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Forecast for December 2014

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Horoscope for December 2014 (All times EDT)

Be prepared for the unexpected with the sun and mercury in harmony with uranus this month. Dreams can come true for some in unusual ways. Lean towards practicality for the holiday season, focusing on things that will last or keep their value longer. Interesting relationship dynamics will see commitments made or arrangements for closure.. whichever is needed.

aries: Decide on alternate locations for business or residence. Check the details further.
taurus: Make use of private information that helps pave the way for your plans to develop.
gemini: Secure important support before you make a statement or take a stand on things.
cancer: The past or your reputation affects where things develop from here. Expect to wait.
leo: Use your natural charm to navigate dicey situations or resolve other important issues.
virgo: You gain strength behind the scenes. Others are showing their true colors or ideas.
libra: Focus on greater stability personally or in business. Meet with key people in person.
scorpio: Your influence extends farther than others expected. Make your play to benefit.
sagittarius: Others see you in a different light. Invitations over distance hold promise now.
capricorn: Your abilities are appreciated as others grow to count on them. Status is rising.
aquarius: Powerful friends or associates invite you into the inner circle. Do brainstorming.
pisces: Step forward even if circumstances are uncertain. You can juggle all the details.

Click here, to consult with Heather, our resident astrologer

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