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Bashar on the New Millennium and Major Earth Changes

Bashar on the New Millennium and Major Earth Changes

Bashar is a multi-dimensional being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future. Here he shares his views of the coming times….

Bashar speaks of our approaching “critical mass”, a time of significant change lasting for at least the first decade of the New Millennium… For Global Psychics’ visions, see The Intervention, a Time of Tribulation Before Ascension or Transmigration

A Message of Hope – and a Warning!
Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka
Excerpts from: “The New Millennium”

Q: Bashar, why you are communicating with us at this time?

Bashar: We represent ourselves as what you would call an extraterrestrial consciousness. We are a different civilization from your own, but we understand many of the same or similar things that you do…the idea of living life through joy…of expressing creativity…of connection to the Infinite Creation. And our purpose and our reason for this transmission, this contact, this communication, is to provide each and every one of you individually, and all of you collectively, an opportunity to examine and to explore…new perspectives…new reflections…new ideas…new ways of examining your reality and of deciding whether or not you are living the lives you wish to live. To expand both your reality and thus, conversely, our reality. For anyone we interact with is for us a reflection of ourselves, and whatever changes you decide to make will also allow us to experience creation in that many more perspectives, that many more ways. So, we are a civilization similar to your own who wishes to answer your invitation to explore new levels of consciousness with you, to interact with you in whatever way you see fit and to examine together, in what ways we can both in the future, perhaps, interact more broadly. We are giving you an opportunity to understand that you are the Creators of your reality and to understand pragmatically how to go about applying this knowledge to your world so that you can gain the results that many of you say you want, but perhaps have not necessarily been taught or trained to understand how to acquire. We can explain, in a sense, delineate and define the specific apparatus by which your consciousness does create the reality it already experiences and by that examination, perhaps, illuminate how you can transform and change that mechanism to allow it to work for you in a more harmonious way… a more creative way…according to your own wishes and desires. This, as you say in your language, in a nutshell is who we are and why we are communicating with your civilization at this time.

Q: Bashar, can you describe how you communicate with us through Darryl Anka?

Bashar: It is described by a simple analogy, at least in this particular case. It is what we call “resonant identification” or a “telempathic bond”. In other words, similar to the concept of what you call two tuning forks that are tuned to each other, the channel has been trained to allow his brainwaves to accelerate to a certain pitch or frequency. We change our brainwave frequency, where we are in our location, downward to match his frequency. He moves upward…we move downward…because we are on a higher vibratory plane. Somewhere in the middle our frequencies meet, synchronize and lock. Thus, similar to the tuning fork analogy when you start one tuning fork vibrating, if the other one is tuned to it, it will also vibrate, in what you would call a type of sympathetic harmonization. This is a fundamental description of the basic mechanism. Once our brainwaves are synchronized, our thoughts thus then are simply immediately and automatically translated through the channel’s mind. I am not actually there with you, but what you are getting is a model of my consciousness made out of the channel’s energy on your planet.

Q: Is there actually any significance to the beginning of our new millennium, the year 2000 and will anything tremendous happen at that time?

Bashar: 2001 is actually the beginning of your new millennium, not the year 2000. Yes, there is significance even though it may not always be interpreted correctly, so to speak. The reason why there is so much recognition of this idea is because there is an innate sensing that your civilization, evolutionarily, is coming to a head. It is arriving at a point which you call “critical mass” in its consciousness where it really is crossing a threshold of understanding in awareness that can make a very large difference — not necessarily right at the year 2001– but it has been changing for a little while and accelerate it will. Somewhere in between your now time and what you would call your year of 2013, you will find that some of the most significant changes will be represented in your society based on the changes going on in your collective consciousness at this time…because you have reached critical mass and are beginning to understand some very important things such as “You create your reality”. The more individuals that really begin to understand this and apply this, then the more it will cause a critical mass acceleration that actually will profoundly change your society in relatively short order, historically speaking. So since it all centers around this general upcoming shift in millennial time, it is simply lumped into the beginning year of the millennium, which in your counting is 2001.

Q: Can you tell us more about this critical mass acceleration and the threshold we are crossing?

Bashar: The acceleration which is going on and has been going on for awhile, but which in a sense starts to culminate in and around the first couple of decades of your upcoming new millennium…is the crossing of a threshold that is similar to the concept of, in your technology, crossing the sound barrier or approaching the idea of the speed of light. You are arriving at that threshold and you are about to cross it, so everything must accelerate to bring all your energy to bear as a society …so you can bring all that energy and momentum up to speed and match the frequency of your Ultimate Self…and then begin to cross that threshold to create the new society that you are laying the foundations for now. By seeing what is going on on your planet, with the acceleration of new information and also with what you may term “the negative things” that seem to be accelerating on your planet…you’re getting everything up out of your system and out onto the table. This allows you to examine every portion of your creation…every portion of your culture and society…to examine what it is you want to keep and what it is you want to change in order to bring all that energy and consciousness and intention to bear…allowing you to step across the threshold into the new reality that you are all together co-creating. So, there will be much, much more acceleration…you haven’t, as you say in your language…seen anything yet. Get ready for the roller coaster ride of your life!

Q: Along with this shift in critical mass comes increasingly strong opposition to these ideas by the chemical-industrial complex which controls most of the legislation that dominates our world.

Bashar: Yes, but that is all part and parcel of everything coming to a head. In other words, many times many things that seem dire may also seem to be becoming more prevalent, but only because you are now willing to get everything out of your system and onto the table. So certain things will appear, in your terms “worse”, while other things will appear better. In other words, you’ll see a great amount of polarity and that is the indicator that everything is coming to a head…because what you’re actually doing in getting everything out on the table is ultimately deciding what you want your world truly to be based upon. And as soon as you really decide that and cross the critical mass threshold, then in an accelerated way, the old structure that no longer belongs to the new decision will collapse very rapidly in due order.

Q: It appears that there is a race against time whether this critical mass of positive energy will overcome the manifestation of our own Armageddon.

Bashar: I will put it to you this way: there are an infinite number of probable Earths. Every single possible scenario will play out, and more precisely, is playing out now since all time is actually simultaneous. However, whatever each individual’s vibratory frequency is, that is the determining factor for what probable-future-reality-Earth they will experience.

In that our civilization is communicating to this probable-reality-Earth…in other words, in that we are capable of having this conversation with you…then that is an indication that you are part and parcel of the probable-reality-Earth that will allow the positive energy, shall we say, to over-balance the negative…otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation. And all the probable-reality-Earths that do decide to let the negative dominate in their future…we are not having conversations with in the same way at all.


Q: Bashar, is the Y2K issue going to be a severe problem for our world as predicted?

Bashar: In some cases it will be severe, in other areas it will not be felt at all. It will depend upon the infrastructure that has been laid down in certain areas on your planet since there is much diversity in your world and many different approaches to different things. Different areas will likewise experience the result and consequences in different ways. The basic thing to understand is that when individuals begin to lay down other systems, alternate systems, new ideas and put them into place, then it will not really matter if the old systems crumble or collapse for new ones will be there ready and willing to take their place and take up what you call “the slack”. Now at the same time, sometimes what you would call a break from the old paradigm may be a welcome thing and give individuals a chance to rethink how they go about setting up certain systems, to allow them in the future to become far more flexible, less rigid…and this is a metaphor for how you really need to live your lives as well. So, I would simply overall suggest that you don’t really worry about it, for I will tell you this with absolute certainty…the more you worry about it being a problem, the more you magnetically will draw yourself into a circumstance where you will experience it as a problem. Instead I would suggest that you allow yourself to treat it as an amazing opportunity to allow systems to shift and change very rapidly and that you position yourself by your energy and your own certainty — so that you will know that you will be where you need to be, when you need to be there, and so that you will experience, no matter what any else’s experience — you will personally experience only a beneficial result from such a consequence instead of a negative one.

Q: What about the many predictions of global natural disasters that have come from other channeled beings and other sources?

Bashar: Many of you have spoken of the idea of the transformation seeming to have to take place through the idea of catastrophes: earthquakes, flood, famine, axis shifts, and much more of the like. Recognize that this energy potential does exist, but only as a potential. It may have a great deal of momentum behind it; it may have a great degree of backing behind it from your civilization simply because that is the way your civilization has always assumed that changes must occur…with strife and struggle. But recognize — not that you are being lied to, for you are not — but recognize that you are being given an opportunity to decide whether what they say is true for you in terms of what you believe you need to experience in the transformation taking place on your planet right now. When you hear something that does not strike a vibratory chord within you, recognize that you are being given an opportunity to understand and reflect upon what you know to be true for you — then you can utilize the situation as an equal, and not continue to feel that what you are being given as information is any more powerful then the information you have within yourselves, with regard to reality and a world which is, after all, yours.

Q: Will there be noticeable physical effects of this transformation on the planet?

Bashar: Are there not already? Do you not see around your planet many different changes in the weather, many different geological changes? Now, all of the ones that have been predicted don’t have to come to pass. You have already transformed many of them into other forms of energy expression, such as sociological change or political change or financial change. They do not have to be experienced in any particular way. There will still be some acceleration in what you call the geological or weather pattern or electromagnetic field changes, but again, the basic bottom line really is: what is your energy all about? It is your frequency that will determine where you are, when you are there, and how you will experience the transformation…for “like attracts like” and the energy of fear will only attract an individual into the centers that experience the transformation in a cataclysmic way whereas the energy of joy and unconditional love of self will attract the individual to experience the transformation, even if they are standing in the middle and all around them is a cataclysm…they will never experience it in anything but a smooth and creative manner. That’s the key. So, do not so much be concerned about exactly what’s going to happen…be focused on the idea of what you decide you are all about…because only your wavelength will determine what you are attracted to experience in the transition…what portion or what methodology or what style of the transition you are capable of experiencing because it can be experienced in many different ways because it’s holographic…there are any number of ways to experience it that co-exist simultaneously and what frequency you are on, like your television set…what channel you are on determines the program you get…even though all the other programs might be there on the airwaves, you only see the one your television set is tuned to. This is physics, this is how it works.

Q: As part of these Earth changes will there be a major earthquake in Southern California in the next few years, as predicted?

Bashar: The likelihood of the kind of quake you are talking about in Southern California does not really reach an approximation of occurrence until around 2010 — and even then it is not certain. And, as we have said before and you can apply this if you’ll remember, the idea is that the more you change yourselves then the less likely it will be that you will have to create circumstances to shake yourselves awake. You can transform the energy — it is your reality. While it is true that some individuals will believe that they must go through a trial-by-fire in order to change, not everyone has to. The idea is that the more you allow yourself to be yourself, the less likely it will be that you need any kind of catastrophic reminder and you can make the transitions relatively smoothly. Even if you find yourself in the mist of great physical change, if you are centered within your own being…there can be chaos all around you and you will remain untouched.

Q: Can people’s thoughts and feelings of a negative nature have an effect on whether we have earthquakes?

Bashar: Yes, we have been saying that for years and that is why we say when you are centered within your vibration of belief…a belief that is aligned and harmonious with your joy…then you will actually be capable of transforming the way changes occur. They need not occur in catastrophic terms…and even if they do and even if you are in the midst of it…your vibration will determine what you experience. One individual who may experience full terror and even injury and death can be standing right next to another individual who will remain untouched. It depends upon the vibration and how you will translate your reality because each and every one of you is a different reality — you share some ideas — but the idea of the changes fundamentally are neutral and the effect of how you experience them is completely determined by the vibrational state in which you decide you exist..


Q: Is it true that many other civilizations are watching and are interested in what is happening on our planet at this time?

Bashar: Absolutely. It is a high point of conjunction — the different kinds of coming together of consciousness and integration that are taking place on your world at this time. It is not that this kind of thing has never happened or will never happen again, but in terms of linear time, it is relatively rare and in that sense a special moment because it is literally the leap into the awakening of your own God-hood. Thus it is, linearly speaking, an expansion of Creation…most profoundly so.

Q: Can you tell us a specific time frame for the general and public acceptance and understanding of the UFO phenomenon?

Bashar: Well, absolutely, no later than 2037 AD. Now, there will be many things that will begin to come up before that. There will be certain revelations in and around your year of 2005 to 2007, and remember this is, as we sense the collective energy of your planet, as it stands now. So, there will begin to be more information that is released and understood and known in between the window of your year of 2005 to 2007. You will find that by your year of 2012…2013, there will be actually quite a lot of information. By your year of 2029 you will find that there will generally be almost no one on your planet who is not aware of the idea of the existence of extraterrestrials. And by your year of 2037, your planet, in general, will most likely be at a level of vibrational resonance where it will become a part of what we call the Association of Worlds.


Q: Can you tell us any more about the information that will soon be revealed?

Bashar: There is a chamber about to be opened near the paw of the Sphinx, underneath…about fifteen feet underground. Agreements are now being made, discussions are now being had. Most likely this will happen within the next two to three years of your time. There are other chambers under the Sphinx that also contain information about your past…that isn’t the only one. In some of the chambers there is the opportunity to find records of more detail of your true history of planet Earth, including such things as records of Atlantis and what you would call early extraterrestrial interactions and also the idea of information that can allow you to create many such devices that can tap into etheric and electromagnetic energy and so on and so forth.

Thus, you will find, when you create among yourselves the appropriate timing to enter these chambers under the Sphinx, it will contain information … to sum it up, a kind of hall of records…that will leave absolutely no uncertainty about the idea of what you would call past histories, the ancientness of your civilization, and interactions with other levels of consciousness. There will be artifacts, symbols, signs and information that can easily be deciphered by those who understand and that will relate to your origins on Earth, to the idea of a multitude of civilizations that have existed there upon, to the idea of your birthright as beings of consciousness and many principles of the fundamental ideas of the formation of your reality and the creation of life. In that sense, it will be a verification of many of the things that you now desire to believe about reality and it will change many aspects of what you call history, sociology, religion, anthropology and so forth. It is likely, though again we can not say with absolute certainty…because this is your call, because it is your planet…it is likely that these chambers will be opened before your year of 2001. But that depends on all of you.

©1984-1998, Darryl Anka. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission., Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka Excerpts from: “The New Millennium” .Bashar explores a wide-range of subjects with great insight, humor and a profound understanding of how reality creation occur.

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