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The Future is In The Cards

by Shelly Stokes 

Tarot’s centuries-old history is shrouded in mystery. The mystery of where Tarot originated has yet to be solved. Some say the cards were first introduced in Ancient Egypt or China. Others speculate that Tarot was brought to Europe by Crusaders, Nomads or Gypsies. Some believe that the Tarot deck was an ancient way to convey mystical, secret teachings to underground sects. The cards’ unique drawings, numbers and symbols are believed by many to convey great mystical knowledge. By the 15th Century, Tarot cards were used as playing cards for gambling in Italy.

The 78-card deck has been used for centuries by intuitive and psychic people as a way to delve deeper inside ourselves and our future. These days, interest in Tarot is greater than ever. Its popularity can be directly attributed to the psychic potency of these cards and their ability to forecast the future and clarify a person’s present situation. Tarot cards are used as a focusing tool. It’s a fascinating process because both you and the reader concentrate on the cards and block out all distractions. When you make mental contact with the cards, you put your own special vibration on the deck. This ensures a personal and meaningful reading. As your mind becomes more focused, you enable the reader to use the cards as a powerful divination tool. Tarot can help prepare you for events that are yet to occur. Tarot can shed a great deal of light onto the people around you who are directly affecting your life. Tarot can even reveal the motives and personality profiles of the people around you. And, of course, Tarot can predict the outcome of many important matters in your life. Remember, an effective and helpful reading comes from an experienced psychic reader. The most beautiful deck of cards can not produce important results without the wisdom and insight of a talented reader. If you are at a crossroads or are faced with many important choices in your life, then you should take the opportunity to benefit from the Tarot as often as possible.

The deck of 78 cards is rich in symbolism, color, astrology, mysticism and philosophy. The cards are split into two categories: MAJOR ARCANA (22 numbered pictorial cards), which apply to the major events in life,and the MINOR ARCANA (56 cards that correspond to a traditional deck of playing cards, with aces, kings, queens and numbered cards in four suits) which refer to the smaller details. Playing cards commonly used in games today evolved from the minor arcana.

The MAJOR Arcana: When cards from from the Major Arcana (such as the Fool, the Magician, the High Priestess, Strength, the Emperor, the Chariot, Justice, the Hermit, the Lovers, the Moon, etc.) appear within your reading, you can expect significant life changes or decisive and long-term re-directions of psychic energy. Major Arcana cards often reflect a working of fate and important matters relating to a personal transformation or life challenge.

The MINOR Arcana: Cards from the MINOR ARCANA (such as the suits of Wands, Pentacles, Swords, Aces and Cups) are not as important as those from the Major Arcana, but they are still significant. The cards from the Minor Arcana refer to the routine events of daily life. Each suit holds a different meaning, and each card in the suit carries distinct forecasting properties.

Tarot Cards


The Four Suits: These are the cards of the minor arcana and represent the choices you make.

WANDS: (Batons, Scepters, Rods, Clubs) A representation of ambition, growth, development and new beginnings. These cards express our enthusiasm for life.Wands focus on your career and entrepeneurial activities. If WANDS appear in your Tarot reading, they reveal business opportunities, new ventures or projects, or any other career growth or development. WANDS are the Tarot connection to Astrological Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and may signify interaction with Fire personalities.

CUPS ( Hearts) Those Cards indicate matters of the heart. It is here where we find our feelings, joy and our creativity expressed. They reflect creative, romantic, and intuitive situations. When CUPS are present in your reading, they signify a time of romance, fertility, fantasy and harmony. They also indicate emotionally sensitive issues. CUPS are the Tarot connection to Astrological Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and might mean that individuals with these birth signs will become more prominent in your life soon.

SWORDS (Spades) These represent our mental ability and sense of logic. They can also represent strife or aggressive behavior. Swords reflect ideas, conversations and tension. When SWORDS are dealt in your reading, expect a time where you may have an extra need for courage, reason, intelligence and justice. SWORDS are the Tarot connection to Astrological Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and often represent the presence of these zodiac types in your future.

PENTACLES (Coins, Diamonds) These cards represent the material world of money and possessions. Depending on their placement, the pentacles can indicate material gain and abundance or difficulty managing finances. Pentacles refer to the material world – emphasizing money, property, power and inheritance. If PENTACLES come up in your reading, they are predicting a time of giving or receiving, profit or loss, and interaction with tangible things. PENTACLES are the Tarot connection to Astrological Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and could indicate encounters with people born under any of these signs.

Interpreting the cards

These cards, chosen from the major arcana, have various meanings depending on where they fall during a reading. Here are simplified interpretations:

The Fool: He represents the common man. He stands for the innocence of a new beginning and the start of one’s journey. In a reading, this card may indicate that one has reached a crossroad and needs to make a decision. When the Fool shows in a reading, I always tell the person to consider carefully, any decisions he or she is about to make and don’t rush in without thinking the matter over thoroughly.

The Empress: She is considered a great mother image, signifying inspiration, creativity and abundance. If one receives this card, it may mean a child will be born or one may be inspired to create a musical composition or painting. The empress also signals good things to come.

Tower: This card is an expression of a radical and unexpected change. Sometimes it’s a change for the better and sometimes it can be more difficult. This card is a reminder that we cannot plan for everything. The Tower symbolizes the collapse of the old in order to make way for the new in our life.

The Magician: This card is an illustration of how we create our own private world through our will, thoughts and desires. The magician represents the tools and creativity that help people attain their full potential. When it appears in the spread, one may be focusing on making something new happen whether it is in the realm of love, money or family. The Majician can symbolize a building up or constructive phase in our life

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