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Once in a Blue Moon

We see a “blue” moon today, August 31, 2012. This month there are two full moons – the second is known as a “Blue Moon”, not because of it’s colour, but because we don’t often see two full moons in a month – or four full moons in a season.

A blue moon is said to be a predictor of future events. In “The Moon: Myth and Image,” author Jules Cashford says a common folk belief is that “two full moons in a calendar month bring on a flood.” Cashford also notes that in England, a familiar rhyme warns, “Two moons in May, no corn, no hay.”  In modern witchcraft, blue moons bring added spiritual energy and luck. “A Witch’s Book of Answers” by Eileen Holland and Cerelia states the blue moon is a time to perform wish spells.

During a full blue moon, the moon was said to have a face and talked to those in its light. Some pagan beliefs hold the second full moon in a calendar month holds the knowledge of the Goddess and containsthree-fold the energy of a regular full moon. Special rites and rituals were held only on a blue moon night.

Here are two easy “wish” spells from for you to cast this evening.

Wish Upon The Moon Spell

You will need the following items for this spell: pure beeswax candle with a rose thorn

To request a wish, inscribe the symbol of the waxing Moon in a pure beeswax candle with a rose thorn. Light the candle, and with your eyes focused upon the flame concentrate on your wish. When the wish is firmly in your thoughts, chant: “Gracious Lady Moon, mother of love and light, grant my wish. Fulfill my dreams. Smile on me tonight.” Extinguish the candle flame, but hold its memory in your mind for as long as you can. As you dwell upon the vision of the burning flame, know that your request has been heard. Within the space of a lunar cycle, your wish should be granted.

Want Spell

You will need the following items for this spell: A marker pen and a fully grown leaf

Since Mother Nature supplies our most basic needs, this spell uses the cycle of her existence to help fulfil your wants. The leaf is representative of her power and you are using natural objects to signify that all things must come to pass.

Write or draw on the leaf a word, picture or letter that represents the thing that you want. Lay the leaf on the ground. As the leaf withers, it takes your desire to the Earth. In thanks, Mother Nature will grant your wish. You may also throw the leaf into running water or place it under a stone if you wish. This is a spell which owes a great deal to folk magic and an appreciation of the cycle of growth and decay. In such spells, it is usual to use a leaf that has fallen rather than pick one from a tree. If you do the latter you should thank the tree for its bounty.

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