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Time for change…  Our advisors have suggested for some years that we offer too many free services to our visitors…But I have always felt it important to be ready with answers to your questions, whether they were about your life or the paranormal….so we have contiued to respond for free to your queries about the paranormal, spirits and spirituality, being psychic, psychic kids… and just about every topic in the realm of metaphysics.

Yes, times change. 

At this point, we have already posted answers to most of the queries we are receiving, so we have been repeating ourselves…And we support a community where you can communicate drectly with many others who share your curioisity. … And the free query volumes  have increased to the point where it has become impossible to manage, or to clear the backlogs….

Until now,you could not be sure if you would receive a reply to your email. In fact, in the past year, we have only been able to respond to probably less than 10% of your inquiries. In the current economic climate, it is essential that my energy be dedicated to keeping orders flowing, so…

While we will continue to respond for free to some questions, for example about psychic scams, psychic kids and pets, paranormal phenomena, predictions and prophecy, we can no longer offer free responses to questions about dreams, numerology, the meaning of signs and symbols, or spirit connections.

Our time is valuable and our expert advisors have spent years accumulating the knowledge and wisdom needed to respond… we will still be happy to share our expertise with you – but now for a small fee –  No you can be certain to get the answers you want..

This is a unique service, few other sites are willing to help you to develop your abilities as a psychic or medium or to respond to yur need for answers about the world of metaphysics.

Click on the Links below to get answers to your questions about:
Signs and Symbols
Spirit Connections

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