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Moving With Change

Change may be inevitable, but it has a way of taking us by surprise. For whatever reason, subtle shifts over a period of years tend to suddenly erupt, creating chaos in our lives – and triggering a lot of fear.

Some changes are natural, to be expected.. Our children eventually grow up and leave home, we change jobs as the need and opportunities arise, we change our vehicles, buy and sell homes,  explore new ideas and territory… each experience in life leaves its mark on us and changes us in some way. Although some changes kind of creep up on us, they may still give us something of a shock – and will ripple through our lives forcing other changes.

For example, my mother has been showing signs of dementia for several years, but wouldn't acknowledge that she needed help and should see a doctor… until she couldn't find her purse one day. So panicked and upset by the loss, she agreed to see a doctor… within weeks, her driver's licence was pulled and she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's… suddenly our whole family was pushed into making a number of changes. Expected, but nonetheless upsetting. (BTW, the purse eventually reappeared.)

Too often when change appears to take us by surprise we have been avoiding the warning signs.  I see this when a client wants help moving on after what appears to be a sudden breakdown in a relationship. "What happened? I don't understand, I thought we were happy." The trouble was that there were signals, but they just weren't noticed.  We tend to take the people and circumstances of our lives for granted in many ways…So involved in managing the business of day to day life, we don't notice the subtle shifts… conversations that are increasingly superficial, focused on schedules, finances and other practical matters. communications and interactions are distant, detached…  We might miss the affection, the closeness that was once there, but are too busy or tired to do anything about it,…and sometimes we choose to overlook the signals, the lack of real connection with our partners because we are just not ready to face the changes that could come if we acknowledged what is happening under the surface of our lives.

We tend to fear change since it can force us out of our comfort zones into unknown territory… yet, if we are willing to embrace change, we can sometimes avoid disaster, or at least minimize the negative effects… we can make change work for us by preparing for it, knowing what our options are, outlining a basic plan to accommodate what is probably approaching..

Whether we like it or not, we are all required to move with the twists and turns that life presents. We can make it easy for ourselves – or we can resist, but one way or another we will end up having to move with the changes… We can reduce the fears by having a plan. Start by noticing what's really going on around you, take stock, notice what bells are ringing within you…Even if we can't put our finger on what "danger" we feel might be ahead, we can acknowledge the shifting in energy…and stay alert, listening and noticing details. Eventually the change will become obvious – and so will the options.

When big changes manifest, don't panic. Take a big deep breath, and look around you, evaluate your choices, give yourself time to think and feel your way along… ….react thoughtfully… If you will be flexible, willing to compromise – and  to co-operate… you will be able to negotiate your way through the changes and even turn them into opportunities for real personal growth.

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