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A Grandmother’s Wisdom

A Grandmother’s Wisdom

In my wisdom, it did not start at all with Atlantis. From the records, Atlantis was punished because it carried with its light, very dark seeds most of which today are still here today… their true power are from entities of this quadrant, the north gate of the universe, who have no ability to create physical matter because they neither have the ability to dream, nor any feminine principles [love] within… today the masses are still kept slaves to their FREE gifts. But nothing is free and Alien Nations like flies on a bush, do not intend to loose their source of survival.

The elder civilizations of the Great Primordial Grandmothers of the 13 Star Nation Constellations, where – all teachings of Christ, Wu, Thoth, masters and indigenous tribes come from, adopted this knowledge in recent history [after 10,000 bc]. Grandmother’s wisdom of the Ancient Teachings of the Night, carried the dream of the Ancient Dream Temples of Earth, 300,000 years before any Pharaoh came to power, understood the power of creation. As well Thoth was betrayed by those who he had helped. Creating instruments in the physical to cause harm is those entities that have no consciousness because they lack the ability through evolution to create heat from themselves… they need us, and now many need them in this technological world.

We have now come full circle of another 26,000 years, we are returning, those of us who are homoneutics shall survive, the homosapien, like the Neanderthals will come to the end of their genetic pool because they are half breeds, half alien, half human, they will not be able to survive.

Blessings, A grandmother

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