science… that said, I believe that the field of quantum physics will open the doors to a greater understanding of the dynamics of energy and that this will lead to our understanding, as a species, the role of our thoughts, feelings and actions in creating our realities – and our dysfunctions… and as we gain understanding of these subtler aspects of our existence, those of us who have specialized in reading and learning to interpret the subtle signals will be able to acquire specialized training, as a doctor, lawyer or architect does today…

I don’t have such clarity around my powers – I know that I will be an empath, able to feel people’s words and see into their souls, this I have seen on numerous occasions – and now work towards developing… it’s daily work, my practice enables me to keep building on what I know… I also know that I will be some kind of traveller – it’s in my blood, and that I will be expected to move between galaxies and dimensions, but I don’t know what these missions are about… although I doubt I’ll be doing many of these trips in space ships – most often I see myself materializing in these places – and using techniques like remote viewing… I may also be involved in developing our telepathic skills – found myself pulled into this work in recent years and find I can be quite effective under certain circumstances…

Which leads me to the next point… I think I am crazy…One of my dear friends was the head of nursing at the Clarke Institute, Toronto’s big psych hospital. Every time she left me, she’d say “you’re mad Danielle, totally mad, don’t let us ever get our hands on you…” and over the years I’ve had enough experience and insights into mental illness to know that what we are talking about here could put both of us behind bars forever, if we misbehaved in the world… at the very least, the “normal” world would say that we suffer from over-active imaginations and maybe ought to go play in the movie biz… I even have trouble taking myself seriously when I think of transforming into a light body and beaming into some dimension I can’t even imagine from this place and time…

As I said in one of my earlier notes, I focus on what’s in front of me, because this is what’s here now… and I could be totally nuts… and I also know there’s a lot to do… I was trained very young to be organized, to be prepared… and to make the most in every moment… I reconcile my choices now based on the fact that whether or not I am right in what I see for the future, the work I do in this moment will be necessary to get there… so I don’t talk a lot about the bigger picture that I have seen and felt, nor what’s down the road… thinking it wouldn’t serve us much to know, really…

IIF IT comes, my hope is that by doing some decent groundwork now, on myself primarily, and then just doing whatever it is I know I can do to help us all grow and prosper in the moment, then maybe we can create some oases in the hard times, places of warmth and refuge; and by staying grounded in our present power, understanding our limitations, working with what we can see and feel while staying open to the possibilities, then we can create the space for miracles… this doesn’t exactly articulate my feeling here, but the best I can do for now… the point is that I feel strongly the need to stay in work mode… if IT doesn’t come, then I will be able to look back on this life as having been productive and I won’t be upset that I frittered away present time opportunities in fantasy and vision…

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