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Edgar Cayce and Sabato’s Vision

Edgar Cayce and Sabato’s Vision

Edgar Cayce’s Vision

The well known American prophet, Edgar Cayce saw the 1990’s as a time of great geological upheaval. He saw that by 1998, the American west and east coasts were already flooded, and that Los Angeles and San Francisco had been destroyed by earthquakes with New York destroyed the same way shortly thereafter. He saw the great lakes draining into the Gulf of Mexico, and much of Japan submerged in water. Edgar Cayce predicted (often) the shift in the poles.. His “time line” has 2001 – 2002 as the outside window for this shift.

Edgar Cayce had many predictions surrounding the rediscovery of Atlantis and saw 1998 (or so) as the point when time capsules sealed in Atlantean times would be discovered off the Bimini coast (and elsewhere, alerting us to the fact that our history is much more than we have been taught!). He saw these particular years that we are living in as the end of the first period of great trauma and the return of the “Great Initiate” (the second coming) which begins a new era of peace. Edgar Cayce was (like many others) unsure of whether the second coming was to be manifest in form (one person), or as a mass awakening into our spiritual consciousness and a new age of light. Developments in science and technology coupled with growth in our own psychic gifts, according to Cayce, appear to lead the way to the promised “New Age of Peace”.

It would seem that some of what Edgar Cayce saw for this time, we have yet to witness. His prophecies are right in line with the prophecies of others, but his timeline appears the most aggressive. We will see.

de Sabato’s Vision

Mario de Sabato was born is France in 1933. As with many others, his abilities showed early in life (by age 7) and by the 1960’s, he was established as a “future consultant”. Throughout the 70’s, de Sabato gained reputation for prophetic and accurate predictions and was regularly consulted by both laymen and world leaders alike. de Sabato was known to be a very passionate and religiously devoted man. His prophecies have never been published in English, so it is not surprising that the majority of the English speaking world has not heard much about this man and his proven work.

The Cuba affair of 1962, much of the activity in Europe and the Middle East in the 70’s, the assassinations of both John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King and the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union are a few of his successful predictions.

Forwarding to the 90’s and beyond, de Sabato offers these glimpses of the future. He saw 1996 as the end of a particularly dangerous period of international tension, with a near nuclear encounter in Korea. 1998 seems to mark the beginning of a Chinese invasion of Europe. This beginning, he sees as unarmed (mass emigration or economic “takeover’?) and in full force by 2000. For that same period (2000), he also predicts an armed Chinese attack of Russia. For 1999, de Sabato sees the harnessing of a new type of electro-magnetic energy and major earthquakes damaging (specifically) nuclear power stations.

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