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We began publishing our annual predictions in our second year on the web as a way of tracking and validating our work as psychics… our predictions have proven so accurate that every year-end now brings a great deal of pressure to publish the next set… But it’s one of those processes that can’t be rushed… we hope you find this information useful.

About Our Process

Every year, the process of producing our annual predictions begins well before the year ends… so often we gain valuable insights on the coming period through the readings we do in the last months of the year. Then in the first few weeks of the new year, I lay out the annual readings. I use a number of different tools, including the Russian Gypsy Fortune Teller Cards, my usual Rider-Waite deck, Runes, angel cards, I Ching or whatever comes up…

As I work through the readings, I consult with colleagues and friends, analyse the numbers and research the major astrological influences in the year. Thus, a quite complete and cohesive picture is produced. When I have finished taking notes from the cards, I “spin the globe”, literally. Where the globe stops, I focus for a second to notice what will pop out. I then take all of my notes and prepare them for posting… as I tap into the work and the universal mindstream on which we draw for the predictions, new insights or more detail may arise. The final result is what you see in this series.

A Word about Predictions

If we are attentive to the subtle trends in our environments, we can be better prepared in life… our predictions are our way of taking time to review the subtle shifts so we can all take better advantage of the opportunities and avoid some of the challenges…. To make them we follow a trail… a trail of energy, a trend, shift or flow, to see where it goes… What I have found interesting over the years of making these annual predictions is how often the trails start several years before they appear in actuality… for example we first expressed concern over terrorist activity at home in 1999 when we felt the energy shifting and setting up. But it wasn’t until 2 years later that the actions associated with that earlier trail manifested in the events of 911.

With the annual predictions, specifically, we are tracking a flow – a trend, and trends are cyclical… many trends will overlap each other and certainly a lot of trends are birthed in one year and can end years later… so while we may report on a specific flow in one year, that same flow could also carry a strong impact in the next and following years…. for example, we saw oil and gold prices increasing several years ago, at least a year before it actually began to show at the pumps – and the trend continues…

Our Monthly Astrological Forecast and Tarot Card Forecasts take a look at the energy moving through a much smaller window. They are designed to help you know how to move through the period, what to watch for either as an opportunity or an obstacle you might avoid, and what you might want to work on to make the period move along more smoothly.

We hope you find our predictions useful, and urge you to share yours for the coming period.

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