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Prophecies and prophets are part of our tradition and history. Every culture, every age has lauded and feared, often secretly, THE PROPHETS and THEIR PROPHECIES.

Yet every age and every culture has documented prophesies that point to this very moment in our history as a kind of “End Times”, the end of the world as we have known it, perhaps the opening to a Golden Age of peace and prosperity for all. Let us pray!

Now, especially in light of earth changes we are all bearing witness to, terrorist activity around the planet, and building worldwide tensions, our collective interest in our common future is rapidly gaining prominence – and the prophets and their prophecies are even more relevant.

For many of us, the Bible’s Revelations provided our first introduction to the world of prophecy. Stories of the Mary Apparitions and the prophecies that came from encounters like Fatima continue the religious tradition of mysticism into modern times – and also the warning of the end times… Among many other reports of the ‘end times’, the Bible makes it clear that “your lay people shall become your prophets”. We are witnessing this phenomenon today. We have our own thoughts on the biblical time tribulations described in Revelations.

In addition to publishing the Native prophecies, the story of White Buffalo Woman, insights on the Nostradamus prophecies, Cayce’s and de DeSabato’s works, the Mayan traditions, we have included in this series, updates on how the ancient the prophecies are manifesting now, and predictions and prophecies from the Global Psychics Team as well as from our visitors, the modern prophets.

Through the ages, we were taught to believe that the old secrets could not be decoded until the times were upon us. Well, the times must be upon us for the prophecies and the ancient secrets are now being decoded.

The secrets contained in ancient myths have been passed down through the story tellers, the medicine men and women, the dreamers, the wizards and soothsayers. Bearing witness, then saying what was seen, whether about current events, trends, or the future is at the root of our growth and evolution as a species.

Some of the supposed soothsayers were – are – both seers and tellers of stories… and their stories contain ancient truths, often encoded. Consistent among these truths is the demand that we lose our unloving ways in order to enter this New Age.and of course the Web (See our Prophecy Links) will have lots more material for you.

If we create in fear, we will be faced with fearful circumstances.

If we create in love, we will create something truly beautiful from these times..

It IS all up to us…

Share with us your experiences and beliefs involving prophecy. Give us your predictions for the New Age. Are you seeing or feeling things yourself? What do you think and feel about these times and what may be in store for us? We want to hear from you.

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