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Ahkbar the Alien: ET’s and the New Millennium

Ahkbar the Alien: ET’s and the New Millennium

Many folks now hold the belief that aliens are preparing for mass landings on Planet Earth… There are dozens of prophecies to this effect, although all seem to be from the modern prophets – I am not aware of such from the ancient prophects… Some say the aliens are coming to rescue the Lightworkers during the polar shifts, some say to take their starseed offspring home, others say to share technology, still others say they intend to take us over, to bring peace on Earth, since we can’t seem to manage it for ourselves…

Typically, the Global Psychics team avoids comment on the subject, a topic too large for this site, but recent extra-terrestrial communications encouraged us to break our silence.

by M.L. Danielle Daoust

The Background

To tell you the truth, thoughts of ET’s and UFO’s frighten me, always have and probably always will. I’m not a Trekkie and only saw the first Star Wars movie because my son insisted I take him. I’ve always felt a little confused by the entire subject of alien life and while I have accepted it, and have even believed in the validity of certain extra-terrestrial communications and experiences, I have had no desire to connect with ET’s or to see a UFO in any way, on any day, at least not in this lifetime…

Yet they found me…

Their first known contacts with me were in my dream world, some 15 years or more ago when I was given my first tour of a massive space ship and warned about the different types of Extra-Terrestrial ships that would come and the events that would take place in the coming years. Since then, about once a year, in the period between March and mid August, I am contacted by the entity at the helm of this ship. The contacts are always spontaneous, unexpected, and discombobulating. At one point I was told that I was somehow connected with a specific ship – the ship I had toured once before and I was again given a tour. This walk around the ship was very different from the last when I had been shown the recreational areas and living spaces and shown how they would help me quit smoking easily, if I should have to suddenly lift off with them one day….

This time I was taken to the helm of the ship and to the planning rooms where I met beings it seemed from every dimension in the galaxy… I couldn’t possibly describe what I saw in this encounter, there are no words for the colours, characteristics, physical attributes and personal qualities of these beings. And I cannot tell you what I was told, except that they were observing what was going on around us (at times I actually had the sensation of being really watched, as if from a video camera), I was told they were the lead ship of a fleet that was circling around the planet at that time, and this one would be based over Lake Ontario floating between Toronto, Boston and New York City, and finally that they wanted to connect with certain healers in those areas and felt that psychically I could help them reach the people they wanted to find.

While these events always left me a little confused and irritated, the irritation was more at the confusion, than at the event itself… why me? what do I have to do with these ships? I’M NOT INTERESTED IN ET’S! Since every contact was loving and caring, I felt no threat from the contacts, just the anxiety of confusion, the wonderment of such communications…. Over the years, I told a few close friends and colleagues about these experiences, but otherwise kept them to myself – (I am already considered more than a little odd in the “real” world).

Until now. Following you’ll find a series of notes that I wrote to Mary-Anne, my partner in Global Psychics and Owen James, the medical intuitive who works with our team.

My contact at the helm of that space ship finally has a name. This time he introduced himself as Ahkbar, the Alien. Here’s the story…

An Urgent Message From Ahkbar the Alien

Note: I find it interesting that this contact occurred just before the bombing started in Kosovo, the Littleton disaster and the Kansas tornadoes…. and preceded my receiving the numerous missives about apocalyptic dreams, the Cassini space probe, the Grand Cross, the Illuminati, Comet Lee… I think my friend Ahkbar was doing his best to prepare me for what was coming over the next few years. Here are the notes I sent in March of 1999.

Owen, and Mare – What came out by the time I finished writing tonight is not what I intended to write… and it is true that I have been getting a lot of signals from that space ship I have spoken to both of you about… Owen this time they especially want to connect with you – I know that one of the reasons they connect with me is to tap into the healers in the area – they need to connect with you, and they are telling me FAST – and I am getting goose bumps as I write…. you know someone that they want to get a message to too… I’m getting a very strong buzz here, there’s an urgency to their communications and I know I can’t pick up this message by myself, it feels too big and too strong…

Certainly, one of the messages is that they are close by, they really want to connect with the shamans of the world, they seem to be desperate for help in breaking some sound barriers – what I am getting is that some high up officials know the message they want to pass on to us, but they need the people to know, they are saying that a lot of information that is critical to our future is being held back from us right now – they want to leak it out to some folks who will spread it around… their message feels very loving, they want to work WITH us, but they’re afraid we’re too afraid…

This is weird, such a buzz…

Let me know what you pick up here… Wow, not what I expected when I sat down to work tonight… can’t tell you what this is making me feel… lotsa LLLove, Danielle

The Follow-Up

March 23, 1999

I need to pull these thoughts and experiences together somehow, so… After I sent you that message last week about the contact with the space ship and their desire to connect with the shamans, and you Owen, I ‘called up’ my contact again for more information… this is what happened.

Again this Darth Vedor type character appeared, bigger than life in my mind, but this time he was very close and he was carrying his helmet under his arm… I was shocked to see a very small head – at least in comparison to the suit he was wearing. He is fair haired and I feel like I know him – I immediately reached out and caressed his face and there were these very loving feelings that came up… then he explained that this suit he wears creates an environment for him and he showed me that he was naked underneath it, I saw a man’s strong chest with three different monitors attached to him that seemed to be connected to the suit… he also showed me the suit close up, made of a shiny dark gray material, all interconnected pieces, like scales, but much larger that scales on a fish would be, and more flexible than any kind of metal I have ever seen… it was both hard and soft to the touch, flexible and rigid… not sure why this encounter, except perhaps to allay my fears, I couldn’t get comfortable with the dark costume he was wearing – but he tells me these are dark times… the costume fits the moment.

Anyway, the rest of the message was hard for me to get… He said that they wanted to connect with the shamans because they felt these were the only people who would be willing to accept their message, or able to understand it fully, and fearlessly. He said that the ships would soon all be at a ‘Stand Off Position’ from the planet because the energies swirling around here are too turbulent, there is some fear of damage to their ships if they stay in this atmosphere much longer…

(I find this particurlarly interesting in light of the articles received subsequent tot his writing about the Cassini space probe…. and then Comet Lee…. are they also worried there will be such an explosion that it will not be safe for them to enter this dimension for some time?)

He showed me a huge explosion (911 – 2 years later?) and that the dust would have to settle before they could get back in here… he said the planet had already been seeded with as much as they could do and they had left behind as much as they could to help us through the transition but that from here we would have to go it alone, until the dust settled and they could get back to us…

He again reminded me not to trust a lot of what was being said in the media and by government about UFO’s and he again emphasized that not all aliens are trustworthy and friendly, to be extremely careful of contacts with them… and again he said to trust my instincts… (this seems to refer to the fact that I didn’t want to connect with him, that he frightened me – he seems to indicate that we could have some good reasons to be frightened of the likes of him…) But he keeps trying to explain that his ship and others like them are here for good reason and intend no harm, are here to help in whatever capacity they are able, and repeated the request for help in connecting with the shamans and healers….

He gave me the name Ahkbar, I saw it in two forms, first as Akbar and then as Ahkbar and said that there was a message in the name, and that I should look it up on the web for the message… (See the note from our Visitor following on the meaning of these names…)

So today, I looked it up finally, and this is what I discovered… first I found information about Akbar the great, a man who I could relate to nicely, a conqueror who had considered the rights of his people… an interesting story, set in India in the late 1500’s… didn’t seem to have much of a message in the story though, so I kept searching…

The next bits spooked me… searching now on Ahkbar, I find many connections to Islam, the middle east, Iran and Iraq… apparently the terrorist cry is Allah Ahkbar – God is great… and it was the closing remarks of the Jackal when he was sent to prison for his terrorist activities…. (again, it seems that Ahkbar wanted to warn me of what was coming)

So, I am thinking that Ahkbar the Alien may have been trying to warn me of some serious problems with terrorists this year… I am afraid that the Kosovo thing is just the beginning, that this event may be used as a cover to get things brewing in other parts of the world – that while our attention is focused there, others are moving into position to cause much worse trouble elsewhere… and I am concerned about this explosion I saw, given the number of other visions and dreams I and others have had recently…

(As I read these words in 2006, I realize now how signficant they were… in fact it is very likely that this moving into position was underway as I wrote the first words of this article…)

So, that’s it… interested in your comments… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Mary-Anne Responds

So, this isn’t new in terms of folks dealing with ET’s and UFO’s. But, there seem two distinct lines or groups here. One group is the ufologists (the kind Art Bell has on all the time). They seem interested in the government’s role, in uncovering the cover ups and secrets. It’s research and study looking into the physical evidence of ET’s landing and so forth. These folks investigate Roswell and Area 51 and Florida and all the other hot spots for sightings and all. The other is the spiritual mediums and channelers that claim to be receiving information in a channeling way that is substantive and intimates messages to the human race. I don’t think these psychic or telepathic experiences get any credence from the ufologists. So, as with everything here on earth, we have duality and split methods. The recognized practice of ufology gives very little, if any, credence to the Marciniak types, the channelers of information that they purport to be from other worlds and all that. (Not all of which I trust either).

I don’t have a particularly strong connection to anything ET/UFO related. Some interest and curiosity, and certainly no doubt that there are other planets that sustain life, but I don’t have much personal experience with any of this. For me, it’s more of an intellectual exercise. While I don’t doubt that “they” are there and have a reason for being there, I can’t validate nor invalidate anything personally.

Aren’t we a dense bunch down here? From everything we’ve ever read or perceived about the significance of this time now on earth, it seems that the messages are very consistent and quite simple. It is frightening to think that “something out there” is feeling an urgency here. I say this because I think that whatever the message, it already exists here on earth anyway. I can’t imagine that it is much different than the messages already channeled – about creativity, love, God and how we would be best to live – well, why haven’t we heard it yet? Honestly, I’m not sure that there is hope for us to tell you the truth. Especially as I think about what you have written as an urgent feeling. Somehow it seems to be telling me that we are quite dense – that their message isn’t anything new, but we still don’t hear it or we still don’t get it or we still won’t do it. I feel us as an “unfortunate and quite stupid or at least immature species ” sometimes. My thoughts, Mary-Anne.

Our Visitors Respond

On Akbar’s choice of name…

From Al-Ghazali’s work, The Ninety-Nine Beautiful Names of God. [ISBN 0 946621 31 4]:

Akbar, connotating great:

[38] “Al-Kabir — The Great — is one who possesses greatness [kibriya’], where greatness is identical with the perfection of essence, and by ‘perfection of essence’ I mean perfection of existence. Now perfection of existence resolves to two things: first, His enduring in an everlasting and eternal manner. [S]econdly, His existence is that existance from which emenates the existence of every existing thing.

“Counsel: He is great among men whose attributes of perfection are not restricted to him but flow on to others, so that he will not keep company with anyone without pouring forth on him some of his perfection. Man’s perfection lies in his reason, piety, and his knowledge; the great man is the scholar who guides mankind, and the one who is fit to be a model from whose knowledge and brilliance others will learn. In that respect, Isa [Jesus] — Peace Be Upon Him — said: ‘the one who knows and acts is the one who is called tremendous [great] in the kingdom of heaven’.”

Ahkbar, connotating awareness, information, hidden message:

[32] “Al-Khabir — The Totally Aware — is one from whom no secret information is hidden, for nothing goes on in the realms of heaven or earth, no atom moves, and no soul is stirred or calmed, with His being aware of it. It has the same meaning as ‘the Omniscient’, yet when knowledge [‘ilm] is related to hidden secrets it is called ‘awareness’ [khibra], and the one who possess it is ‘He who is aware [of everything].

“Counsel: Man’s share in this name lifes in his being aware of what goes on in his world. His world is his heart, his body, and the hidden things by which his heart is characterized: deception and treachery, preoccupation with earthly things, harbouring evil intent while putting on a good front, or adopting a decorous show of sincerity while being devoid of it. Only one who is extermely experienced knows these characteristics: one who is aware of his lower self and experienced in it, who knows its deceit, its deluding, and its ruses, so that he is on his guard against it and has gone to work to oppose it, adopting a watchful vigillance over it. Among men such a one deserves to be called ‘totally aware’.”

“I couldn’t get comfortable with the dark costume he was wearing – but he tells me these are dark times […]”

“The next bits spooked me… searching now on Ahkbar, I find many connections to Islam […] ”

“He again reminded me not to trust a lot of what was being said in the media and by government […]”

Good advice for Akhbar, one who must be on the lookout for “deception and treachery, preoccupation with earthly things, harbouring evil intent while putting on a good front, or adopting a decorous show of sincerity while being devoid of it”. “[T]he costume fits the moment.” Peace, Kabir.

What do you think and feel about these times and what may be in store for us? We want to hear from you.

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