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Are We DoomsDay Seers?

Are We DoomsDay Seers?

It’s no wonder there’s so much talk of the end times. Between the prophets, the politics, the economy, the weather and terrorist activities, we’re being given lots to think about.

Every continent is being beat up by intense storms, avalanches, floods, volcanic eruptions. Meteorologists report that the average temperature around the globe has increased some 6 degrees in this past year – average fluctuations usually range within 2 to 4 degrees of the same temperature, year after year. Some scientists are warning of the possibility of worldwide flooding in the next few years. recent reports indicate that water levles are rising around the planet – a clear indication of the polar melt-down underway right now.

In the last period we’ve received a record number of reports of visions, dreams, prophecies and predictions. It seems that no matter where we turn, all signs point to this time as the opening days of a major disruption here on Planet Earth.

There is no doubt in our minds that “something” is up, that we are in the midst of a massive shift, not just in consciousness, but in our environments, political, economic and geophysical… And as readers of energy we are seeing patterns in the Universal Mindstream that have never been seen before, that we know of…

Too many are talking of the End Times, a Time of Tribulation, mass ascension, transmigration… We are extremely concerned that there is so much fear being generated at this time that there may indeed be some awful catastrophe in the next years… so we are consistent in reminding folks that it really is up to us, that we must get a grip on our fears, move towards being much more loving in all that we think and do… and out of that move, we can avoid what so many are calling Armageddon.

Are We Predicting an Armageddon?

If you look closely at what we are saying, we at no time speak of this time as Armageddon and we consistently encourage you to take a very positive attitude to the changes afoot… in fact, the reason we are printing these articles and prophecies is to counteract some of the fear that so many dooms day seers are encouraging right now… we believe that it is essential for each of us to take responsibility for our beliefs and attitudes, for the fact that we are creating this… whatever “this” is…

If we create in fear, we will be faced with fearful circumstances. If we create in love, we will create something truly beautiful from these times.. It IS all up to us…

The dooms day psychics serve a purpose by reminding us that these are significant moments in our history, but I do not believe that it is in anyone’s best interest to promote thoughts of the end times… Many of these people are simply reflecting their own fears or the fears of the mass consciousness and thus adding energy to them.

That said, we at Global Psychics are practical, pragmatic, solutions-oriented folks. We tend to approach life directly, accept that our power is in the present and act on what “IS”. So, I think it is also foolish to ignore the fact that we’re in the midst of a massive energy shift on the planet and that it behooves each of us to prepare personally for these times… While some might think that the right way to prepare is to stock up on food and water and find some place to hide out, I believe that this is a time for getting my “Inner House” in order, a time to get in touch with my soul, to get clean with myself about who I am and what I believe and want – and whether those beliefs are truly loving and nurturing… And I believe that this is the time to look at all the places we are afraid, to be honest and direct about them, and to be willing to rise above them…

I do believe that we’re in for some interesting times, that there will be a kind of world crisis that some might call our dooms day – simply because when I read the energy I see so many screaming for it – but I don’t think it’s really the end of us… The truth is we don’t die, so at the end of the day, I guess I wonder what all the fuss is really about… why so many are afraid and why we want to call it a dooms day…

We may be witnessing the end of our lives as we have known them – but I suspect this “Armageddon” has much more to do with the fact that we are witnessing the end of the patriarchal Piscean Age and Aquarius is dawning upon us, bringing new attitudes and new ways of being in the world.

I don’t know about you, but as an observer , I am fascinated by these times and delighted to have a front row seat… And since there are almost 6 billion front row seats on this event – just think of what a huge playing field is in front of us! And how many others are watching! Perhaps by sharing our individual views on this event, we can all get a sense of the pig picture and what this game in front of us is really all about…

On this site we explore the possibilities for the New Millennium. If there is to be a time of tribulation, what will it look like and how long will it last? Will Aliens support us in the transition, if so , how? And what will the world look like when all is said and done? What about life in the New World ? This could be the most exciting moment in our history, Where do you think we’re going? What do you think is going on.

Email us, tell us what’s happening in your part of the world…

The Dalai Lama on the New Millennium

What the Dalai Lama Said: The Millenium Message

[Delivered by His Holiness The XXIV Dalai Lama via Internet via, January 1, 2000] [Transcribed by Roger Ebsen, Closely Paraphrased, some words difficult to understand]

“People ask me what I feel about the new Millennium. People seem to be excited about the millennium. The new millennium in itself will be ‘nothing special.’ As we enter the new millennium, things will be the same ~ that is, nothing unusual. Just wait, wait, wait. and then you’ll see nothing unusual and then we’ll forget about it. [chuckles] My only worry is whether my flight to Delhi today will take off.

The new millennium in itself is nothing special. One thing is certain. We all can use time in our life constructively or destructively. Or we can waste our time, that is up to us. So people who consider the new millennium, it can be happy or miserable, it is entirely up to us. So that is the point. If we are really looking forward to a New Millennium, or Century, a happy one, then we must make effort, we must work hard for it. That is my message for today. Awareness of the problem and learn how to lose it and keep hope and determination. Not just prayer, but through action, to alleviate unhappy situations.

A Special Message for the Younger Generations

Now, however, if you really want the next millennium to be happier, more peaceful, and more harmonious for humankind, we will have to make the effort to make it so. This is in our hands, but especially in the hands of this younger generation. The younger generation. The most part of my life is spent or belongs to the previous century. So the previous century is the century of my generation. So, the other people, [are soon] to say bye-bye to the world [chuckle]. So, the younger generation, you are the people who really have to manage yourself politically, to shape the difficult century. So as a human being with marvelous human intelligence, the first (goal) is education, proper education; and then with determination, self-confidence, and a [good] attitude.. with these fundamental potentialities, then we can change the situation. So (we ask) the younger generation to really study well and meantime keep a warm heart.. this is the most important thing I want to say to you.

We have had many experiences during this century, constructive and extremely destructive ones, we must learn from these experiences.

A Plan for the New Millennium

We need to approach this new millennium more holistically, with more openness and far-sightedness. If we are going to make this the right kind of effort to make the future of the world better I believe the following methods are of great importance.

  • One, while engaged in material progress and taking care of people’s well-being, we need to pay equal attention to developing peace of mind.and that is taking care of the internal aspect of our being.
  • Second, our formal education generally deals with only academic accomplishments, we need to develop more altruism and a sense of caring and responsibility for others in the minds of this younger generation sitting in various educational institutions. This can be done without necessarily involving religion. Therefore, all secular education, as it in fact consists of basic human qualities such as kindness, compassion, sincerity and honesty.
  • The third: this part of the century, in some ways, has been a center of war and bloodshed. It has seen, year-by-year, increasing defense-spending for most countries in the world. If we are to change this trend, we must seriously consider the concept of non-violence, which is the physical extension of compassion. In order to make non-violence a reality, we must prefer to work on internal disarmament, and then proceed to work on external disarmament. By internal disarmament, I mean, ridding ourselves of all this negative emotion, that results in violence. External disarmament will also have to be done gradually, step-by-step. We must first work on the total abolishment of nuclear weapons and gradually work up to total demilitarization throughout the world. And the problem with doing this [is that] we must also work towards stopping the arms trade, which is currently widely accepted because it is so lucrative. When we do all these things we can then hope to see in the next millennium a year-by-year decrease in the military expenditure of the various nations and a greater working towards demilitarization. Similar problems will, of course, always remain. I believe, one of the sources of trouble is human intelligence and because of human intelligence we always can find different ideas, different ideologies, and also, I think the unlimited desire for conflict or derision. Therefore, so long as human beings live, or living, on this small blue planet, some form of problem [is] always there. [Belief there, prayers?.] or hope of a world without problems ~ that, I think, is hypocrisy, that is not realistic. So, problems always have been there. So, we need some method to deal with the problems [without whining?]… So that is very important. So, similar problems will always remain, but the way to resolve them is to sit down at a discussion. So, I feel that the concept of war is very much based on a concept of real estate, my interest, their interest, is something totally separate, unrelated. Under best circumstances, the concept of war which means 100% victory [on] our side, 100% defeat of other, the so-called enemy. Now, today, reality is not that. My interests very much [resembles] others interests; Others interests [reflect] my interests. So that’s the reality. So, therefore, under best circumstances, or according to [better] reality, discussion with your neighbor, even who you call enemy, but in reality, discussing your enemy is actually discussing warfare. So in the best circumstances, conquer the war, conquer the one side, 100% victory, one side 100% defeat [idea]; it is outdated. So, [laughter] [I love this] – the next century should be a century of dialogue and discussion rather than one of war and bloodshed.
  • Fourth, we need to address the issue of the gap between the rich and poor, both globally and nationally. This inequality, with some sections of the human community having abundance, and others on the same planet being hungry, or even dying of starvation, is not only morally wrong, but practically also, [because it is a solvable problem?].. Here, I want to make a small position, if you will agree, the first week of this 21st century, those middle-class people, and certainly those rich people, rich families, I think one day, I think should remain [with just] one meal. Some kind, some form of fast. So this is that could be [some kind of] reminder that while they are enjoying living without any difficulties, that there are millions of people who are without just one meal, some even without that. . On an individual basis, if they agree offer a reminder..fasting.just one meal. [The whole problem is to ensure freedom.] As long as there is no freedom in many parts of the world, there can be no real peace and in a sense no real freedom for this effort to work.
  • I think, for the sake of our future generations, we need to take care of our earth and of our environment. Environmental damage is often gradual and not easily apparent and often by the time we become aware of it, it is generally too late. Since most of the major rivers flowing into many parts of the Southeast Asia originate from the Tibetan plateau, it will not be out of place to mention here the crucial importance of taking care of the environment in that area.
  • Lastly, one of the greatest challenges today is the population explosion. Unless we are able to tackle this issue, effectively, we will be confronted with problem of major resources being inadequate for all the human beings of this earth. We need to seriously look into these matters that concern us all if we are to look forward to the future with some hope. So, lastly, I just want to share one of my public pleas, that is, inside are many difficulties and inside some cases, I think horrible, or hopeless sort of appearances, we should not lose our determination, it is very, very important, so please [maintain] optimism so that, eventually, we can work on all these painful experiences or problems. [Right from the beginning, it will remain with sort of hopelessness, or difficulty, and then, even small things, which we can easily defeat?] even that reason we can never retreat so, therefore it is very important to keep self-confidence and determination. From that a perfect mind, [a most entrusted element?] in order to keep the community. So, therefore, believer or non-believer, please try keep a warm heart inside, then you, yourself will be a happier person, and through that means, your family will be happier, and through that means, a happier , more peaceful community can build. So according to my experience, or from my point of view, in order to create a happier humanity, happier world, and.also including .little animals, or birds, beasts, other sentient beings, we human beings, with the help of human intelligence, with help of a wiser perspective ~ [must] keep a warm heart, a compassionate heart inside.

Thank you.

Stay awake and alert, – conscious of the changes in motion; notice what it is we are creating now.

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